Author: Amstutz, Ph.
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WEP030 First Lasing of an HGHG Seeded FEL at FLASH 646
  • K.E. Hacker, S. Khan, R. Molo
    DELTA, Dortmund, Germany
  • S. Ackermann, Ph. Amstutz, A. Azima, M. Drescher, L.L. Lazzarino, C. Lechner, Th. Maltezopoulos, T. Plath, J. Roßbach
    Uni HH, Hamburg, Germany
  • S. Ackermann, R.W. Aßmann, J. Bödewadt, N. Ekanayake, B. Faatz, I. Hartl, R. Ivanov, T. Laarmann, J.M. Müller
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Funding: Supported by Federal Ministry of Education and Research of Germany under contract No. 05K1GU4 and 05K10PE1 and the German Research Foundation program graduate school 1355.
The free-electron laser facility FLASH at DESY operates in SASE mode with MHz bunch trains of high-intensity extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray FEL pulses. A seeded beamline which is designed to be operated parasitically to the main SASE beamline has been used to test different external FEL seeding methods. First lasing at the 7th harmonic of a 266 nm seed laser using high-gain harmonic generation has been demonstrated. Studies of the influence of the microbunching instability are being pursued.
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