Author: Dornmair, I.
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FRB04 Divergence Reduction and Emittance Conservation in a Laser Plasma Acceleration Stage 999
  • A.R. Maier, I. Dornmair
    CFEL, Hamburg, Germany
  • K. Flöttmann
    DESY, Hamburg, Germany
  Plasma accelerators promise a compact source of highly relativistic electron beams. Driven by high-intensity lasers or high-energetic electron beams, the longitudinal and transverse electric fields inside the plasma cavitiy support the generation of GeV electron beams over m-scale distances, while measured emittances on the order of 0.1 mm.mrad have been reported from plasma-driven accelerators. However, it remains challenging to conserve this excellent emittance when coupling from the plasma into vacuum and a subsequent beam optics, especially when considering the large energy spread, typically accumulated during the off-crest acceleration inside the plasma. Recently, we presented an analytical solution [1] to describe an adiabatic matching from the plasma into vacuum. Further elaborating this concept [2], we will discuss the generation of low-divergence electron beams from a tailored plasma target in order to preserve the emittance generated within the plasma. We will apply our concept to an externally injected electron bunch, that is matched in and out of a tailored plasma target, generating a GeV-level electron beam with low divergence and good emittance.
* K. Floettmann, Phys. Rev. ST - Accel. Beams 17, 054402 (2014)
** I. Dornmair, K. Floettmann, and A. R. Maier, submitted (2014)