First Joint Accelerator Conference Website (JACoW) Workshop on Electronic Publication of Proceedings of Particle Accelerator Conferences
Brookhaven National Laboratory
1 to 4 December 1999

From the Joint Accelerator Conference Website JACoW it is possible to access the Proceedings of the Asian, European and American Particle Accelerator Conferences. This Website is the result of an international collaboration in the field of electronic publication.

At meetings of the JACoW and Particle Accelerator Coordination Committee (PACCC) which took place during PAC'99 in New York in March this year, it was decided that the time had come to organize a workshop with the goal of producing a "Reference Manual" for the teams responsible for the production of the proceedings of accelerator conferences.

Those Organizers who have to date joined in the collaboration on electronic publication of accelerator conference proceedings are: PAC, EPAC, APAC, Cyclotron, Linac, HEACC and ICALEPCS.

The Workshop will define some standards for the process (templates, databases, WWW interfaces, look and feel of publications, etc.) as well as procedures for sharing software packages. Finally, some time will be spent exploring possible future developments with the aim of making recommendations for future conferences.

The Workshop will be composed of a series of short presentations followed by an equivalent time for discussion and the presentations will be written up and published as the "Reference Manual". On the final half-day the Chairman of each of the half-day sessions will present a summary and conclusions of his session.

The main topics to be covered in the Workshop are: pre-conference activities, electronic resources (essentially the software aspects), procedures, hardware resources and finally the production phase.

Aims of the Workshop

General Arrangements and Social Programme

Registration and List of Participants



Guidelines for Speakers and Session Chairmen