Author: La Civita, D.
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The SASE3 Monochromator Beamline at the European XFEL  
  • N. Gerasimova, D. La Civita, L. Samoylova, H. Sinn, M. Vannoni
    XFEL. EU, Hamburg, Germany
  The photon beam transport at novel X-ray FEL machines is a challenging task. The unprecedented brilliance of European XFEL demands for optics operating close to damage limit; deterioration of spatial and temporal properties of coherent pulses should be minimized. To handle the XFEL beam, the beamlines have been designed being very long (hundreds of meters), along with very long optical elements (up to 1 m) and extremely high demands on the optical surface (50 nrad slope error, 2 nm PV residual height error). The mechanical design in terms of vibrational stability, deformations (of both mechanical and thermal origin) and movement resolution should be compliant to the optical one. Here we discuss on the optical and mechanical design of the SASE3 beamline at European XFEL. Operational in the soft X-ray regime, the SASE3 beamline comprises several reflective optical elements of specified above quality, including VLS plane grating monochromator. Expected to serve multipurpose user community, the monochromator would allow controlling temporal pulse properties and will be operational in both low and high resolution modes.