Author: Huang, G.
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APEX: A Photo-injector for High Average Power Light Sources and Beyond  
  • D. Filippetto, C.W. Cork, S. De Santis, L.R. Doolittle, G. Huang, R. Huang, W.E. Norum, C. F. Papadopoulos, G.J. Portmann, H.J. Qian, F. Sannibale, J.W. Staples, R.P. Wells
    LBNL, Berkeley, California, USA
  Funding: Work supported by the Director of the Office of Science of the US Department of Energy under Contract no. DEAC02-05CH11231
Direct observation of structural dynamics in complex systems calls for a new generation of ultrafast instruments with enhanced average brightness and increased stability. The APEX electron source at LBNL was conceived and built for answering that demand. It combines ultra-short bunches and high accelerating fields of rf guns, with high-repetition-rate, stability and reliability typical of CW sources. The successful demonstration of the source key performances, such as accelerating field, emittance and beam current, would enable high repetition rate operations for applications such as X-Ray FELs, and ultrafast electron diffraction. We present the latest results, including cathode tests, photo-beam and dark current characterization, laser and beam jitter results, and future plans.
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