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Session 6B. Lepton Accelerators and Colliders.

6B001 Operation of CEBAF with Heavy Beamloading
A. Hutton (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
6B002 Progress on \mu^+ \mu^- Colliders
Robert B. Palmer (Brookhaven National Laboratory, P. O. Box 5000, Upton, New York 11973-5000)
6B003 Performance of the CESR High Luminosity Interaction Region
Stuart Henderson (Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell University)
6B004 B-Factory Interaction Region Design
M. Sullivan (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
6B005 High beam current experiments for the KEKB conducted at the TRISTAN Accumulation Ring
Yoshihiro Funakoshi (National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK))
6B006 Experimental Study of the Ion Trapping Phenomenon and Coupled Bunch Instability in TRISTAN AR
S. Matsumoto, H. Fukuma, M. Tobiyama, E. Kikutani, M. Suetake, K. Satoh, Y. Funakoshi (KEK)
6B007 Experience with Bunch Trains in LEP
W. Herr (CERN)
6B008 Low Emittances Lattices for LEP2
D. Brandt, W. Herr, J. Jowett, M. Meddahi, G. Roy, A. Verdier (CERN), Y. Alexahin, P. Beloshitskii (PPL JINR, Russia)
6B009 Status and Early Commissioning Results for the PEP-IIB-Factory High Energy Ring
H.-Ulrich Wienands (SLAC)
6B010 Dual Aperture High Luminosity Collider at Cornell
G. Dugan, A. Mikhailichenko, J. Rogers, D. Rubin (Cornell University)
6B011 Design of the Beijing \tau-Charm Factory (BTCF)
BTCF Design Group (IHEP, Beijing, P.R. China)

Session 6C. Special Session.

The Development of Colliders
Andrew Sessler (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6C002 Coherent Nonlinear Longitudinal Phenomena in Unbunched Synchrotron Beams
Linda Spentzouris (NWU)
6C003 The National Spallation Neutron Source (NSNS) Project
Bill R. Appleton (Oak Ridge National Laboratory)
6C004 The Duke Free Electron Laser Light Source Facility
John Madey (Duke University)

Session 6P. Superconducting Magnets 2, Control Systems X, Feedback Systems (including Beam) 2.

6P001 Quench Protection of SC Quadrupole Magnets
S. Feher, R. Bossert, J. DiMarco, D. Mitchell, M.J. Lamm, P.J. Limon, P. Mazur, F. Nobrega, D. Orris, J.P. Ozelis, J.B. Strait, J.C. Tompkins, A.V. Zlobin (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory), A.D. McInturff (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6P002 Design and operation of an experimental double-C ``transmission line'' magnet for the Pipetron.
G.W. Foster, P.O. Mazur, T.J. Peterson, C.D. Sylvester (Fermilab)
6P003 A New Facility to Test Superconducting Accelerator Magnets in Superfluid Helium
M.J. Lamm, C. Hess, P.J. Limon, D. Orris, T. Peterson, S. Sharonov, J.B. Strait, C. Sylvester, J. Sim, J.C. Tompkins (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
6P004 Magnetic Design of a High Gradient Quadrupole for the LHC Low-\beta Insertions.
G. Sabbi, S.A. Gourlay, J. Kerby, M.J. Lamm, P.J. Limon, F. Nobrega, I. Novitski, J.B. Strait, A.V. Zlobin (FNAL), S. Caspi, R. Scanlan (LBNL), A. Ghosh, R. Gupta (BNL)
Magnetic-Optics Design Concepts for Proton Radiography
Peter Walstrom (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
6P006 A Mu Mu Collider Capture Solenoid System for Pions from a Tilted Target
Michael A. Green (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), Robert B. Palmer (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6P007 Tutorial on Superconducting Accelerator Magnets
M.J. (Penny) Ball, Carl L. Goodzeit (M J B Consulting, DeSoto, TX)
6P008 Superconducting Solenoids for the Polarized Electron Spin Control System of the MIT-Bates South Hall Ring (SHR)
R. Averill, K. Dow, J. Dzengeleski, C. Sibley (MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center), Y. Shatunov, P. Vorobiev, P. Klimine, A. Smirnov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics)
6P009 Measurement of Young Modulus and Shim Calculation for LHC Prototype Dipole Magnets
F. G. Eysselein, H.-E. Bieder, W. Gaertner (Noell-KRC Energie- und Umwelttechnik GmbH), J. Vlogaert, D. Perini (CERN)
6P010 Progress in the design, manufacture and testing of the KLOE solenoid for the DA\PhiNE ring at Frascati
J.S.H. Ross, A.J. Broadbent, M. Greenslade, S.M. Harrison, D.M. Jenkins, K.D. Smith, C. Timlin, J.M. Wiatrzyk (Oxford Instruments, United Kingdom), KLOE Collaboration, Spokesperson P. Franzini (INFN, Frascati, Italy)
6P011 Maxwellian Field Expansion of Helical Magnet
K. Hatanaka (RCNP, Osaka University, Japan), T. Katayama (INS, University of Tokyo and RIKEN, Japan), T. Tominaka (RIKEN, Japan)
6P012 Design of the Sector Magnets for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron
T. Kawaguchi, T. Kubo, T. Mitsumoto, H. Okuno, T. Tominaka, J. W. Kim, S. Fujishima, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, Y. Tanaka, A. Goto, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan)
6P013 Trim Coil System for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron
J.-W. Kim, A. Goto, T. Mitsumoto, T. Kubo, H. Okuno, T. Kawaguchi, T. Tominaka, S. Fujishima, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan)
6P014 A Superconducting Solenoid for Heavy Ion Beam Focusing
J.W. Kim, Toshiyuki Kubo, Takeo Kawaguchi (RIKEN, Japan), Yoshio Imai, Tsuneaki Minato, Kazutaka Seo (Mitsubishi Electric Corp)
6P015 Design of a Model Sector Magnet for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron
T. Kubo, T. Kawaguchi, T. Mitsumoto, T. Tominaka, S. Fujishima, J.-W. Kim, H. Okuno, Y. Tanaka, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, A. Goto, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research(RIKEN), Japan)
6P016 Three Dimensional Field Analysis of Helical Magnet for RHIC Siberian Snake
Masahiro Okamura, Takeo Kawaguchi, Toshiharu Tominaka (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN)), Takeshi Katayama (Institute for Nuclear Study, University of Tokyo / RIKEN)
6P017 Multipole Expansion for a Single Helical Current Conductor
T. Tominaka (RIKEN, Japan), K. Hatanaka (RCNP, Osaka University, Japan), T. Katayama (INS, University of Tokyo and RIKEN, Japan)
6P018 Analytical Field Calculation of Helical Dipole Magnets for RHIC Snake
T. Tominaka (RIKEN, Japan), M. Okamura (RIKEN/BNL), T. Katayama (INS, University of Tokyo and RIKEN, Japan)
6P019 Design Study of the Injection and Extraction Elements for the RIKEN Superconducting Ring Cyclotron
T. Tominaka, H. Okuno, S. Fujishima, T. Mitsumoto, T. Kubo, T. Kawaguchi, Y. Tanaka, J. -W. Kim, K. Ikegami, N. Sakamoto, S. Yokouchi, T. Morikawa, A. Goto, Y. Yano (The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research (RIKEN), Japan)
6P020 Applications Toolkit for Accelerator Control and Analysis
M. Borland (Argonne National Laboratory)
6P021 A Bunch Clock for the Advanced Photon Source
F. R. Lenkszus, R. J. Laird (Argonne National Laboratory)
6P022 Embedded Controllers, Field Bus and a Modular IO Concept: Central elements of BESSY\,II Controls
J. Bergl, B. Kuner, R. Lange, I. Müller, R. Müller, G. Pfeiffer, J. Rahn, H. Rüdiger (BESSY, Berlin, Germany)
6P023 RHIC Beam Permit and Quench Detection Communications System
Charles R. Conkling Jr. (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6P024 RHIC Real Time Data Link System
H. Hartmann (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6P025 Evaluation of IEEE 1394 Serial Bus for Distributed Data Acquisition
T. J. Shea, J. Mead, P. Cerniglia, C. Degen (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6P026 Precision Timing Control System
R. E. Meller (Cornell University)
6P027 Implementation of a New RF Monitoring System for the SRS Using = LabVIEW.
Martin Pugh, Alex MacDonald (CLRC Daresbury Laboratory, UK.)
A Bunching Process Control in the Test Linac (S-band) DES
A.S. Kovalishin, I.V. Kisselev (INR RAS), R. Jonas (DES)
6P029 Commissioning of SPring-8 Linac Control System
H. Sakaki, T. Asaka, T. Hori, Y. Itoh, A. Kuba, A. Mizuno, S. Suzuki, T. Taniuchi, K. Yanagida, H. Yoshikawa, H. Yokomizo (JAERI-RIKEN SPring-8 project team)
6P030 Improvements to the LANSCE Accelerator Timing System
Lawrence J. Rybarcyk, Fred E. Shelley Jr. (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
6P031 A Components Database Design and Implementation for Accelerators and Detectors.
A. Chan, S. Meyer (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
The Use of Programmed Logic Controllers (PLC) in High Power RF Control Systems
Saul L. Gold (SLAC)
PEP-II Injection Timing Control
T. Gromme, M. Browne, M. Ross, W. Roster, M. Stanek (SLAC), M. Ronan (LBL)
Automated Optimization Tuning Package for the SLC
P. Grossberg, N. Phinney (SLAC)
Ground Fault Diagnosctic System for PEP-II
Glen James, Tom Himel, Ralph Johnson (SLAC)
6P036 Arc Detection and Interlock Module for the PEP-II Low Level RF System
R. Tighe (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
6P037 Automatic Lattice Parameters Measurement Tools at SRRC
JENNY Chen, C. S. Chen, K. K. Lin, K. T. Hsu (SRRC, TAIWAN)
An Orbit Correction Algorithm for General Beam Lines
Yu-Chiu Chao, Johannes van Zeijts (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
6P039 Orbit Correction Using Virtual Monitors at Jefferson Lab
Yu-Chiu Chao, Bruce Bowling, Johannes van Zeijts, Chip Watson, Sue Witherspoon (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
6P040 Pulse Selection Control for the IR FEL Photocathode Drive Laser
K. Jordan, R. Evans, O. Garza, R. Hill, M. Shinn, J. Song, D. Venhaus (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
6P041 Experience With Vsystem in a Wide Variety of Applications
Peter Clout, Robert Westervelt (Vista Control Systems, Inc.)
6P042 Tuning and Optimization at Brookhaven and Argonne: Results of Recent Experiments Using a Portable Intelligent Control System
Carl R. Stern, William B. Klein (Vista Control Systems, Inc.), George F. Luger (University of New Mexico), Mike Kroupa, Robert T. Westervelt (Vista Control Systems, Inc.)
6P044 APT LLRF Control System Model Results
Amy H. Regan (Los Alamos National Laboratory), Christopher D. Ziomek (B and B Technologies)
6P045 Algorithms and Implementation of APT Resonant Control System
Yi-Ming Wang, Amy H. Regan (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
6P046 Status of the PEP-II Transverse Feedback Systems
Walter Barry (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Stabalization of the Bates Electron Beam through Phase and Amplitude Detection and Energy Feedback
S.P. Wells, S. Kowalski, A. Zolfaghari (MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center)
6P048 Beam Test of the Acceleration System with the DDS in HIMAC Synchrotron
M. Kanazawa, K. Noda, E. Takada, M. Kumada, S. Sato (National Institute of Radiological Sciences, JAPAN), A. Itano (Hyogo Prefectural Government,JAPAN), Y. Morii (Toshiba corporation)
6P049 Transverse Beam Feedback System in PLS,
J.Y. Huang, M.K. Park, M. Kwon, M. Yoon, I.S. Ko (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, POSTECH)
6P050 The Design of the ELETTRA Fast Local Feedback System
D. Bulfone, C. J. Bocchetta, A. Galimberti, D. Giuressi, M. Lonza, C. Scafuri, R. Sergo, L. Tosi, R. Visintini (Sincrotrone Trieste)
6P051 First Operational Results with the ELETTRA Fast Local Feedback System
A. Galimberti, C. J. Bocchetta, D. Bulfone, D. Giuressi, M. Lonza, C. Scafuri, R. Sergo, L. Tosi, R. Visintini (Sincrotrone Trieste)
6P052 Commissioning Experience with the PEP-II Low Level RF System
P. Corredoura, S. Allison, R. Claus, W. Ross, L. Sapozhnikov, H. Schwarz, R. Tighe, C. Yee, C. Ziomek (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
SLC Fast Feedback Performance Improvements at Higher Frequencies
L. Hendrickson, F.J. Decker, P. Grossberg, N. Phinney, P. Raimondi, M. Ross (SLAC)
6P054 Design and Verification of Controllers for Coupled Bunch Instabilities Using Optimal Control Theory and Numerical Simulation: Predictions for PEP-II
Haitham Hindi, Shyam Prabhakar, John D. Fox, Ivan Linscott, Dmitri Teytelman (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, P.O. Box 4349, Stanford, CA 94309)
Numerical Simulations of the PEP-II Longitudinal Feedback Kicker.
Zenghai Li, Xintian Lin, Cho-Kuen Ng, Kwok Ko (SLAC), John Corlett, John Byrd (LBL)
6P056 Gap Voltage Feed-Forward Board for PEP-II Low Level RF System
William Ross, Richard Claus, Leonid Sapozhnikov (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
6P057 VXI Based Multibunch Detector and QPSK Modulator for the PEP-II/ALS/DA\PhiNE Longitudinal Feedback System
A. Young, J. D. Fox, D. Teytelman (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
6P059 Local Feedback Experiment in the Taiwan Light Source
C.H. Kuo, K.T. Hsu, K.K. Lin, C.S. Chen, Jenny Chen, R.C. Sah (SRRC)
6P060 Digital Global Orbit Feedback System Developing In SRRC
C.H. Kuo, K.K. Lin, Jenny Chen, J.S. Chen, C.J. Wang, C.S. Chen, K.T. Hsu (SRRC)
6P061 Developement of Digital Longitudinal Damper for the TLS Storage Ring
W.K. Lau, S.J. Lin, L.H. Chang, M.S. Yeh, T.T. Yang, K.T. Hsu, M.H. Wang, C.C. Kuo (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
6P062 Optimising Injection into CELSIUS with a Steering Feedback and Beta-Matching System
A. Mohammadzadeh (The Svedberg Laboratory, S-75121 Uppsala, Sweden)
6P063 Development of Digital Feedback Systems for Beam Position and Energy at the Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility
J. Karn, M. Chowdhary, A. Hutton, V. Lebedev, R. Legg, P. Letta, H. Shoaee, W. Watson, J. van Zeijts (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
6P064 Design and Implementation of a General Slow Orbit Control Package at Jefferson Lab
Johannes van Zeijts, Sue Witherspoon, Chip Watson (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
6P065 Analogues of the Robinson criteria for RF cavity resonators with delayed, voltage-proportional feedback
Shane Koscielniak (TRIUMF)
6P066 Study of Orbit Feedback Systems for the TESLA Linear Collider
R. Lorenz, I. Reyzl, S. Sabah (TU Berlin, Einsteinufer 17, 10587 Berlin, Germany)
SPEAR-III: A Facility Upgrade at SSRL
R. Hettel (slac/ssrl), R. Boyce, S. Brennan, M. Cornacchia, J. Corbett, B. Davies-White, A. Hofmann, C. Limborg, Y. Nosochkov, H.-D. Nuhn, T. Rabedeau, J. Safranek, H. Wiedemann

Session 6V. Synchrotron Radiation Facilities 2, New Acceleration Techniques 1.

Status of KSRS Facility
KSRS Collaboration (KSRS)
6V002 Longitudinal Measurements via Single Bunch Beam Transfer Functions
John Byrd (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V003 Controlling the Vertical Mode Coupling Instability with Feedback in the ALS
John Byrd (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V004 An Alternative Lattice Design for a Compact Light Source Ring
Alper A. Garren, Michael A. Green (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V005 Commissioning of the Advanced Light Source Dual-Axis Streak Camera
Jim Hinkson, Roderich Keller, Rosa Alvis (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V006 ALS-N, A Candidate for a Next-Generation Synchrotron Light Source
Alan Jackson, John Byrd, Winfried Decking, Roderich Keller, Charles Kim, Dexter Massoletti, Hiroshi Nishimura, David Robin, Henri Zyngier (E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V007 Transfer Functions for the ALS Lattice Magnets
Roderich Keller (E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V008 Orbit Stability of the ALS Storage Ring
Roderich Keller, Hiroshi Nishimura (E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V009 Tune-Split Effects at the ALS Storage Ring
Roderich Keller (E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Charles Kim (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V011 Measurement of Storage Ring Motion at the Advanced Light Source
Gary Krebs (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V012 Measurement of the Radiation Incident on NbFeB Insertion Devices at the Advanced Light Source
Gary Krebs, Michael Holmes (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V013 Accelerator Control Software Construction Based on Software Object Components
Hiroshi Nishimura, Chris Timossi (E. O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V014 Global Beta-beating Compensation of the ALS W16 Wiggler.
David Robin, Hiroshi Nishimura (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), James Safranek (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6V015 Crossed Elliptical Polarization Undulator
Shigemi Sasaki (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Transverse Coherence: from Undulator Radiation to Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission
Ming Xie (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
Cherenkov Radiation in Magnetic Field and its Application for Electron Beam Parameters Measurements
Yu.A Bashmakov, V.A. Karpov (P.N.Lebedev Physical Institute, Moscow, Russia)
6V018 LNLS Commissioning and Operation
A.R. Rodrigues, R.H.A. Farias, M.J. Ferreira, G.S. Franco, L.C. Jahnel, Liu Lin, A.C. Lira, R.T. Neuenschwander, C. Pardine, F. Rafael, A. Rosa, C. Scorzato, C.E.T. Gonalves da Silva, A. Romeu da Silva, P.F. Tavares, D. Wisnivesky, A. Craievich (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron LNLS, Campinas Brazil)
Beam Accumulation at Low Injection Energy in the LNLS Synchrotron Light Source
A.R. Rodrigues, R.H.A. Farias, L.C. Jahnel, Liu Lin, P.F. Tavares, D. Wisnivesky, A. Craievich (Laboratório Nacional de Luz Síncrotron LNLS, Campinas Brazil)
6V020 Status of the SOLEIL Project
M.-P. Level, J.-L. Laclare (on behalf of the SOLEIL Project Team)
6V021 A Plan of Synchrotron Light Source for Medical Applications at NIRS
Masami Torikoshi, Masahiro Endo, Masayuki Kumada, Koji Noda, Satoru Yamada, Kiyomitsu Kawachi (National Institute of Radiological Sciences)
6V022 Operational Status of Pohang Light Source,
J. Choi, T. Lee, M. Kwon, J.Y. Huang, S.H. Nam, M. Yoon, M.H. Cho, I.S. Ko, W. Namkung (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory, POSTECH, KOREA)
6V023 ELETTRA Performance and Upgrades
C.J. Bocchetta, D. Bulfone, F. Daclon, G. D'Auria, A. Fabris, R. Fabris, M. Ferianis, A. Galimberti, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, M. Lonza, C. Rossi, C. Scafuri, M. Svandrlik, L. Tosi, R. Visintini, R.P. Walker, F. Wei, A. Wrulich, D. Zangrando (Sincrotrone Trieste)
6V024 Beam Density Manipulations in the ELETTRA Storage Ring
C.J. Bocchetta, A. Fabris, F. Iazzourene, E. Karantzoulis, M. Svandrlik, L. Tosi, R.P. Walker, A. Wrulich (Sincrotrone Trieste)
6V025 Ideas for Fast Calibration of Storage Rings
W.J. Corbett (SLAC)
6V026 SPEAR RF Cavities at the SSRL
S. Park (SLAC)
6V027 Experimental Calibration of SRRC Lattice Optics
C.C. Kuo, H.P. Chang, K.T. Hsu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center), J. Safranek (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6V028 Preliminary Study of Wavelength Shifter Effect in SRRC Storage Ring
Jen Chun Lee (SRRC)
6V029 Operation Experience at SRRC
Y.C. Liu, J.R. Chen, K.T. Hsu, C.C. Kuo, W.K. Lau, G.H. Luo, R.C. Sah, T.S. Ueng (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
6V030 Analyzing the relationship between the beam life time and averaged gas pressure
G.H. Luo, GLORY Lin, C.C. Kuo, JOHN Chiang, Y.J. Hsu, R.C. Sah (SRRC), Ian C. Hsu (National Tsing-Hua University)
6V031 The 1.5 GeV Operation Parameters and Performance at SRRC
G.H. Luo, Peace Chang, K.T. Hsu, Jenny Chen, C.C. Kuo, Y.K. Lin, R.C. Sah, Y.C. Liu (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
6V032 A Lattice for the Future Project of VUV and Soft X-Ray High-Brilliant Light Source
Hiroyuki Takaki, Tadashi Koseki, Norio Nakamura, Yukihide Kamiya, Minoru Yokoyama (ISSP, The University of Tokyo), Yukinori Kobayashi (KEK-PF), Toshiya Nagatsuka (Hitachi-Zosen Corporation)
6V033 Wavefront Distortion Measurement of a SR Extraction Mirror for the Beam Profile Monitor using Shack-Hartmann Method
N. Takeuchi (University of Tsukuba), T. Mitsuhashi (KEK), M. Itoh, T. Yatagai (University of Tsukuba)
6V034 Instability analysis of an active higher-harmonic cavity
R.A. Bosch (Synchrotron Radiation Center, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
6V035 Aladdin, Present and Future
Walter Trzeciak, SRC Staff (Synchrotron Radiation Center)
6V036 The Argonne Wakefield Accelerator: Upgrade Scenarios and Future Experiments
W. Gai, M. Conde, R. Konecny, J. Power, X. Li, P. Schoessow, J. Simpson (ANL)
6V037 Externally Powered Dielectric Loaded Waveguides as Accelerating Structures
W. Gai, J. Simpson (ANL)
6V038 High Gradient Dielectric Wakefield Device Measurements at the Argonne Wakefield Accelerator
P. Schoessow, M. Conde, W. Gai, R. Konecny, J. Power, J. Simpson (ANL)
6V039 Enhanced IFEL Experiment Using a Novel Wiggler.
Z. Parsa (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 111973, USA), T. Marshall (Columbia Univ., NY, USA)
6V040 Emerging Terawatt Picosecond CO_2 Laser Technology and Possible Applications in Accelerator Physics
Igor Pogorelsky, Ilan Ben-Zvi (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Adiabatic Final Focus
A.A. Mikhailichenko (Cornell University)
Effects of an Electron Beam on the Ionization of a Gas by a Focused Laser Beam.
R.L. Williams, K.N. Chase (Florida A. amp; M. University)
Vacuum Beat Wave Acceleration.
B. Hafizi (ICARUS Research, Inc. amp; Omega-P, Inc.), A. Ting, E. Esarey, P. Sprangle, C. Moore (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory), A. Ganguly (Omega-P, Inc.)
On the Efficiency and Using of Ultra-High-Current Micro-Accelerator on the Basis of Fast Electron Beam Produced and Controlled Inside Oriented Crystal by Powerful Short Laser Pulse.
V. I. Vysotskii (Kiev Shevchenko Univ., Radiophys. Dept., 252033, Kiev, Ukraine)
6V045 Experimental Study of Electron Beam Focusing Through Overdense Plasma Lenses
R. Govil, S.J. Wheeler, W.P. Leemans (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V046 Driving laser pulse evolution in a hollow channel laser wakefield accelerator
P. Volfbeyn, P. B. Lee, J. Wurtele, W. Leemans (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), G. Shvets (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory)
6V047 Laser Acceleration in Vacuum with an Open Wave-guide
Ming Xie (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6V048 The LSB Project
Marc Muñoz (LSB-IFAE)

Session 6W. Particle Sources (including Polarized Sources).

6W001 Beam Chopper for the Advanced Photon Source Low-Energy Undulator Test Line
Y. W. Kang, J. Wang, S. V. Milton, L. Teng, K. Thompson, J. Jones (Argonne National Laboratory)
6W002 The Production of Radioactive ^17F at ATLAS for Research
R.C. Pardo, B. Harss, K.E. Rehm, P. deCrock, S. Fischer, J.P. Greene, C.L. Jiang, J. Nolen, J.P. Schiffer, J. Berger (Argonne National Laboratory), M. Paul (Hebrew University), R.E. Segel (Northwestern University), T.F. Wang (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
6W003 A New 14 GHz ECR Ion Source for the Heavy Ion Accelerator Facility ATLAS
M. Schlapp, R.C. Vondrasek, J. Szczech, P.J. Billquist, R.C. Pardo (Argonne National Laboratory), Z.Q. Xie (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), R. Harkewicz (National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory)
6W004 Characterization and Recent Modification of a Compact 10 GHz ECRIS for Atomic Physics Experiments and Spectroscopic Investigations
Michael Schlapp (Argonne National Laboratory), Roland Trassl, Pia Hathiramani, Erhard Salzborn (University of Giessen), R.W. McCullough, J.B. Greenwood (Queen's University of Belfast)
6W005 A Low Power Low Cost 2.45 GHz ECRIS for the Production of Multiply Charged Ions
Michael Schlapp (Argonne National Laboratory), Roland Trassl, Erhard Salzborn (University of Giessen), Michael Liehr (Leybold-Heraeus)
6W006 Progress on an EBIS for RHIC
J. Alessi, E. Beebe, A. Hershcovitch, A. Kponou, A. Pikin, K. Prelec (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
6W007 Improved Surface Plasma Negative Ion Source
V.G. Dudnikov (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, 630090 Novosibirsk, Russia), W.L. Stirling, J.H. Whealton (ORNL)
6W008 Cadarache 1MeV Negative Ion Accelerator Development for Application in Thermonuclear Fusion Research
Alain Simonin (CEA Cadarache France)
6W009 First Beams of the CEA-Saclay CW High-Intensity Microwave Source.
P-Y. Beauvais, D. Bogard, O. Delferriere, J. Faure, R. Ferdinand, A. France, R. Gobin, P. Gros, J-M. Lagniel, P-A. Leroy (CEA-Saclay, DSM-GECA, LNS bat.130, 91191 GIF-sur-Yvette, FRANCE)
6W010 Space-Charge Neutralization Measurement of a 75-keV, 130-mA Hydrogen-Ion Beam
Robin Ferdinand (CEA-Saclay, DSM-GECA, LNS bat 130, 91191 GIF-sur-Yvette CEDEX FRANCE), Joseph Sherman, R. R. Stevens Jr., Thomas Zaugg (Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM87545)
6W011 Upgrade of the H^--injection system at the DESY proton Linac III
C.-M. Kleffner, N. Holtkamp, G. Jacobs, M. Nagl (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY, Germany), H. Deitinghoff (Universität Frankfurt, Germany), V. Paramonov (INR Moscow, Russia)
6W012 Trapped Ion Source
Vincenzo Variale (INFN sez. di Bari, Italy), Antonio Boggia, Giulio Brautti, Antonio Raino' (Dipartimento di Fisica e INFN sez. di Bari, Italy), Vincenzo Valentino (INFN sez. di Bari, Italy)
6W013 Pulsed Beam Chopper for the 750 keV Transport Line at MMF of INR
A.V. Novikov, P.N. Ostroumov (Institute for Nuclear Research, Moscow, Russia)
6W014 Test of Duoplasmatron with Cold Cathode at CW Operation
A.A. Kolomiets, B.K. Kondratiev, V.I. Turchin (ITEP)
H^- Source Development for ITEP PS Experiments with acceleration and extraction
V.S. Stolbunov, B.K. Kondratjev (ITEP, Moscow, Russia), V.A. Smirnov (KI, Moscow, Russia)
6W016 Pulsed Ion Sources for the IUCF Cooler Injector Synchrotron
V.P. Derenchuk, G.P. Berg, R.J. Brown, D.L. Friesel, W. Hunt, W.P. Jones, R.R. Kupper, W.R. Lozowski, H.R. Petri (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility)
Axial injection systems with ECR ion sources for U-400 and U-400M cyclotrons.
G.G. Gulbekian, I.V. Kolesov, Yu.Ts. Oganessian, V.B. Kutner, S.L. Bogomolov, V.N. Melnikov, I.A. Ivanenko, V.V. Bekhterev, A.A. Efremov, B.N. Gikal, M.N. El-Shazly, R.Ts. Oganessian (FLNR, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, 141980 Dubna, Russia)
Polarization of Charged Particles due to Radiation of Slow Waves in the External Magnetic Field
V.A. Buts, A.V. Buts, B.I. Ivanov, O.V. Manuilenko (NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology)
Generation of Beams of Multiply Charged Ions by Field Emission Scheme
V.P. Ivanov
6W020 Mechanical Engineering of a 75-keV Proton Injector for the Low Energy Demonstration Accelerator
L. D. Hansborough, D. J. Hodgkins, E. A. Meyer, J. D. Schneider, J. D. Sherman, R. R. Stevens Jr., T. J. Zaugg (Los Alamos National Lab, Los Alamos, NM87545)
6W021 Performance of the LANSCE H^- Source and Low Energy Transport at Higher Peak Current
Chandra Pillai, Ralph Stevens, Daniel Fitzgerald, Robert Garnett, William Ingllas, Frank Merrill, Larry Rybarcyk, Oscar Sander (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
6W022 Simulations of the LEDA LEBT H^+ Beam
H. V. Smith Jr., J. D. Sherman, R. R. Stevens Jr., L. M. Young (Los Alamos National Lab)
6W023 Simulations of the LEDA LEBT with H^+, H2^+, and e^- particles
L. M. Young (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
6W024 Simulations of the LEDA RFQ 6.7 MeV Accelerator
L. M. Young (Los Alamos National Laboratory)
6W025 High Current Density Ion Sources for Heavy Ion Fusion Accelerators.
J. W. Kwan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA 94720.), S. Eylon (Fusion and Accelerator Research, San Diego, CA.)
6W026 H- Ion Source Development for the National Spallation Neutron Source
M. Leitner, R. Gough, K.N. Leung, M. Rickard, A.B. Wengrow, M.D. Williams, D. Wutte (Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, University of California at Berkeley, Berkeley, California 94720)
L.T. Perkins, C.M. Celata, Y. Lee, K.N. Leung, D.S. Picard, R. Vilaithong, M.D. Williams, D. Wutte (E.O. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory)
6W028 Development of a High Duty Factor, Surface Conversion H- Ion Source for the LANSCE Facility
A. B. Wengrow, K. N. Leung, M. Leitner, M. D. Williams, D. Wutte (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley CA 94720), William B. Ingalls, Ralph R. Stevens Jr. (Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos NM 87545)
6W029 Development of an RF Driven Plasma Cathode for Ion Sources
M. D. Williams, K. N. Leung, C. A. Matuk, S. B. Wilde (Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, California 94720), V. M. Benveniste, M. A. Graf, T. N. Horsky, K. Saadatmand (Eaton Corporation, Semiconducter Equipment Operations, Beverly, Massachusetts 01915)
6W030 A Multicusp Ion Source for Radioactive Ion Beams
D. Wutte, S. Freedman, R. Gough, Y. Lee, M. Leitner, K. N. Leung, C. Lyneis, D. S. Picard, L. Sun, M. D. Williams, Z. Q. Xie (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, 94720)
6W031 Ion microwave source for linear accelerator
A.V. Nesterovich, N.I. Mephi, B.Yu. Abramenko, Bogdanovich (MEPhI)
6W032 Toward a Realistic and Tractable Model for H- Extraction from Volume Sources
J.H. Whealton, D.K. Olsen, R.J. Raridon (ORNL)
Studies and Improvement of A Negative Ion Source
Qiang Zhao (Institue of Heavy Ion Physics, Peking University, Beijing,100871, CHNIA), Zhiyu Guo, Kun Li, Chiaerh Chen
High-Energy Electron Shell in ECR Ion Source:
M.G. Niimura, A. Goto, Y. Yano (Cyclotron Lab.,RIKEN)
6W035 60 keV Beam Transport line and Switchyard for ISAC
R. Baartman, J. Welz (TRIUMF)
6W036 Polarized H^- Ion Source Development at TRIUMF
A. Zelenski (INR, Moscow/TRIUMF), C.D.P. Levy, P.W. Schmor, W.T.H. vanOers, G.W. Wight, G. Dutto (TRIUMF)
6W037 Reason for free electrons from the surface of ferroelectrics with a metal lattice structure
H. Heydari, T. Tille (Inst.f.Theoretische Elektrotechnik, TU-Berlin)

Session 6'C. Multiparticle Beam Dynamics II.

6'C001 Advances in 3D Electromagnetic Finite Element Modeling
Eric M. Nelson (LANL)
6'C002 Experimental Results on Beam Halo
G. Haouat (CEA-DAM)
6'C003 Core and Halo Particle Dynamics of High Intensity Proton Beams
M. Pabst, K. Bongardt (Forschungszentrum Jülich, 52425 Jülich, Germany), A. Letchford (RAL, Chilton, Didcot, UK)
6'C004 The Fine Structure of the Longitudinal Machine Impedance Observed with Single Bunches
T.P.R. Linnecar, T. Bohl, E. Shaposhnikova (CERN)
6'C005 Equipartitioning and Halo due to Anisotropy
I. Hofmann, R. W. Hasse (GSI Darmstadt)
6'C006 Design and Development of an Electron Recirculator for Study of High Current Beam Dynamics
J. G. Wang, S. Bernal, J. J. Deng, Y. Li, M. Reiser, H. Suk, M. Venturini, Y. Zou (Institute for Plasma Research, University of Maryland), T. Godlove (FM Technologies, Inc.), R. C. York (NSCL, Michigan State University)

Session 6'F. No-Host Reception.

Session 6'BC1. Banquet.

Session 6'BC2. Awards Ceremony.

Session 6'BC3. Entertainment.

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