Author: Breede, H.F.
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MOP015 A Power Switching Ionization Profile Monitor (3D-IPM) 47
  • H.F. Breede, H.-J. Grabosch, M. Sachwitz, L.V. Vu
    DESY Zeuthen, Zeuthen, Germany
  FLASH at DESY in Hamburg is a linear accelerator to produce soft x-ray laser light ranging from 4.1 to 45 nm. To ensure the operation stability of FLASH, monitoring of the beam is mandatory. Two Ionization Profile Monitors (IPM) detect the lateral x and y position and profile changes of the beam. The functional principle of the IPM is based on the detection of particles, generated by interaction of the beam with the residual gas in the beam line. The newly designed IPM enables the combined evaluation of the horizontal and vertical position as well as the profile. A compact monitor, consisting of two micro-channel plates (MCP) is assembled on a conducting cage along with toggled electric fields in a rectangular vacuum chamber. The particles created by the photon beam, drift in the homogenous electrical field towards the respective MCP, which produces an image of the beam profile on an attached phosphor screen. A camera for each MCP is used for assessment. This indirect detection scheme operates over a wide dynamic range and allows the live detection of the clear position and the shape of the beam. The final design is presented.  
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