Author: Heikkinen, P. M.T.
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MOPPT007 Recent Progress at the Jyväskylä Cyclotron Laboratory 43
  • P. M.T. Heikkinen
    JYFL, Jyväskylä, Finland
  The use of the K130 cyclotron during the past few years has been normal. The total use of the cyclotron in 2012 was 6441 hours out of which 4610 hours on target. Three quarters of the beam time was devoted to basic nuclear physics research and one quarter for industrial applications, the main industrial application being space electronics testing. Altogether over 20 different isotopes were accelerated in 2012. Beam cocktails for space electronics testing were the most commonly used beams (26 %). Since the first beam in 1992 the total run time for the K130 cyclotron at the end of 2012 was 124’138 hours, and altogether 32 elements (73 isotopes) from p to Au have been accelerated. The MCC30/15 cyclotron will deliver proton and deuteron beams for nuclear physics research and for isotope production. The experimental set-up has been mainly under construction and we have had only a couple of beam tests. Isotope production with the MCC30/15 cyclotron has suffered from severe administrative delays. Finally in December 2012 a preliminary budget study for a GMP laboratory for FDG production (18F) was done. Decisions on the radiopharmaceuticals production at JYFL will be done during 2013.