Author: Pogue, C.M.
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Coherent Radiation Sources Driven by Superconducting Spoke Accelerators  
  • W.B. Colson, J. Blau, K. R. Cohn
    NPS, Monterey, California, USA
  • C.H. Boulware, T.L. Grimm, C.M. Pogue
    Niowave, Inc., Lansing, Michigan, USA
  Funding: This work has been supported by the Office of Naval Research and the High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office.
The NPS FEL Group and Niowave are collaborating to design several FEL systems using superconducting spoke RF cavities. Accelerators reaching electron beam energies of 2MeV to 75MeV with milliamps of average current are considered to drive FELs using a short ten period undulator, approximately 30cm long. The coherent radiation ranges from THz to infrared depending on the electron beam energy. In the 2MeV accelerator, the radiation process can be super-radiant due to the long millimeter wavelength, while the 40MeV accelerator generates infrared wavelengths in a conventional FEL oscillator configuration. An intermediate 8MeV accelerator powers an FEL oscillator with short picosecond pulses providing a kilowatt of THz power in a compact source. Compton backscattering is described to generator incoherent, but monochromatic x-rays for medical applications.