Author: Kubo, K.
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TUP029 Single Picosecond THz Pulse Extraction from the FEL Macropulse using a Laser Activating Semiconductor Reflective Switch 430
  • K. Kawase, M. Fujimoto, K. Furukawa, A. Irizawa, G. Isoyama, R. Kato, K. Kubo
    ISIR, Osaka, Japan
  The THz-FEL at the Institute of Scientific and Industrial Research, Osaka University can generate high-intensity THz pulses or FEL macropulses, which comprise approximately 100 micropulses at 37 ns intervals in the 27 MHz mode or 400 micropulses at 9.2 ns intervals in the 108 MHz mode. The maximum macropulse energy in the 27 MHz mode reaches 26 mJ at a frequency of 4.5 THz and the micropulse energy is estimated to be 0.2 mJ. To open new areas of studies with high intensity THz radiation for user experiments, we are developing a single pulse extraction system from the pulse train using a laser activating semiconductor reflective switch. We have succeeded in extracting a single THz pulse, duration of which is estimated to be less than 20 ps, from the FEL macropulse using a gallium arsenide wafer for the switch. We will report on the THz pulse extraction system and its performance.  
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