Author: Kazacha, V.I.
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WEPPT007 Getting Uniform Ion Density on Target in High-Energy Beam Line of Cyclotron U-400M with Two 335
  • I.A. Ivanenko, I.V. Kalagin, V.I. Kazacha, N.Yu. Kazarinov
    JINR, Dubna, Moscow Region, Russia
  Formation by means of octupole magnets of a uniform ions distribution in the existing beam line of U400M cyclotron has been studied. The simulation was performed for Ar17+ ions with energy of 41.3 MeV/amu. The required level of beam non-uniformity on the target with diameter of 60 mm is ±7.5%. Two octupoles with static magnetic fields have been used to achieve the desired uniformity of the beam density in both coordinates simultaneously. The results of calculations are presented. This method of improving the uniformity of the beam will be implemented soon in Flerov laboratory of JINR.