Author: Arikan, P.     [Arıkan, P.]
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TUP089 The Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory in Ankara (TARLA) Project 585
  • A.A. Aksoy, Ö. Karslı, Ç. Kaya, Ö. Yavaş
    Ankara University, Accelerator Technologies Institute, Golbasi / Ankara, Turkey
  • P. Arıkan
    Gazi University, Faculty of Arts and Sciences, Teknikokullar, Ankara, Turkey
  • S. Özkorucuklu
    Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
  Funding: Work is supported by Ministry of Development of Turkey with Grand No: DPT2006K-120470
The Turkish Accelerator and Radiation Laboratory in Ankara (TARLA) which is proposed as a first facility of Turkish Accelerator Center (TAC) Project will operate two Infra-Red Free Electron Lasers (IR-FEL) covering the range of 3-250 microns. The facility will consist of an injector fed by a thermionic triode gun with two-stage RF bunch compression, two superconducting accelerating modules operating at continuous wave (CW) mode and two independent optical resonator systems with different undulator period lengths. The electron beam will also be used to generate Bremsstrahlung radiation. The facility aims to be first user laboratory in the region of Turkey in which both electromagnetic radiation and particles will be used. In this paper, we discuss design goals of the project and present status and road map of the project.