Author: Janssen, X.J.A.
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Ultra Precision Parts for Free Electron Lasers  
  • X.J.A. Janssen, M. Breukers, J.M.A. Priem
    VDL ETG, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
  Several institutes are currently developing free electron lasers (FEL) based on normal-conducting linear accelerators (LINAC). These LINAC’s have some intrinsic advantages e.g. no cryogenic cooling, larger accelerating gradients and hence a reduced length of the accelerator. The mechanical properties (e.g. roughness, accuracies) of these accelerator parts touch the limits of what is achievable with currently available manufacturing techniques. The increasing technical specifications and demands for volume-production not only drive industry to constantly improve their capabilities but also to industrialize existing techniques to a point that they are suitable for series production. We will present our current status in prototype- and series-manufacturing of high- and ultra-high precision parts for LINAC’s and FEL’s in particular. The examples cover the projects and parts for SwissFEL in which VDL ETG was involved in the manufacturing including; final machining of the gun [*]; complete realization of the BOC pulse-compressor [**,***]; final machining of 108 cups for the prototype accelerator structure [3] and complete realization of the prototype J-couplers [****].
** R. Zennaro, Proc. IPAC2013
*** F. Loehl, Proc. FEL2013
**** H. Braun, presentation FEL2012