Author: Yang, H.
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THB03 Femtosecond-Stability Delivery of Synchronized RF-Signals to the Klystron Gallery over 1-km Optical Fibers 663
  • J. Kim, K. Jung, J. Lim, J. Shin, H. Yang
    KAIST, Daejeon, Republic of Korea
  • H.-S. Kang, C.-K. Min
    PAL, Pohang, Kyungbuk, Republic of Korea
  Funding: This work was supported by the PAL-XFEL Project and the National Research Foundation (Grant number 2012R1A2A2A01005544) of South Korea.
We present our recent progress in optical frequency comb-based remote optical and RF distribution system at PAL-XFEL. A 238 MHz mode-locked Er-laser is used as an optical master oscillator (OMO), which is stabilized to a 2.856 GHz RF master oscillator (RMO) using a fiber- loop optical-microwave phase detector (FLOM-PD). We partly installed a pair of 1.15 km long fiber links through a cable duct to connect and OMO room to a klystron gallery in the PAL-XFEL Injector Test Facility (ITF). The fiber links are stabilized using balanced optical cross- correlators (BOC). A voltage controlled RF oscillator (VCO) is locked to the delivered optical pulse train using the second FLOM-PD. Residual timing jitter and drift between the two independently distributed optical pulse train and RF signal is measured at the klystron gallery. The results are 6.6 fs rms and 31 fs rms over 7 hours and 62 hours, respectively. This is the first comb-based optical/RF distribution and phase comparison in the klystron gallery environment.
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