Author: Korenev, S.
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TUPPT018 Critical Analysis of Negative Hydrogen Ion Sources for Cyclotrons 192
  • S. Korenev
    Siemens Medical Solutions Molecular Imaging, Knoxville, TN, USA
  The ion sources for cyclotrons based on negative hydrogen ions found applications as basic injectors for cyclotrons. The main important questions of negative hydrogen ion sources are following: i) method of production for negative hydrogen ions, ii) the extraction of ions and iii) separation of negative ions from electrons. Among of ion internal and external ion sources the common question is efficiency for production of negative hydrogen ions and increasing of kinetic energy of these ions. The critical analysis of different ions sources (PIG, Multicusps, etc.) is given. The comparison of these ion sources regarding applications for industrial cyclotrons for production of medical isotopes is presented in the paper.  
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