Author: Meyroneinc, S.J.
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WEPSH010 Proton Therapy at the Institut Curie – CPO: Operation of an IBA C235 Cyclotron Looking Forward Scanning Techniques 403
  • A. Patriarca, S.J. Meyroneinc
    Institut Curie - Centre de Protonthérapie d'Orsay, Orsay, France
  Since 1991, more than 6100 patients (mainly eye and head & neck tumours) were treated at the Institut Curie – Centre de Protonthèrapie d’Orsay using Double Scattering proton beam delivery technique. After 19 years of activity, a 200 MeV synchrocyclotron has been shut down and replaced by a 230 MeV C235 IBA proton cyclotron. This delivers beam to two passive fixed treatment rooms and to one universal nozzle equipped gantry. In the past two years of operation more than 95.5% of the scheduled patients (near 500/year) were treated. We have realised, according to IBA recommendations, preventive maintenance (i.e. RF final amplifier) and we have improved some diagnostic tools (i.e. Main Coil monitoring) allowing us to reduce the number of downtime events from 499 in 2011 to 351 in 2012. In order to improve cancer treatment capabilities we are now involved in the transition towards scanning particle therapy, requiring even more accurate quality assurance protocols. We describe here the main cyclotron issues (ion source, deflector) and what is needed to perform a proper scanning technique, the main goal being the enhancement of our reliability performances.