Author: Potkins, D.E.
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TUPSH014 An Integrated Self-Supporting Mini-Beamline for PET Cyclotrons 251
  • M.P. Dehnel, D.E. Potkins, T.M. Stewart
    D-Pace, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
  Funding: SR&ED
A commercial fluorine-18 water-target can now handle 150 μA of 10-19 MeV proton current. The days of a few tens of micro-amperes bombarding a PET target with low residual activity on a self-shielded cyclotron are over. Now an integrated self-supporting mini-beamline is essential for safe, optimized and reliable operation of PET cyclotrons. The high levels of prompt/residual radiation are moved (~1 m) away from the cyclotron so that local-shielding can be placed around the target/selector assembly, which minimizes cyclotron component damage due to prompt neutrons/gammas, and ensures the high residual target radiation is attenuated, so maintenance personnel can work on the cyclotron in a “cool” environment. Beam diagnostic readbacks from baffles/collimators provide steering and focusing control of the beam. This "plug-n-play" beamline is an integrated self-supporting unit cantilevered from the cyclotron. The single aluminum sub-structure acts as mounting flange, support structure, beampipe, and magnet registration device. A diamond-shaped vacuum envelope through the compound quadrupole/steering magnets results in maximum beam throughput and optimization.