Author: Schöps, A.
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MOP008 Temperature Effects of the FLASH2 Undulators 34
  • M. Tischer, A. Schöps, P. Vagin
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  FELs are very sensitive to small changes in the resonance condition of the emitted radiation. As a consequence, permanent magnet undulators in FELs usually require extensive temperature control in order to assure stable operation conditions. In principle, the temperature dependence of permanent magnet material is well known but more things need to be considered like different thermal expansion of various mechanical parts or thermally induced deformation which do not only affect the K parameter but also the field quality. We have performed temperature dependent magnetic measurements in a range from 19 to 28 degrees Celsius and have analyzed the magnetic performance of the undulator. The results of this case study can be transferred to all FLASH2 undulators and shall allow for a simple temperature dependent gap correction in order to make the spectral properties insensitive to temperature changes of the insertion devices.