Author: Yang, L.
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THP036 Benchmark and Simulation Design of a Low Energy Bunch Compressor 795
  • A. He, F.J. Willeke, L. Yang, L.-H. Yu
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  • J. Qiang
    LBNL, Berkeley, California, USA
  In the electron beam slicing method, a low energy bunch with very short and focused beam size is required to interact with the storage ring bunch. We have designed a low energy bunch compressor with BNL photocathode electron RF-gun by applying simulation code PARMELA. In this paper, in order to increase the repetition rate of the electron beam slicing system, we change the compressor’s RF gun from BNL RF-gun to LBNL’s VHF gun and redesign the compressor by applying IMPACT-T with both space charge effects and CSR effects considered. The benchmark between PARMELA and IMPACT-T has produced excellent agreement. The comparison of the CSR effects also shows the bunch can be compressed and focused to our desired size after optimization using code IMPACT-T with CSR effects turned on. The new compressor with high repetition rate still works in space charge dominated domain and the bunch with a negative energy chirp at the entrance of the chicane is compressed by a chicane with positive R56. After the optimization, we have achieved a low energy bunch with the 128 fs RMS bunch length, 42 μm and 25 μm RMS beam size in the vertical and horizontal directions respectively, at 22 MeV with 200 pC charge.