Author: Röcken, H.
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MOPPT012 Progress at Varian's Superconducting Cyclotrons: A Base for the ProBeam™ Platform 55
  • H. Röcken, M. Abdel-Bary, E.M. Akcöltekin, P. Budz, M. Grewe, F. Klarner, A. Roth, T. Stephani, P. vom Stein
    VMS-PT, Bergisch Gladbach, Germany
  During the last 9 years, Varian’s superconducting isochronous ProBeam™ medical proton cyclotrons proved their maturity when they accumulated more than 20 operational years at factory testing and patient treatment without any unscheduled down time caused by quenches or failures of the cryogenic supply systems. Their reliable superconductive technology features a fast initial cool-down and low operating costs. Besides the two machines which are in clinical operation in Switzerland and Germany, one more ProBeam™ cyclotron is already fully commissioned and delivering a 250MeV proton beam at Scripps Proton Therapy Center in San Diego, USA. Several other ProBeam™ cyclotrons are under fabrication or in the phase of factory beam acceptance tests. We report on fast cool-down and time-to-beam-extraction achievements as well as on the latest status and operational experience with Varian’s ProBeam™ cyclotrons. Additionally, we give an insight in new developments for further reduction of commissioning time and improvement of reliability.