Author: Arje, J.     [Ärje, J.E.]
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MO2PB03 Progress Toward the Facility Upgrade for Accelerated Radioactive Beams at Texas A&M 22
  • D.P. May, B.T. Roeder, R.E. Tribble
    Texas A&M University Cyclotron Institute, College Station, Texas, USA
  • F.P. Abegglen, G. Chubaryan, H.L. Clark, G.J. Kim, G. Tabacaru
    Texas A&M University, Cyclotron Institute, College Station, Texas, USA
  • J.E. Ärje
    JYFL, Jyväskylä, Finland
  Funding: U. S. Dept. of Energy Grant DE-FG02-93ER40773
The upgrade project at the Cyclotron Institute of Texas A&M University continues to make substantial progress toward the goal of providing radioactive beams accelerated to intermediate energies by the K500 Cyclotron. The K150, which will function as a driver, is now used extensively to deliver both light and heavy ion beams for experiments. The ion-guide cave for the production and charge-breeding of low-energy radioactive beams has been constructed, and the light-ion guide (LIG) has been commissioned with an internal radioactive source. The charge breeding electron-cyclotron-resonance ion source (CB-ECRIS) has been commissioned with a source of stable 1+ ions, while the injection line leading to the K500 has been commissioned with the injection and acceleration of charge-bred beams. Despite the lack of good field maps, both light and heavy ions beams have been developed for the K150. Progress and plans, including those for the heavy-ion guide (HIG), are presented.
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