Author: Yoshiki Franzen, K.
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TUPPT015 A Center Region Upgrade of the LBNL 88-Inch Cyclotron 186
  • K. Yoshiki Franzen, J.Y. Benitez, M.K. Covo, A. Hodgkinson, C.M. Lyneis, B. Ninemire, L. Phair, P. Pipersky, M.M. Strohmeier, D.S. Todd
    LBNL, Berkeley, California, USA
  • D. Leitner
    NSCL, East Lansing, Michigan, USA
  This paper describes the design and results of an upgraded cyclotron center region in which a mirror field type inflector was replaced by a spiral inflector. The main goals of the design were a) to facilitate injection at higher energies in order to improve transmission efficiency and b) to reduce down-time due to the need of replacing mirror inflector wires which rapidly break when exposed to high beam currents. The design was based on a detailed model of the spiral inflector and matching center region electrodes using AMaze, a 3D finite element suite of codes. Tests showed promising results indicating that the 88-Inch cyclotron will be able to provide a 2.0 pμA beam of 250 MeV 48Ca ions.