Author: Castro, G.
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TUPPT014 Characterization of the Versatile Ion Source (VIS) for the Production of Monocharged Light Ion Beams 183
  • L. Celona, L. Calabretta, G. Castro, G. Ciavola, S. Gammino, D. Mascali, L. Neri, G. Torrisi
    INFN/LNS, Catania, Italy
  • G. Castro
    Universita Degli Studi Di Catania, Catania, Italy
  • F. Di Bartolo
    INFN & Messina University, S. Agata, Messina, Italy
  Funding: The support of the 5th National Committee of INFN is gratefully acknowledged.
The Versatile Ion Source (VIS) is an off-resonance Microwave Discharge Ion Source which produces a slightly overdense plasma at 2.45 GHz of pumping frequency. In the measurements carried out at INFN-LNS in the last two years, VIS was able to produce more than 50 mA of proton beams and He+ beams at 65 kV, while for H2+ a current of 15 mA was obtained. The know-how obtained with the VIS source has been useful for the design of the proton source of the European Spallation Source, to be built in Lund, Sweden, and it will be used also for other facilities. In particular, the design modifications of the VIS source under study at INFN-LNS, in order to use the new source as the injector of H2+ at the ISODAR facility, will be also presented.