Author: Citterio, A.
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TUA04 Status of the SwissFEL C-band Linac 322
  • F. Löhl, J. Alex, H. Blumer, M. Bopp, H.-H. Braun, A. Citterio, U. Ellenberger, H. Fitze, H. Jöhri, T. Kleeb, L. Paly, J.-Y. Raguin, L. Schulz, R. Zennaro, C. Zumbach
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  The linear accelerator of SwissFEL will be based on C- band technology. This paper summarizes the latest results that were achieved with the first prototype components. Fur- thermore, the progress and plans of the series production are discussed.  
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THP049 High Power RF Test and Analysis of Dark Current in the SwissFEL-gun 843
  • P. Craievich, S. Bettoni, M. Bopp, A. Citterio, C. Ozkan, M. Pedrozzi, J.-Y. Raguin, M. Schaer, A. Scherer, T. Schietinger, L. Stingelin
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  To fulfill the beam quality and operational requirements of the SwissFEL project, currently under construction at the Paul Scherrer Institut, a new RF photocathode gun for the electron source was designed and manufactured in house. A 2.6 cell S-band gun operating with near-perfect rotationally symmetric RF field was designed to operate with a 100MV/m cathode field at a repetition rate of 100Hz with average power dissipation of 0.9kW with pulse duration of 1us. The first SwissFEL-gun is now fabricated and installed in the SwissFEL Injector Test Facility (SITF). The frequency spectrum and field balance, through bead-pulling, have been directly verified in-situ and then the gun has been operated with high-power RF. The results of bead-pull measurements and high-power tests are presented and discussed. In addition the emitted dark current was also measured during the high-power tests and the charge within the RF pulse was measured as a function of the peak cathode field at different pulse durations. Faraday cup data were taken for cathode peak RF fields up to 100MV/m for the case of a diamond-turned polycrystalline copper cathode.  
THP056 The SwissFEL C-band RF Pulse Compressor: Manufacturing and Proof of Precision by RF Measurements 859
  • U. Ellenberger, H. Blumer, M. Heusser, M. Kleeb, L. Paly, M. Probst, T. Stapf
    Paul Scherrer Institute, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  • M. Bopp, A. Citterio, R. Zennaro
    PSI, Villigen PSI, Switzerland
  A pulse compressor is required to compress the RF power distributed to the four accelerating structures of a single C-band (5712 GHz) module of the SwissFEL. The pulse compressor is of the barrel open cavity (BOC) type. A total of 26 BOC devices are necessary to operate the linear accelerator (26 modules or 104 C-band structures) of SwissFEL X-ray laser. The C-band BOC combines the advantages of compactness and large RF efficiency i.e. large compression factor. Key features of the BOC are described and how they have been implemented in the manufacturing and tuning processes. RF measurements of the BOC are presented to account for the mechanical precision reached by manufacturing. Up to August 2014 about 6 BOCs have been manufactured in-house and one has been high power tested in a RF test stand to simulate the operation in SwissFEL.