Author: Mizoguchi, H.
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FRA04 Optimization of High Average Power FEL Beam for EUV Lithography Application 990
  • A. Endo, K. Sakaue, M. Washio
    Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan
  • H. Mizoguchi
    Gigaphoton Inc, Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan
  Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (EUVL) is realized with 100W plasma EUV source at 13.5nm. It is recommended by the EUVL community to evaluate an alternative approach based on high repetition rate FEL, to avoid the power limit of the plasma source. Several papers discuss on the possibility to realize superconducting FEL to generate multiple kW 13.5nm light. We must notice that the present SASE FEL pulse has higher beam fluence than the resist ablation threshold*, and high spatial coherence which results in speckle patterns, and random longitudinal mode beat which leads to high peak powerμspikes. An expanding mirror is installed after the undulator to reduce the beam fluence, external-seeding configuration is employed to reduce the longitudinal mode beat, and total reflection beam homogenizer is used for spatial mode mixing. Pulse repetition rate is more than 3MHz to cancel the speckle patter formation by averaging illumination. This paper discusses on the lowest risk approach to construct a prototype to demonstrate a high average power 13.5nm FEL for the best optimization in EUVL application, including the scaling to 6.7nm wavelength.
*J. Chalupský, L. Juha, “Characteristics of focused soft X-ray free-electron laser beam determined by ablation of organic molecular solids”, OPTICS EXPRESS 15, 6036 (2007)
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