Author: Andonian, G.
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THP034 Further Analysis of Corrugated Plate Dechirper Experiment at BNL-ATF 788
  • M.A. Harrison, G. Andonian, P. Frigola, A.Y. Murokh, M. Ruelas, A.V. Smirnov
    RadiaBeam Systems, Santa Monica, California, USA
  • M.G. Fedurin
    BNL, Upton, Long Island, New York, USA
  Funding: This work is supported by Department of Energy grant number DE-SC0009550.
RadiaBeam Systems successfully completed testing of a proof-of-concept corrugated plate dechirper at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Accelerator Test Facility.* Such passive devices should prove indispensable for the efficient operation of future XFEL facilities. These experiments demonstrated a narrowing of the energy spectrum in chirped beam bunches at 57.6 MeV. In this paper, we compare these results with results from Elegant simulations of the BNL-ATF beam. We also compare GdfidL simulations of the wakefield with the analytic results of Bane and Stupakov.**
* Harrison, M., et al "Removal of Residual Chirp in Compressed Beams Using a Passive Wakefield Technique." NaPAC13, 2013
** K. Bane, et al "Corrugated Pipe as a Beam Dechirper," SLAC-PUB-14925, 2012