Author: Sipahi, N.
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Novel Seeding and Wavelength Shifting in Free Electron Lasers  
  • N. Sipahi, S. Biedron, S.V. Milton
    CSU, Fort Collins, Colorado, USA
  Free Electron Lasers provide the opportunity for continuous tunability of light from the mm-wave region to hard x-rays. For example, single-pass SASE operation allows very short wavelength operation without using optical cavity structure; unfortunately, the resulting photon beam is poor in terms of longitudinal coherence and shot-to-shot stability. Seeding can greatly improved the longitudinal coherence and shot-to-shot stability but this is dependent on the availability of a suitable seed pulse and then the challenge remains of switching the wavelength quickly. Here a new concept is investigated, one called wavelength shifting where a solid seed source is utilized and then the resultant wavelength shifted to the desired result. This new idea can improve the longitudinal coherence as well as stabilize the shot-to-shot output power while permitting continuous wavelength tunability.