Author: Gough, C.H.
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MOP039 High Stability Resonant Kicker Development for the SwissFEL Switch Yard 103
  • M. Paraliev, H.-H. Braun, S. Dordevic, C.H. Gough
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  The SwissFEL is a linac-based X-ray free electron laser facility under construction at the Paul Scherrer Institute. The facility will provide femtosecond, high brightness X-ray pulses for fundamental and applied science research. To increase facility efficiency, a double bunch operation is planned to serve simultaneously two experimental stations at the full linac repetition rate. The main linac will accelerate two electron bunches spaced 28 ns apart and a fast and stable deflecting system will be used to separate the two bunches into two different undulator lines. The deflecting system uses a novel concept based on resonant kicker magnets. A prototype kicker magnet and its control system were designed and built. Since stability is crucial, the stability performance of the prototype was studied. The peak to peak amplitude stability of ±11 ppm (3.5 ppm rms) was achieved, which is well within the FEL tolerance of ±80 ppm. The layout of the deflecting system and the key design parameters are also presented.