Author: Kalt, R.
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THB02 Experimental Results of Diagnostics Response for Longitudinal Phase Space 657
  • F. Frei, V.R. Arsov, H. Brands, R. Ischebeck, B. Kalantari, R. Kalt, B. Keil, W. Koprek, F. Löhl, G.L. Orlandi, Á. Saá Hernández, T. Schilcher, V. Schlott
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  At SwissFEL, electron bunches will be accelerated, shaped, and longitudinally compressed by different radio frequency (RF) structures (S-, C-, and X-band) in combination with magnetic chicanes. In order to meet the envisaged performance, it is planned to regulate the different RF parameters based on the signals from numerous electron beam diagnostics. Here we will present experimental results of the diagnostics response on RF phase and field amplitude variations that were obtained at the SwissFEL Injector Test Facility.  
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THP043 Model-based Klystron Linearization in the SwissFEL Test Facility 820
  • A. Řežaeizadeh, R. Kalt, T. Schilcher
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  • A. Řežaeizadeh, R. Smith
    Automatic Control Laboratory, ETH Zurich, Zurich, Switzerland
  Funding: Paul Scherrer Institut
An automatic procedure is developed to provide the optimal operating point of a klystron. Since klystrons are nonlinear with respect to the input amplitude, a model-based amplitude controller is introduced which uses the klystron characteristic curves to obtain the appropriate high voltage power supply and amplitude, such that the operating point is close to the saturation. An advantage of the proposed design is that the overall open-loop system (from the input to the RF station to the klystron output amplitude) is linearized. The method has been successfully tested on a full scale RF system running at nominal power.
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