Author: Curbis, F.
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TUP018 Sensitivity Study of a Tapered Free-Electron Laser 399
  • A.W.L. Mak, F. Curbis, S. Werin
    MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden
  The output power of a free-electron laser (FEL) can be greatly enhanced by tapering the undulator line. In this work, a sensitivity study of a tapered FEL is presented. The study is conducted using the numerical simulation code GENESIS and a taper optimization method. Starting from a possible case for the future X-ray FEL at the MAX IV Laboratory in Lund, Sweden, a number of parameters are varied systematically and the impact on the FEL power is investigated. These parameters include the electron beam's initial energy, current, emittance, energy spread, as well as the seed radiation power.  
TUP080 Towards an X-ray FEL at the MAX IV Laboratory 549
  • S. Werin, F. Curbis, M. Eriksson, C. Quitmann, S. Thorin
    MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden
  • P. Johnsson
    Lund University, Lund, Sweden
  The design of the 3 GeV linac for the MAX IV facility was done to provide the ability to host a future FEL in the hard X-ray as well as in the soft X-ray range. The linear accelerator, with its two bunch compressors, is now under commissioning. Through the years increasing details for the actual FEL have been discussed and presented. In parallel a steering group for the science case for a Swedish FEL has worked and engaged a large number of Swedish user groups. These two paths are now converging into a joint project to develop the concept of an FEL at MAX IV. We will report on the paths to FEL performance based on the 3 GeV injector, FEL design considerations, the scientific preparation of the project, the linac commissioning and the strategy and priorities.  
THP037 Beam Performance of the Photocathode Gun for the Max IV Linac 799
  • J. Andersson, F. Curbis, D. Kumbaro, F. Lindau, S. Werin
    MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden
  The MAX IV facility in Lund (Sweden) is under construction and conditioning of the electron guns for the injector is ongoing. There are two guns in the injector, one thermionic gun for storage ring injection and one photocathode gun for the Short Pulse Facility. In this paper we report on the beam performance tests of the photocathode gun. The measurements were performed at the MAX IV electron gun test stand during spring 2014. Parameters that were studied includes quantum efficiency, emittance and emittance compensation. Results from the measurements are also compared to particle simulations done with ASTRA.