Author: Jones, F.W.
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WE4PB01 Tracking in a Cyclotron with Geant4 423
  • F.W. Jones, T. Planche, Y.-N. Rao
    TRIUMF, Canada's National Laboratory for Particle and Nuclear Physics, Vancouver, Canada
  Building on its precursor GEANT, the tracking and simulation toolkit Geant4 has been conceived and realised in a very general fashion, with much attention given to the modeling of electric and magnetic fields and the accuracy of tracking charged particles through them. As evidenced by the G4Beamline application, Geant4 offers a unique simulation approach to beam lines and accelerators, in a 3D geometry and without some of the limitations posed by conventional optics and tracking codes. Here we apply G4Beamline to the TRIUMF cyclotron, describing the generation and input of the field data, accuracy of closed orbits, stability of multi-turn tracking, tracking accelerated orbits, and phase acceptance. Geant4's 3D visualization tools allow detailed examination of trajectories as well as a particle's-eye view of the acceleration process.  
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