Author: Kanjilal, D.
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WEPPT006 Design of Achromatic Bends for the High Energy Beam Transport System of HCI at IUAC Delhi 332
  • A. Mandal, D. Kanjilal, S. Kumar, G.O. Rodrigues
    IUAC, New Delhi, India
  The high energy beam transport system of the High Current Injector (HCI) being currently developed at IUAC will transport beam of maximum energy ~ 1.8 MeV/u with mass to charge ratio (A/q) equal to 6 from drift tube linac (DTL) to the superconducting LINAC in the zero degree beam line of the existing 15UD Pelletron. The whole transport path (~40 m) consists of four 90 degree bends. Since the beams coming from DTL are expected to have an energy spread of 0.5 %, the magnetic bends have to be achromatic. The transport system is designed to meet the restrictions imposed by the existing beam hall and the other space constraints. The first three 90 degree achromats have the configuration of Q1Q2Q3MQ4MQ3Q2Q1 and the fourth one has configuration of Q1Q2MQ3Q4Q4Q3MQ2Q1 where Q stands for magnetic quadrupole and M stands for 45 degree bending magnets. Each achromat has been designed so that its total length is restricted to 7 m to fit into the available space. The maximum dispersion occurs at the middle of Q4. Standard beam dynamics codes like GICOSY* and TRACE 3D** have been used to design the achromats and details of optics will be presented.
*H. Weick, GICOSY homepage,
**K.R. Crandall, TRACE 3-D Documentation, Report LA-11054-MS, Los Alamos, 1987