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Session 7B. Single-Particle Beam Dynamics/Optics.

7B001 Beam Dynamics in SLC
Ralph W. Assmann (SLAC)
7B002 Rigorous Bounds on Long-Term Stability
K. Makino (MSU)
7B003 Analytic Nonlinear Methods for Beam Optics
John Irwin (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
7B004 Nonlinear Dynamics Aspects of Quasi-Isochronous Storage Rings
D. Jeon (Department of Physics, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN47408,U.S.A.)
7B005 Lattice Design for a High-Power Infrared FEL
D. R. Douglas (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
7B006 Overview of the LHC Dynamic Aperture Studies
J.-P. Koutchouk, M. Böge, A. Faus-Golfe, J. Gareyte, J. Miles, Qing Qin, T. Risselada, F. Schmidt, S. Weisz (CERN)
7B007 Global and Local Horizontal/Vertical Decoupling
L. C. Teng (Argonne National Laboratory)
7B008 Analytical Lattice Design with \itBeamOptics
B. Autin, R. Cappi, T. D'Amico, V. Ducas, O. GrÖbner, M. Martini, E. Wildner (CERN)
7B009 Experimental Measurement of High-gradient Standing Wave Accelerator Transport Matrix
S. Reiche (DESY/UCLA), J.B. Rosenzweig (UCLA), L. Serafini (UCLA/INFN)
Application of Cremona Approximation to One-turn Maps for the Large Hadron Collider
Alex J. Dragt, Dan T. Abell (University of Maryland)
7B011 Method of Strong Focusing
V.E. Shapiro (TRIUMF)

Session 7C. Instrumentation.

7C001 Picosecond-Resolution 'Slice' Emittance Measurement of Electron = Bunches
Ilan Ben-Zvi (National Synchrotron Light Source, Brookhaven National = Laboratory, Upton NY 11973 USA)
7C002 Electron Beam Instrumentation Techniques Using Coherent Radiation
D.X. Wang (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
7C003 A Laser-Heterodyne Bunch-Length Monitor for the SLC Interaction Point.
T. Kotseroglou, R. Alley, D. McCormick, S. Horton-Smith, K. Jobe, P. Raimondi, M. Ross, F. Zimmermann (SLAC), T. Shintake (KEK)
7C004 Laser based sub-picosecond electron bunch characterization using 90^\circ Thomson scattering
W. P. Leemans, P. Volfbeyn, M. Zolotorev, K-J. Kim, S. Chattopadhyay (Accelerator and Fusion Research Division), R. P. Schoenlein, P. Balling, C. V. Shank (Materials Sciences Division), A. H. Chin, T. E. Glover (Physics Department, University of California at Berkeley)
7C005 Synchrotron Radiation Interferences Between Small Dipoles at LEP.
F. Meot (FNAL), C. Bovet, A. Burns, M. Placidi, E. Rossa, J. de Vries (CERN)
7C006 Electron Bunch Length Diagnostic with Coherent Smith-Purcell Radiation
Dinh Nguyen (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
7C007 A High Resolution Electron Beam Profile Monitor
W.S. Graves, E.D. Johnson (Brookhaven National Laboratory), P.G. O'Shea (Duke University)

Session 7P. High-Energy Hadron Accelerators and Colliders, Room-Temperature Magnets 2, RF Systems (Other), Alignment and Survey, Pulsed Power Accelerators, Pulsed Power Technology, Medical Therapy, Medical Isotope Production, High-Power Applications.

7P001 High Intensity Proton Acceleration at the Brookhaven AGS - an Update
L. Ahrens, J. Alessi, M. Blaskiewicz, E. Bleser, J.M. Brennan, K. Brown, C. Gardner, J.W. Glenn, H. Huang, T. Roser, W. van Asselt, K. Zeno, S.Y. Zhang (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Heavy Ion Operation at the Brookhaven AGS,
J.M. Brennan, L. Ahrens, M. Blaskiewicz, C. Gardner, J.W. Glenn, H. Huang, T. Roser, M. Tanaka, S.Y. van Asselt, Zhang (Brookhaven National Laboratory.)
7P003 Spin Tracking in RHIC
A.U. Luccio (Brookhaven National Laboratory), T. Katayama (INS, University of Tokyo), H. Wu (RIKEN)
7P004 Flat Beams in a 50 TeV Hadron Collider
Steve Peggs (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
7P005 RHIC Sextant Test - Accelerator Systems and Performance
F. Pilat, L. Ahrens, K. Brown, R Connolly, G.F. Dell, W. Fischer, J. Kewisch, W. MacKay, V. Mane, S. Peggs, T. Satogata, S. Tepikian, P. Thompson, D. Trbojevic, N. Tsoupas, J. Wei (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
7P006 Preparing Accelerator Systems for the RHIC Sextant Commissioning
D. Trbojevic, F. Pilat, L. Ahrens, D. Barton, T. Clifford, R. Connoly, W. Fischer, M. Harrison, W. MacKay, B. Olsen, S. Peggs, T. Satogata, S. Tepikian, P. Thompson, C. Trahern, R. Witkover
7P007 Synchrotron Radiation Dominated Hadron Colliders
Eberhard Keil (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
7P008 Summary of the Single-Beam Collective Effects in the LHC
F. Ruggiero, J.S. Berg, O. BrÜning, F. Caspers, M. Morvillo (CERN), M. D'Yachkov (TRIUMF)
7P009 Measurement and Analysis of Longitudinal Bunched Beam Echoes in the Fermilab Tevatron
S. Assadi, P. L. Colestock, L. K. Spentzouris (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory-)
7P010 Accelerator Physics Issues of a Really Large Hadron Collider,
W. Chou (FNAL)
7P011 Proposal for an Aluminum Beam Screen in the LHC,
W. Chou (FNAL), H. Ishimaru (KEK)
7P012 Beam Loss Handling at Tevatron: Simulations and Implementations
A.I. Drozhdin, N.V. Mokhov (Fermilab)
7P013 Optimization of the LHC Beam Cleaning System with Respect to Beam Loss in the High Luminosity Insertions
A.I. Drozhdin, N.V. Mokhov (Fermilab)
7P014 High-Order Chromaticity Correction for the LHC
Carol Johnstone (FNAL)
Deceleration Experiments in the Fermilab Main Ring
I. Kourbanis, D. Capista, K. Meisner, D. Still (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7P016 Using Luminosity Distributions to Determine Luminosity in a Collider with a Coupled Lattice
Michael A. Martens (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7P017 Excitation Characteristics of FMI Dipoles and Magnet Assignment to Reduce Closed Orbit Errors
P.S. Martin, C.S. Mishra (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7P018 Perturbation of the Periodic Dispersion Under Crossing Angle Optics in LHC.
F. Meot (FNAL)
7P019 Towards the Optimal LHC Interaction Region: Beam-Induced Energy Deposition
N.V. Mokhov, J.B. Strait (Fermilab)
7P020 Status of the Fermilab Fixed Target Program,
C. Moore (FNAL)
7P021 Study of the Dynamic Apertue During Collisions in the LHC,
D. Ritson, W. Chou (FNAL)
7P022 Slip Stacking for the Fermilab Luminosity Upgrade
Shekhar Shukla, John Marriner, David McGinnis, Ioanis Kourbanis, Charles Ankenbrandt (FNAL)
7P023 Experiments with Separated Beams in Run I at the Tevatron Collider
Michael A. Tartaglia (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7P024 Capture From Pair Production as a Beam Loss Mechanism for Heavy Ions at RHIC
B. Feinberg, A. Belkacem, N. Claytor, T. Dinneen, H. Gould (LBNL)
Absolute Calibration of a Siberian Snake
M.G. Minty (SLAC)
7P026 Numerical Optimization of Collimator Jaw Orientations and Locations in the LHC
D. Kaltchev, M.K. Craddock, R.V. Servranckx (TRIUMF), J.B. Jeanneret (CERN, CH-1211 Geneva 23, Switzerland)
7P027 The Magnetic Design and Performance of the Main Injector Lambertson
D.E. Johnson, J.E. Dimarco, D.J. Harding, P.S. Martin, J.-F. Ostiguy, D.G.C. Walbridge (Fermilab), R. Baiod (Hamp;L Technique)
7P028 Variations in the Steel Properties and the Excitation Characteristics of FMI Dipoles
P.S. Martin, D.J. Harding, J.F. Ostiguy, E.G. Pewitt, A.D. Russell (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7P029 Modifications to the Excitation Characteristics of FMI Dipoles by Machining
P.S. Martin, R. Baiod, D.J. Harding, J.F. Ostiguy, A.D. Russell (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7P030 The Design and Construction of Permanent Magnet Lambertsons for the Recycler Ring at Fermilab
M.P. May, G.W. Foster, G.J. Jackson, T.L. Schmitz (FNAL)
7P031 Design and Fabrication of Achromatic Bend for Medium Energy Electron Cooling at Fermilab
M.W. McGee, P.G. Hurh, K.J. Bertsche (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, Batavia, Illinois 60510)
7P032 Hybrid Permanent Quadrupoles for the 8 GeV Transfer Line at Fermilab
S.M. Pruss, B.C. Brown, G.W. Foster, H.D. Glass, D.J. Harding, G.P. Jackson, M.P. May, J.-F. Ostiguy, J.T. Volk (Fermilab)
7P033 Selecting Magnet Laminations Recipes Using the Meth\-od of Sim\-u\-la\-ted Annealing
A. D. Russell, R. Baiod, B. C. Brown, D. J. Harding, P. S. Martin (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7P034 Air-Cooled Trim Dipoles for the Fermilab Main Injector
I. Terechkine, J.A. Carson, N.S. Chester, J.D. Garvey, G.E. Krafczyk, A. Makarov, D.J. Harding, V.A. Yarba (Fermilab)
7P035 3D Design, Contruction, and Field Analysis of CIS Main Dipole Magnets
G.P.A. Berg, W. Fox, D.L. Friesel, T. Rinckel (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, Bloomington, IN,)
7P036 Magnetic Design and Measurement of Nonlinear Octupole Magnets for the APT Beam Expander System
D. B. Barlow, R. E. Shafer, R. P. Martinez (LANL), P. L. Walstrom (Northrop Grumman), S. A. Kahn, A. K. Jain, P. J. Wanderer (BNL)
7P037 Optimization of the PEP-II Low-Energy Ring Dipoles.
P. Barale, N. Li, J. Osborn, J. Tanabe, R. Yourd, M.S. Zisman (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Y. Sun, X. Xu (Institute for High Energy Physics)
7P038 Harmonic Correction Rings for the PEP-II I.R. Quadrupole Magnets
D.E. Humphries, R.D. Schlueter (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
7P039 Design of the PEP-II Interaction Region Septum Quadrupole
J. Osborn (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), J. Tanabe, D. Yee, F. Younger (LBNL)
7P040 Performance of the PEP-II Low-Energy Ring Quadrupoles
J. Tanabe, N. Li, J. Osborn, D. Yee, R. Yourd, M. Zisman (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), R. Hou, Y. Sun, X. Xu (Institute of High Energy Physics)
7P041 DC and Pulsed Septa for the LNLS UVX Injection System
Ruy H A Farias, M. J. Ferreira, R.T. Neuenschwander, F. S. Rafael (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron LNLS, Campinas Brazil)
7P042 Eddy Current Effect of Very Long Time Constant of Block Magnets.
M. Kumada, H. Ogawa (National Institute of Radiological Sciences), K. Sato (RCNP, University of Osaka), M. Kase, H. Okuno (RIKEN)
7P043 Results from a Prototype Permanent Magnet Dipole-Quadrupole Hybrid for the PEP-II B-Factory
S. Ecklund, D. Jensen, M. Nordby, A. Ringwall, M. Sullivan, Z. Wolf (SLAC)
Measured Effects of a Longitudinal Solenoidal Field on an Iron Quadrupole
S. Ecklund, J.T. Seeman, Z. Wolf (SLAC)
7P045 Magnetic Measurements of the Prototype Dipole for the IR-FEL at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
J. Karn, G. Biallas, A. Guerra, L. Harwood (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
7P046 Magnets for the CERN PS Booster Transfer Line.
G.S. Clark, A.J. Otter, P. Reeve (TRIUMF)
7P047 Magnets and their Power Supplies of JHP 50-GeV Synchrotron
Masayuki Muto (Institute for Nuclear Study, the University of Tokyo)
7P048 High Peak Power Test and Evaluation of S-band Waveguide Switches
A. Nassiri, A. Grelick, R. L. Kustom, M. White (Argonne National Laboratory)
Design, Construction, and Experiments on a Magnetron Injection Gun for X-band Cluster Klystron
H. Wang, R.B. Palmer, R.C. Fernow, J.C. Gallardo, H.G. Kirk, S. Ulc, Y. Zhao (Physics Department, Brookhaven National Lab)
7P050 Design of a High Average Power Waveguide Window
E. Chojnacki, T. Hays, J. Kirchgessner, H. Padamsee (Cornell University), M. Cole, T. Schultheiss (Northrop Grumman Corp)
Prospects of Increasing Life Time and Efficiently of New Generations RF Sources by Path of Application Secondary-Emission Unheated Metallic Cathodes
S.A. Cherenshchikov, A.M. Opanasenko (KFTI,Kharkiv)
7P052 Electron Gun and Collector Design for 94 GHz Gyro-amplifiers.
K. Nguyen (KN Research), B. Danly, B. Levush, M. Blank (Naval Research Laboratory), D. True (Litton Electron Devices), K. Felch, P. Borchard (Comm. Power Industries)
7P053 Experimental Evaluation of 350 MHz RF Accelerator Windows for the Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator Project
Karen A. Cummings, William T. Roybal, Daniel E. Rees (LANL), Stephan J. Lenci (CPI), David M. Wilcox (EEV)
7P054 Electron Gun For a High-Power X-Band Magnicon Amplifier
V.P. Yakovlev, O.A. Nezhevenko (Omega-P Inc., New Haven, CT (on leave from Budker INP, Novosibirsk, Russia)), R. True (Litton Systems, Inc., San Carlos, CA 94087)
Development Diagnostics for the Next Generation RF*
R. Fantini, R.E. Kirby, A. Menegat, G.P. Scheitrum, J.E. Spencer, D.H. Whittum, X. Xu (SLAC)
7P056 An All-Metal High Power Circularly Polarized 100 MW RF Load
W.R. Fowkes, E.N. Jongewaard, R.J. Loewen, S.G. Tantawi, A.E. Vlieks (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford, CA 94309)
A Compact High Power TE_01 to TE_10 Mode Converter
S.G. Tantawi, K. Ko, V. Srinivas, A.E. Vlieks (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, CA 94025)
7P058 The Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator's RF Pulse Compression and Transmission
S.G. Tantawi, C. Adelphson, S. Holmes, T. Lavine, R.J. Loewen, C. Nantista, C. Pearson, R. Pope, J. Rifkin, R.D. Ruth, A.E. Vlieks (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, CA 94025)
High Power Optical Microwave Switches
S.G. Tantawi, R.D. Ruth, A.E. Vlieks (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, CA 94025)
7P060 Upgrade of the SLAC SLED-II Pulse Compression System based on recent High Power Tests.
A.E. Vlieks, W.R. Fowkes, R.J. Loewen, S.G. Tantawi (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Menlo Park, CA 94025)
7P061 Steady State Multipactor and Dependence on Material Properties
Rami Kishek (University of Michigan), Y. Y. Lau, R. M. Gilgenbach (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2104), D. P. Chernin (SAIC, McLean, VA 22102)
7P062 Closed Orbit Feed-back from Low-beta Quadrupole Movements at LEP
F. Tecker (RWTH Aachen), W. Coosemans, A. Marin, K. Rybaltchenko, J. Wenninger (CERN)
7P063 Beam Position Monitor Offset Determination at LEP
F. Tecker (RWTH Aachen), B. Dehning, P. Galbraith, K. Henrichsen, M. Placidi, R. Schmidt (CERN)
Measurements of the Movement of the Vacuum Chamber on the NSLS X-Ray Ring
O. Singh, D. Lynch, J. Safranek, L. Solomon (NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory)
7P065 Alignment of the High Beta Magnets in the RHIC Interaction Regions
D. Trbojevic, A. Jain, S. Tepikian, R. Grandinetti, G. Ganetis, J. Wei, F. Karl
7P066 The Superconducting Interaction Region Magnet Positioning System for the CESR Phase III Upgrade
James J. Welch, Alexander B. Temnykh, David L. Rubin (Cornell University)
7P067 A Wire Position Monitor (WPM) System to Control the Cold Mass Movements inside the TTF Cryomodule
Angelo Bosotti, Dario Giove, Carlo Pagani, Giuseppe Varisco (INFN Milano - LASA, Via Fratelli Cervi, 201, I-20090, Segrate (MI) Italy)
7P068 Ground Motion Studies for Large Future Accelerator
Shigeru Takeda, Katsunobu Oide (KEK, National Laboratory for High energy Physics Oho, Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki-ken 305, Japan)
7P069 Precision Surveying and Smoothing Analysis for Pohang Light Source,
S.C. Lee, K.W. Seo, A.H. Maeng, I.S. Ko (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, POSTECH, KOREA)
7P070 Survey and Alignment of SLAC's B-factory
Matthew J. Pietryka, Michael L. Gaydosh (SLAC)
7P071 AIRIX Prototype Technological Results at CESTA.
P. Anthouard, J. Bardy, C. Bonnafond, P. Delsart, A. Devin, P. Eyharts, P. Eyl, D. Guilhem, J. Labrouche, J. Launspach, J. de Mascureau, A. Roques, M. Thevenot, D. Villate, L. Voisin (CEA-CESTA), E. Merle, J.C. Picon (CEA-CEV)
7P072 Beam Transport and Characterization on AIRIX Prototype at CESTA
P. Eyharts, P. Anthouard, J. Bardy, C. Bonnafond, P. Delsart, A. Devin, P. Eyl, D. Guilhem, J. Labrouche, J. Launspach, J. de Mascureau, A. Roques, D. Villate, L. Voisin (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Centre d'Etudes Scientifiques et Techniques d'Aquitaine), E. Merle, J.C. Picon (Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, Centre d'Etudes de Vaujours Moronvilliers)
7P073 800-keV Electron Induction Injector with High Average Power
G.L. Mamaev, A.I. Glazov, V.A. Krasnopolsky, T.A. Latypov, S.L. Mamaev, S.N. Puchkov, A.M. Shcherbakov, I.E. Tenyakov, Y.M. Terechkin, S.I. Vlasenko (Moscow radiotechnical institute of Russian Academy of Science)
The pulsed ion injectors on the basis of explosive ion emission for ion linear inductor accelerators
Sergey Korenev (New Jersey Institute of Technology)
Environmental Phase Stabilization of the Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator's Low-Level RF System
Zane J. Wilson (SLAC)
Reliability and Maintainability Issues for the Next Linear Collider
Zane J. Wilson, Saul L. Gold, Ron F. Koontz, Ted L. Lavine (SLAC)
7P077 Output Beam Characteristics of 150 MeV Microtron
T. Hori, H. Tsutsui, D. Amano, M. Washio (Sumitomo Heavy Ind., Ltd.), J. Yang (Tokyo Metropolitan Univ.), K. Tani (Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute)
Design of a Gate-Turn-Off (GTO) Switch for Pulsed Power Application
Oscar Despe, Ju Wang (Argonne National Laboratory)
7P079 Constant Current Charging Supplies for the Advanced Photon Source (APS) Linear Accelerator Modulators
R. Fuja, A. E. Grelick, D. Meyer, G. Pile, M. White (Argonne National Laboratory)
7P080 Electron Emission from PZT Ceramics at 50Hz
D. Flechtner, Cz. Golkowski, J. D. Ivers, G. S. Kerslick, J. A. Nation, L. Schächter (Cornell University, School of Electrical Engineering amp; Laboratory of Plasma Studies, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA)
7P081 A Ferroelectric Cathode, Electron Gun for High Power Microwave Research
J. D. Ivers, D. Flechtner, Cz. Golkowski, G. S. Kerslick, J. A. Nation (Cornell University, School of Electrical Engineering amp; Laboratory of Plasma Studies, Ithaca, NY 14853, USA)
7P082 Thirty Mega-Watt Klystron Modulator Development at the Duke University Free-Electron Laser Laboratory
Richard J. Sachtschale, P.G. O'Shea, G. Swift (Duke University)
7P083 A Thyratron Trigger with Low Jitter
Chris Jensen, Darren Qunell (FNAL)
7P084 A 40 kV, 3.1 Ømega PFN for the Main Injector Abort Kicker
Chris Jensen (FNAL)
7P085 Kicker System for 8 GEV Proton Injection
Darren Qunell, Chris Jensen, David Tinsley (FNAL)
A 200W Fluorinert-Cooled Resistive Load for Pulsed Power
David Tinsley, Chris Jensen, Darren Qunell (FNAL)
7P087 High Power Modulator for Linear Induction Accelerator SILUND-21
G.V. Dolbilov, A.A. Fateev (JINR, Dubna)
The EMP Excitation by Pulsed High-Current REB in a Magnetic Field.
G. Sidelnikov, V. Balakirev (National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology")
7P089 A 200-A, 500-Hz, Triangle Current-Wave Modulator And Magnet Used For Particle Beam Rastering
C. R. Rose, R. E. Shafer (LANL)
7P090 Arbitrary Waveform Generator for Electrostatic Dipoles in a Heavy Ion Recirculator
D.P. Berners, L.L. Reginato (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
7P091 Dynamics of Magnetic Insulation Violation in Smooth-bore Magnetrons
A.V. Agafonov (P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS), V.M. Fedorov, V.P. Tarakanov (High Energy Density Research Center of RAS, IVTAN)
7P092 Brillouin Flow in a Magnetron Diode as the Kynetic Model Limit
A.V. Agafonov, V.S. Voronin (P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute of RAS)
7P093 Novel Insulator Technology for Pulsed Power Systems
Stephen Sampayan, George Caporaso (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory), M. L. Krogh (Allied Signal Corp)
7P094 150 kV Magnetic Pulse Compressor
G.L. Mamaev, T.A. Latypov, S.L. Mamaev, S.N. Puchkov, A.M. Shcherbakov, I.E. Tenyakov (Moscow radiotechnical institute of Russian Academy of Science)
7P095 Technology for Production of the Metglass Large Scale Cores
G.L. Mamaev, S.L. Mamaev, S.N. Puchkov, A.M. Shcherbakov, I.E. Tenyakov, I.M. Bolotin (Moscow radiotechnical institute of Russian Academy of Science)
7P096 The PEP_II Abort Kicker System.
J. de Lamare, A. Donaldson, J. Lipari, A. Kulikov (SLAC)
7P097 NLC Klystron Pulse Modulator R&D at SLAC
Roland Koontz (SLAC), Mitsuo Akemoto (KEK), Saul Gold (SLAC), Anatoly Krasnykh (JINR), Zane Wilson (SLAC)
7P098 Development of the Pulse Transformer for NLC Klystrom Pulse Modulator
M. Akemoto (SLAC/KEK), S. Gold (SLAC)
7P099 A Fast 60 kV Resonant Charging Power Supply For The LHC Inflectors.
M.J. Barnes, G.D. Wait (TRIUMF), E. Carlier, L. Ducimetière, U. Jansson, G.H. Schröder, E.B. Vossenberg (CERN)
7P100 The Application of Saturating Inductors for Improving the Performance of the CERN PS Kicker Systems.
G.D. Wait, M.J. Barnes (TRIUMF), K.D. Metzmacher, L. Sermeus (CERN)
Spectroscopy of Neutrons Produced by (p,n) Reactions on Lithium
Lucian Wielopolski, J. Powell, H. Ludewig, D. Raparia, J. Alessi (Brookhaven National Laboratory), Guoping Han (State University of New York at Stony Brook and Brookhaven National Laboratory)
7P102 A Compact Proton Synchrotron for Cancer Treatments
K. Hiramoto, M. Umezawa, K. Matsuda, M. Nishi (HItachi Research Lab., Hitachi, Ltd.)
7P103 Progress Report on the Construction of the Northeast Proton Therapy Center (NPTC) Equipment
Y. Jongen (Ion Beam Applications s.a.)
Plane Systems for Irradiation of a Patient from Any Directions
M.M. Kats, K.K. Onossovsky (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)
7P105 Performance of Parallel Plate Ionization Chmber for meadical irradiation
E. Urakabe, M. Inoue, Y. Iwashita, T. Shirai, A. Noda (ICR, Kyoto University), M. Kanazawa, M. Torikoshi, K. Noda, S. Yamada (NIRS), M. Tadokoro, M.. Nishi (Hitachi Ltd.), Y. Fujita (INS, University of Tokyo)
7P106 New secondary beam course for medical use in HIMAC
S. Kouda, M. Torikoshi, M. Kanazawa, A. Kitagawa, T. Murakami, K. Noda, Y. Sato, E. Takada, J. Yoshizawa, Y. Futami, A. Higashi, T. Kanai, N. Matufuji, H. Tomura, S. Yamada, K. Kawachi, H. Ogawa, M. Kumada (NIRS), Y. Ishikawa, H. Tsubuku, T. Kato (Accelerator Engineering Co.)
7P107 Design Study of a Linear Accelerator System for Neutron Capture Therapy
J.W. Kim (RIKEN, Japan), J.S. Chai (Korea Cancer Center Hospital, Korea)
7P108 A Compact Proton Accelerator System For Cancer Therapy
A. Yamaguchi, K. Nakayama, T. Rizawa, S. Sukenobu, K. Satoh, Y. Morii, Y. Tanabe, Y. Chiba (TOSHIBA CORPORATION)
7P109 Operation of the TRIUMF Proton Therapy Facility.
E.W. Blackmore, B. Evans, M. Mouat (TRIUMF), C. Duzenli, R. Ma, T. Pickles (British Columbia Cancer Agency), K. Paton (University of British Columbia)
7P110 Initial Operation of CIAE medically used cyclotron
Mingwu Fan (China Institute of Atoimc Energy), Tainjue Zhang (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
7P111 Gas-jet Charge Stripper for the PET ^3He^++ Linear Accelerator,
F. M. Bieniosek, K. Anderson (Fermilab)
7P112 Electron Accelerator's Production of Technetium-99m for Nuclear Medicine
V.L. Uvarov, N.P. Dikiy, A.N. Dovbnya, Ye.P Medvedyeva, G.D Pugachov, Yu.D Tur (NSC KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine), L.P. Abramova, V.P Staren'ky (KRIMR,Kharkov,Ukraine)
7P113 Encapsulated Target for Isotope Production Cyclotrons
Shervin Bakhtiari, William Z. Gelbart, Wendy Ho, Nigel R. Stevenson (TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, B.C., V6T 2A3, Canada)
7P114 High Current Encapsulated Target System for Radioisotopes Production
Wendy Ho, Shervin Bakhtiari, William Z. Gelbart, Nigel R. Stevenson (TRIUMF, 4004 Wesbrook Mall, Vancouver, B.C., V6T 2A3, Canada)
A Concept of An Accelerator Closed Nuclear Fuel Cycle
I.P. Eremeev (IBN)
The New Design of Transmutation Reactor
M.M. Kats (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)
7P117 Program of Experimental Tasks for the Linac-Driver of Subcritical ITEP Facility
A.M. Kozodaev (ITEP, Moscow, Russia), N.V. Lazarev, A.M. Raskopin, O.V. Shvedov
Conceptual Design of Multicell Nuclear Power Installation Driven by Accelerators
SV Plotnikov, IV Chuvilo, MM Danilov, YD Katarzhnov, VV Kushin, VG Nedopekin, VI Rogov (ITEP,Moscow,Russia)
7P119 Parameter and Cost Optimization Code for Accelerator Based Neutron Sources
J.D. Galambos, D.K. Olsen (ORNL)
Perspectives with Radioactive Ion Beams at ININ
A. Lazos (Innovation Technology Division), L. Paredes (Nuclear Health Applications Div., Instituto Nacional de Investigaciones Nucleares)

Session 7V. New Acceleration Techniques 2, Impedance.

Computer Simulations of Ion Acceleration in a Two-Beam Electron-Ion Accelerator
B.I. Ivanov, V.I. Butenko (NSC KFTI, Kharkov, Ukraine)
Mechanizm of Particle Acceleration by Intence Nonresonant Wave
V.A. Buts, A.V. Buts (NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology)
2.5-Dimension Numerical Simulation Of Selfmodulation of Relativistic Electron Bunches in a Plasma.
V. Karas', V. Balakirev, Ya. Fainberg, G. Sotnikov (National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology"), V. Levchenko, Yu. Sigov (Keldysh Institute of Applied Mathematics RAS)
7V004 Focusing of Relativistic Electron Bunches at the Wake-\-Field Excitation in Plasma.
I. Onishchenko, Ya. Fainberg, M. Ayzatsky, V. Balakirev, A. Berezin, A. Dovbnya, V. Karas', V. Kiselev, V. Kushnir, A. Linnik, V. Mitrochenko, V. Stepin, A. Tolstoluzhsky, V. Uskov (National Science Center "Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology")
Particle Acceleration With a Wiggling Field
A.V. Smirnov (RRC 'Kurchatov Institute')
7V006 Ion Cyclotron Resonance Accelerator
T.L. Grimm, C.T. Ramsell, R.C. York (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824)
High energy electron measurements of the self-modulated laser wakefield accelerator
C.I. Moore, A. Ting, C. Manka, K. Krushelnick, H.R. Burris, R. Hubbard, E. Esarey, P. Sprangle (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory)
7V008 Dielectric Stimulated Wakefield Accelerator
T. B. Zhang, J. L. Hirshfield, T. C. Marshall, B. Hafizi (Omega-P, Inc.)
7V009 Development of the Holifield Radioactive Ion Beam Facility
B.A. Tatum (Oak Ridge National Laboratory), G.D. Alton, R.L. Auble, J.R. Beene, D.T. Dowling, D.L. Haynes, R.C. Juras, M.J. Meigs, G.D. Mills, S.W. Mosko, P.E. Mueller, D.K. Olsen, D. Shapira, J.W. Sinclair (Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tennessee), H.K. Carter, R.F. Welton, C.E. Williams (Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Oak Ridge, Tennessee), J.D. Bailey, D.W. Stracener (Joint Institute for Heavy Ion Research, Oak Ridge, Tennessee)
7V010 Beam Slicing for a High-Transformer-Ratio Plasma Wakefield Accelerator
Gennady Shvets, Peter Stoltz (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
A Proposed Charged Particle Accelerator Driven by High-Power Superlight Microwave Source
P.V. Petrov, Yu.N. Lazarev (RFNC-ARITP)
7V012 RF Measurements of a Traveling-Wave Muffin-Tin Accelerating Structure at 90 GHz
P.J. Chou, G.B. Bowden, M.R. Copeland, H. Henke, A. Menegat, R.H. Siemann (SLAC, Stanford University, California)
7V013 Design and Model Simulations of an Inverse Cerenkov Accelerator Using an Inverse Free Electron Laser Prebuncher
W. D. Kimura (STI Optronics), M. Babzien (BNL), D. B. Cline (UCLA), R. B. Fiorito (NSWC), J. C. Gallardo (BNL), K. P. Kusche (STI Optronics/BNL), Y. Liu (UCLA), I. V. Pogorelsky (BNL), D. C. Quimby (STI Optronics), D. W. Rule (NSWC), J. Sandweiss (Yale), J. Skaritka, A. van Steenbergen, V. Yakimenko (BNL)
Wake Fields in Plasma Channels with Arbitrary Transverse Density Profiles
B. A. Shadwick (UC Berkeley), J. S. Wurtele (UC Berkeley and LBNL), G. Shvets (PPPL)
High Energy Photon Generation in Colliding Laser Pulses
F.V. Hartemann, N.C. Luhmann Jr. (Department of Applied Science, University of California, Davis CA 95616), A.K. Kerman (MIT Physics Department, Cambridge, MA 02139)
7V016 The NEPTUNE Facility for 2nd Generation Advanced Accelerator Experiments
C.E. Clayton, C. Joshi, K.A. Marsh, C. Pellegrini, J. Rosenzwieg (UCLA)
7V017 Two Frequency Laser Klystron for the Generation of Ultrashort Electron Bunches
D. Gordon, C.E. Clayton, W.B. Mori, C. Joshi (UCLA), T. Katsouleas (USC)
Electromagnetic Wake-fields and Beam Stability in Dielectric Slab Structures
A. Tremaine, J.B. Rosenzweig (UCLA Department of Physics and Astronomy), P. Schoessow (Argonne National Laboratory)
Self-Consistent Simulations of Electron Acceleration in Laser-Plasma Accelerators
Kuo-Cheng Tzeng (UCLA), Warren B. Mori, Roy G. Hemker, Chris E. Clayton (University of California, Los Angeles), Tom Katsouleas (University of Southern California)
Nonintegrable Interaction of Ion Acoustic and Electromagnetic Waves in a Plasma
Felipe Rizzato (Instituto de Física, Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil), Sérgio Lopes (Departamento de Física, Universidade Federal do Paraná, Brazil), Abraham Chian (Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais-INPE, Brazil)
7V021 Laser Acceleration in Vacuum
Jui-Lung Hsu, Tom Katsouleas, Mori, Wurtele
7V022 A proposal for a 1GeV Plasma-Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at SLAC
T. Katsouleas (USC), S. Chattopadhay, W. Leemans (LBNL), R.W. Assmann, P. Chen, F.J. Decker, S. Heifets, R. Iversen, T. Kotseroglou, S. Rokni, R.H. Siemann, D. Waltz, D. Whittum (SLAC), C. Clayton, C. Joshi, K. Marsh, W. Mori (UCLA)
7V023 Approximate Analytical Description of Underdense Plasma Lens
A. Amatuni (Yerevan Physics Institute)
7V024 Selfacceleration of Electrons of One-dimensional Bunches,Moving in Cold Plasma
A. Amatuni (Yerevan Physics Institute)
7V025 Generator-Invertor-Dumpfer System of electron (positron) Bunches Moving in Cold Plasma for development Strong Accelerating Electric Fields
A. Amatuni, S. Arutunian, M. Mailian (Yerevan Physics Institute)
7V026 A Potpourri of Impedance Measurements at the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring
K. C. Harkay, Y.-C. Chae, A. Lumpkin, S. V. Milton, N. S. Sereno, B. X. Yang (Argonne National Laboratory)
7V027 Beam Impedance Study for the BESSY-II Storage Ring
S. Khan (BESSY, Berlin, Germany)
7V028 The Coupling Impedance of the RHIC Injection Kicker System
H. Hahn, A. Ratti (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
7V029 Design of a Heavily Damped Superconducting Cavity for SOLEIL
A. Mosnier, S. Chel (CEA-Saclay), G. Flynn (LURE-Orsay), X. Hanus, F. Varenne (CEA-Saclay)
7V030 Stability Diagrams for Landau Damping
J.S. Berg, F. Ruggiero (CERN)
7V031 An Impedance Data Base Program for LEP2 and the LHC
O. BrÜning (CERN)
7V032 Higher Order Modes of CESR RF cavities studied using a single circulating bunch
Alexander Temnykh, Don Hartill, Sergey Belomestnykh (Cornell University)
7V033 Controlling the resistive wall instability in the Fermilab Main Ring
D. Capista, D. McGinnis, J. Steimel (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
7V034 Impedance Scaling and Impedance Control,
W. Chou, J. Griffin (FNAL)
7V035 Measurement of the coupling impedances of the kickers in the SIS and ESR at GSI.
U. Blell (GSI Darmstadt)
Reducing the Impedance of the Flange Gaps in BEPC Vacuum Chamber
Z.T. Zhao, F. Zhou, Y. Yang, Z.X. Xu, Y.D. Hao, L. Ma, G.W. Wang (IHEP, Beijing, P.R. China)
7V037 Impedance Study in BEPC
Feng Zhou (IHEP,Beijing, China), Chuanxiang Tang (Tsinghua University, Beijing,China)
Impedance Study for BEPC Separator
Feng Zhou (IHEP,Beijing, China), Chuanxiang Tang (Tsinghua University, Beijing, China)
7V039 Beam Coupling Impedances of Obstacles Protruding into Beam Pipe.
Sergey S. Kurennoy (LANL)
7V040 Improvements in Curing Coupled Bunch Instabilities at ELETTRA by Mode Shifting after the Installation of the Adjustable Higher Order Mode Frequency Shifter (HOMFS).
Michele Svandrlik, Alessandro Fabris, Cristina Pasotti (Sincrotrone Trieste)
7V041 The Impedance Due to the Roughness of Metallic Surface.
Karl L.F. Bane, Alex W. Chao, Cho-K. Ng (SLAC)
7V042 Longitudinal Beam-Transfer-Function Measurements at the SLC Damping Rings.
M.G. Minty, F. Zimmermann (SLAC)
7V043 Analytic and Numerical Analysis of the Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of an Annular Cut in a Coaxial Liner
Alexei V. Fedotov, Robert L. Gluckstern (UMCP)
7V044 General Analysis of the Longitudinal Coupling Impedance of Rectangular Slot in a Thin Coaxial Liner
Alexei V. Fedotov, Robert L. Gluckstern (UMCP)
7V045 Path Integral Computation of Laslett Coefficients in Inhomogeneous Pipes with Arbitrary Transverse Geometry
S. Petracca (Dip. di Scienze Fisiche E.R. Caianiello, University of Salerno and I.N.F.N. Salerno, Italy), V. Galdi, I. Pinto (D.I.^3 E., University of Salerno), F. Ruggiero (CERN, Geneva, Switzerland)
7V046 Influence of Resistive Wall Impedance on the VSX Light Source
Norio Nakamura, Tadashi Koseki (ISSP, the University of Tokyo)
7V047 Resonant Effects in the Coupling Impedance of a Longitudinal Rectangular Slot in a Thin Coaxial Liner
Alexei V. Fedotov, Robert L. Gluckstern (UMCP)
7V048 High Energy Gain Laser Wakefield Acceleration
M. Kando, H. Ahn, H. Kotaki (JAERI), K. Nakajima (KEK/JAERI), H. Nakanishi, A. Ogata (KEK), T. Watanabe, T. Ueda, M. Uesaka (NERL, University of Tokyo)

Session 7W. Electron Storage Rings and Accelerators, Low- and Medium-Energy Circular Accelerators.

7W001 Automated Tuning of the Advanced Photon Source Booster Synchrotron
S. G. Biedron, J. A. Carwardine, S. V. Milton (Argonne National Laboratory)
7W002 Concepts for a Slow-Positron Target at the Advanced Photon Source
M. White, E. Lessner (Argonne National Laboratory)
7W003 ELFE@DESY: Slow extraction from HERA
M. Gent\-ner, D. Hus\-mann, P. Nghiem, J. Payet, A. Tkatchenko (Physics Institute of Bonn University and LNS Saclay)
7W004 Beam Lifetime at the SRS.
Hywel Owen (CLRC Daresbury Laboratory, UK.)
7W005 Design of a Damping Ring for the SB-Linear-Collider Project at DESY.
Dieter Einfeld, Joachim Schaper (FHO, Constantiaplatz 4, D-26723 Emden, Germany), Reinhard Brinkmann (DESY, Notkestr.85, D-22603 Hamburg, Germany), Mark Plesko (IJS, Jamova 39, P.O.B 3000, SLO-1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia)
Beam Performance at the End Station C of TJNAF
P. Guèye, W. Hinton (Hampton University), R. Carlini, C. Yan (TJNAF), S. Danagoulian (North Carolina Aamp;T State University)
7W007 KSR as a Pulse Stretcher
A. Noda, H. Fujita, M. Inoue, Y. Iwashita, H. Okamoto, T. Shirai, T. Sugimura, H. Tonguu (Institute for Chemical Research, Kyoto University), K. Mashiko (Nihon Kensetsu Kogyo Ltd.)
7W008 Accelerator Modeling at SPEAR
Greg LeBlanc (MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden), Jeff Corbett (SSRL)
7W009 Status of the MAX-II Storage Ring
Greg LeBlanc (MAX-lab, Lund, Sweden), =C5ke Andersson, Mikael Eriksson, Lars-Johan Lindgren, Peter R=F6jsel, Sverker Werin (Max-lab, Lund, Sweden)
7W011 High Duty Factor Beams Extracted from the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring
K. Jacobs, R. Averill, S. Bradley, G. Dodson, K. Dow, M. Farkhondeh, S. Kowalski, B. McAllister, D. Tieger, C. Tschalaer, E. Tsentalovich, W. Turchinetz, F. Wang, A. Zolfaghari, T. Zwart (MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center)
7W012 Transverse Kick in Misaligned Traveling Wave Structures Driven at the Fundamental Mode
Heino Henke, David H. Whittum (SLAC)
7W013 Low Level RF System Design for the Accelerator Test Facility (ATF) Damping Ring.
M.G. Minty (SLAC)
7W014 Low Level RF System Design for the Next Linear Collider Damping Ring.
M.G. Minty (SLAC)
7W015 Decoherence and tune-shift-with-amplitude measurements at SPEAR
Chun-xi Wang, John Irwin (SLAC), Jim Sebek
7W016 ELISA - an electrostatic storage ring for low-energy ions
Soeren Pape Moeller (ISA, Aarhus University)
7W017 A Proton Driver for the Muon Collider Source with a Tunable Momentum Compaction Lattice
D. Trbojevic, J.M. Brennan, E.D. Courant, T. Roser, S. Peggs (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973, USA), J. Norem (Argonne National Laboratory, USA), C. Johnstone, K.Y. Ng, M. Popovic (Fermi National Laboratory, USA)
7W018 Correction of Depolarizing Resonances in ELSA
C. Steier, D. Husmann (Bonn University)
7W019 Beijing Radioactive Nuclear Beam Facility
Mingwu Fan (China Institute of Atomic Energy)
7W020 Continuous Electron--Energy Variation of the Eindhoven Racetrack Microtron.
W.H.C. Theuws, J.I.M. Botman, H.L. Hagedoorn (Eindhoven University of Technology, Cyclotron Laboratory, P.O. Box 513, 5600MB Eindhoven, The Netherlands.)
7W021 The IASA RaceTrack Microtron Facility, a Progress Report
E. Stiliaris, H. Avramopoulos, M. Barbarosou, D. Economou, T.A. Filippas, E.N. Gazis, A. Karabarbounis, D. Maroulis, N. Papadakis, C.N. Papanicolas, N. Patavalis, H. Rahmani, N. Sparveris, N. Uzunoglou, N. Vodinas (Inst. of Accelerating Systems and Applications, Athens, Greece), H. Herminghaus (Inst. f. Kernphysik, Univ. Mainz)
7W022 Extracted beams from IBA's C235: calculations and measurements
D. Vandeplassche, W. Beeckman, S. Zaremba, Y. Jongen (Ion Beam Applications), T. Tachikawa (Sumitomo Heavy Industries)
7W023 The Cooler Synchrotron COSY facility
H. Stockhorst, U. Bechstedt, J. Dietrich, R. Maier, S. Martin, D. Prasuhn, A. Schnase, H. Schneider, R. Toelle (Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH, P.O.B. 1913, D-52425 Juelich, Germany)
7W024 Beams for Gammasphere at the LBNL 88-Inch Cyclotron
D.J. Clark, D. Collins, R. Dwinell, A. Guy, S. Lundgren, C.M. Lyneis, M.A. McMahan, D. Syversrud, Z. Xie (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.)
7W025 Modification of the ALS Booster Synchrotron for an Experiment on Optical Stochastic Cooling
M. Fahmie, J. Johnson, C. Kim, K. Luchini, D. Massoletti, J. De Vries, A. Zholents (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
7W026 A Compact Superconducting Cyclotron for the Production of High Intensity Protons
H. Blosser, D. Johnson, D. Lawton, F. Marti, J. Vincent (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824)
7W027 A Separated Sector Cyclotron for the Production of High Intensity Protons
F. Marti, H. Blosser, D. Johnson, D. Lawton, J. Vincent (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824)
7W028 Conceptual Design of a High Field Ultra-Compact Cyclotron for Nuclear Physics Research
J. Schubert, H. Blosser (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824)
7W029 Polarized electrons in the AmPS storage ring.
G. Luijckx (NIKHEF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), P.W. Van Amersfoort, H. Boer-Rookhuizen, J.F.J. van den Brand, F.B. Kroes, L.H. Kuijer, J.B. van der Laan, R. Maas, J.G. Noomen, I. Passchier, Mark van den Putte (NIKHEF, Amsterdam, The Netherlands), I. Koop, B. Militsyn (BINP, Novosibirsk, Russia)
7W030 Numerical Analyses of the Injection and Extraction Trajectories for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron
S. Fujishima, H. Okuno, T. Tominaka, T. Mitsumoto, T. Kubo, T. Kawaguchi, J.-W. Kim, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, Y. Tanaka, A. Goto, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan)
The Superconducting Ring Cyclotrons for the RIKEN RI Beam Factory
A. Goto, T. Kubo, H. Okuno, T. Kawaguchi, T. Mitsumoto, T. Tominaka, S. Fujishima, J.-W. Kim, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, Y. Tanaka, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan)
7W032 Orbit Analysis for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron
T. Mitsumoto, A. Goto, T. Kawaguchi, J.-W. Kim, Y. Tanaka, T. Kubo, H. Okuno, T. Tominaka, S. Fujishima, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, T. Morikawa, S. Yokouchi, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan)
7W033 Design study of Accumulator Cooler Ring for MUSES
K. Ohtomo (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research(RIKEN)), J.W. Xia, Y.J. Yuan, N.N. Rao (IMP), T. Katayama (INS, Univ. of Tokyo)
7W034 Design Study of the Injection and Extraction Systems for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron
H. Okuno, S. Fujishima, T. Tominaka, T. Mitsumoto, T. Kubo, T. Kawaguchi, J.-W. Kim, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, Y. Tanaka, A. Goto, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan)
7W036 The ANKA booster synchrotron
D. Einfeld, F. Perez, R. Rossmanith (FZK Karlsruhe, Germany)

Session 7'C. Instabilities and Feedback.

Laser Manipulation of Beams
Swapan Chattopadhyay (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
7'C002 Photoemission Instabilities: Theory and Experiment
Joseph T. Rogers (Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell University)
7'C003 Commissioning and Performance of the APS Real-Time Orbit Feedback System
J. Carwardine, G. Decker, K. Evans Jr., A. Hillman, F. Lenkzsus, R. Merl, A. Pietryla (Argonne National Laboratory)
7'C004 Control of Multibunch Longitudinal Instabilities and Beam Diagnostics Using a DSP-based Feedback System.
D. Teytelman, R. Claus, J. Fox, H. Hindi, R. Larsen, I. Linscott, S. Prabhakar, W. Ross, A. Young (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, P.O. Box 4349, Stanford, CA 94309), A. Drago, M. Serio (INFN - Laboratori Nazionali di Frascati, P.O. Box 13, I-00044 Frascati (Roma), Italy), G. Stover (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 1 Cyclotron Road, Berkeley, CA 94563)
7'C005 Global Orbit Feedback Utilizing Analog and Digital Technologies
O. Singh, Y. Tang, S. Ramamoorthy, S. Krinsky, L.H. Yu (NSLS, Brookhaven National Laboratory)

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