Author: Plönjes, E.
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MOP019 Double-grating Monochromator for Ultrafast Free-electron Laser Beamlines 58
  • F. Frassetto, L. P. Poletto
    CNR-IFN, Padova, Italy
  • M. Kuhlmann, E. Plönjes
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  We present the design of an ultrafast monochromator explicitly designed for extreme-ultraviolet FEL sources, in particular the upcoming FLASH II at DESY. The design originates from the variable-line-spaced (VLS) grating monochromator by adding a second grating to compensate for the pulse-front tilt given by the first grating after the diffraction. The covered spectral range is 6-60 nm, the spectral resolution is in the range 1000–2000, while the residual temporal broadening is lower than 15 fs. The proposed design minimizes the number of optical elements, since just one grating is added with respect to a standard VLS monochromator and requires simple mechanical movements, since only rotations are needed to perform the spectral scan.