Author: Casey, J.A.
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THP052 Affordable Short Pulse Marx Modulator 849
  • R.A. Phillips, G. DelPriore, M.P.J. Gaudreau, M.K. Kempkes
    Diversified Technologies, Inc., Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
  • J.A. Casey
    Rockfield Research Inc., Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
  Funding: DOE Contract DE-SC0004251
High voltage short-pulse klystron modulators are required for numerous X-Band accelerator designs. At the very high voltages required for these transmitters, all of the existing designs are based on pulse transformers, which significantly limits their performance and efficiency. There is not a fully optimized, transformer-less modulator design capable of meeting the demanding requirements of very peak power, short pulse RF stations. Under a U.S. Department of Energy grant, Diversified Technologies, Inc. (DTI) is developing a short pulse, solid-state Marx modulator. The modulator is designed for high efficiency in the 100 kV to 500 kV range, for currents up to 250 A, pulse lengths of 0.2 to 5.0 μs, and risetimes <300 ns. Key objectives of the development effort are modularity and scalability, combined with low cost and ease of manufacture. For short-pulse modulators, this Marx topology provides a means to achieve fast risetimes and flattop control that are not available with hard switch or transformer-coupled topologies. The system is in the final stages of testing prior to installation at Yale University.