Author: Luo, X.
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THP053 Steady State Multipacting in a Micro-pulse Electron Gun 851
  • K. Zhou, X.Y. Lu, X. Luo, S.W. Quan, Z.Q. Yang, J. Zhao
    PKU, Beijing, People's Republic of China
  Multipacting is a resonant electron discharge phenomenon via secondary electron emission, while micro-pulse electron gun (MPG) utilizes the multipacting current in a radio-frequency (RF) cavity to produce short pulse electron beams. The concept of MPG has been proposed for many years. However, the unstable operating state of MPG vastly obstructs its practical applications. This paper presents a study on the steady state mulitpacting in a MPG. The requirements for steady state multipacting are proposed through the analysis of the interaction between the RF cavity and the beam load. Accordingly, a MPG cavity with the frequency of 2856 MHz has been designed and constructed. Various kinds of grid-anodes are tested in our primary experiments. Both the unstable and stable multipacting current have been observed. Presently, the stable output beam current has been detected at about 12.2 mA. Further experimental study is under way now.  
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