Author: Sei, N.
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MOP050 Development of Coherent Terahertz Wave Sources using LEBRA and KU-FEL S-band Linacs 143
  • N. Sei, H. Ogawa
    AIST, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
  • K. Hayakawa, Y. Hayakawa, M. Inagaki, K. Nakao, K. Nogami, T. Sakai, T. Tanaka
    LEBRA, Funabashi, Japan
  • H. Ohgaki, H. Zen
    Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan
  Funding: This work is supported by the "ZE Research Program, IAE ZE27B-6".
In an infrared free-electron laser (FEL) facility using an S-band linac, a short-bunched electron beam is required to obtain a high FEL gain. Generally, the bunch length of the electron beam is compressed to 1 ps or less before interaction with the photons accumulated in the FEL resonator. This suggests that the electron beam dedicated to the FEL oscillation is suitable for generation of high-peak-power coherent radiation in terahertz (THz) wave region. Using the compressed electron beams, the coherent THz-wave sources have been developed at Laboratory for Electron Beam Research and Application (LEBRA) in Nihon University and Kyoto University Free Electron Laser (KU-FEL). The observed powers have been higher than 100 micro-joule per macropulse*. In this presentation, the properties of the high-power coherent THz waves generated at the bending magnets will be reported.
* N. Sei et al., J. Opt. Soc. Am. B 31 (2014) 2150.
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