Author: Abramovich, A.
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MOP017 Measurement of the Output Power in Millimeter Wave Free Electron Laser using the Electro Optic Sampling Method 50
  • A. Klein
    Israeli Free Electron Laser, Ariel, Israel
  • A. Abramovich
    Ariel University Center of Samaria, Faculty of Engineering, Ariel, Israel
  • D. Borodin, A. Friedman
    Ariel University, Ariel, Israel
  • H. S. Marks
    University of Tel-Aviv, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv, Israel
  Funding: this work funded in part by Israel Minstry of Defence
In this experimental work an electro optic (EO) sampling method was demonstrated as a method to measure the output power of an Electrostatic Accelerator Free Electron Laser (EA-FEL). This 1.4 MeV EA-FEL was designed to operate at the millimeter wavelengths and it utilizes a corrugated waveguide and two Talbot effect quasi-optical reflectors with internal losses of ~30%. Millimeter wave radiation pulses of 10 μs at a frequency of about 100 GHz with peak power values of 1-2 kW were measured using conventional methods with an RF diode. Here we show the employment of an electro-optic sampling method using a ZnTe nonlinear crystal. A special quasi optical design directs the EA-FEL power towards the ZnTe nonlinear crystal, placed in the middle of a cross polarized configuration, coaxially with a polarized HeNe laser beam. The differences in the ZnTe optical axis due to the EA-FEL power affects the power levels of the HeNe laser transmission. This was measured using a polarizer and a balanced amplifier detector. We succeeded in obtaining a signal which corresponds to the theoretical calculation.