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Session 3B. Multiparticle Beam Dynamics I.

3B001 Energy Dependence of Beam-beam Interactions at LEP
Helmut Burkhardt (CERN)
3B002 Beam Dynamics Problems for a \mu^+ - \mu^- Collider
David Neuffer (Fermilab)
3B003 Collisions of Resonantly Coupled Round Beams at the Cornell Electron-Positron Storage Ring (CESR)
E. Young, S. Henderson, R. Littauer, B. McDaniel, T. Pelaia, R. Talman (Cornell University)
3B004 Longitudinal Beam Instabilities in the Barrier RF System
Y.H. Chin (KEK, National Laboratory for High Energy Physics)
Strong Longitudinal Focusing and Microwave Instability in Storage Rings
Y. Wu, V. N. Litvinenko (FEL Laboratory, Department of Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0319)
3B006 Microwave Instability at Transition Crossing in the KEK-PS
K. Takayama, D. Arakawa, J. Kishiro, K. Koba, T. Toyama, M. Yoshii (KEK)
3B007 Fractional Filling Induced Landau Damping of Longitudinal Instabilities at the ESRF
O. Naumann, J. Jacob (ESRF)
3B008 Effects of Incoherent Space Charge Forces on the Fast Head-Tail Instability
Michael Blaskiewicz (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
3B009 First Operation of the Superconducting Electron Cooler at the Storage Ring TARN II
T. Tanabe, K. Chida, I. Katayama, S. Ono, T. Watanabe, Y. Arakaki (Institute for Nuclear Study, Univ. of Tokyo), K. Noda, T. Honma ( National Institute of Radiological Sciences), Y. Haruyama, M. Saito (Kyoto Prefectural Univ.), T. Odagiri (Tokyo Institute of Technology), K. Hosono (Himeji Institute of Technology)
3B010 Lasers and Laser-Cooling used for studies of Beam Dynamics
N. Madsen, M. Drewsen, L. H. HornekÆr, A. Labrador, P. Shi, J. S. Hangst (Institute of Physics and Astronomy, University of Aarhus), J. P. Schiffer (A rgonne National Laboratory), V. A. Lebedev (CEBAF)
3B011 A Study of Single-Pass Ion Effects at the ALS.
J.M. Byrd, J. Thomson (LBNL), A.W. Chao, S. Heifets, M.G. Minty, J.T. Seeman, G.V. Stupakov, F. Zimmermann (SLAC), T.O. Raubenheimer (CERN)
3B012 The Experimental Study on Beam-Photoelectron Instability in BEPC
Z.Y. Guo, H. Huang, S.P. Li, D.K. Liu, L. Ma, L.F. Wang, J.Q. Wang, S.H. Wang, C. Zhang (IHEP, China), Y.H. Chin, H. Fukuma, S. Hiramatsu, M. Izawa, T . Kasuga, E. Kikutani, Y. Kobayashi, S. Kurokawa, K. Ohmi, Y. Sato, Y. Suetsugu, M. Tobiyama, K. Yokoya, X.L. Zhang (KEK, Japan)
3B013 Operation and Performance of Bunch Precompression for Increased Current Transmission at the SLC.
M.G. Minty, F.J. Decker, J. Turner (SLAC)
3B014 Ultra-Short Bunches by Using a Quasi-Continous Compressor Scheme in a Long Beam Transfer Line
H. Schlarb, R. Brinkmann (DESY, Notkestr.85, D-22603 Hamburg, Germany)

Session 3C. Pulsed-Power/High-Intensity Beams.

3C001 Experiments in Heavy-Ion Fusion Beam Physics at LBNL, LLNL, and the University of Maryland
Joe W. Kwan (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Univ. of California, Berkeley, CA 94720)
3C002 PBFA Z: A 50 TW/5 MJ Electrical Generator
R. B. Spielman (Sandia National Laboratories, Albuquerque, NM 87185-1194)
3C003 3D Particle Simulations of Space-Charge-Dominated Beams in HIF Accelerator Experiments
D.P. Grote (LLNL)
3C004 Experiments Investigating the Generation and Transport of 10--12 MeV, 30-kA, mm-size Electron Beams with Linear Inductive Voltage Adders.
M.G. Mazarakis, J.W. Poukey, J.E. Maenchen, D.C. Rovang, P.R. Menge, J.S. Las h, D.L. Smith, J.A. Halbleib, S.R. Cordova, K. Mikkelson, J. Gustwiller, W.A. Stygar (Sandia National Laboratories), D.R. Welch (Mission Research Corporation), I. Smith, P. Corcoran (Pulse Sciences Incorporated)
3C005 Linear Induction Accelerator Approach for Advanced Radiography
George Caporaso (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
3C006 Performance of the Spiral Line Induction Accelerator
J.R. Smith, V.L. Bailey, H. Lackner, S.D. Putnam (Pulse Sciences, Inc.)

Session 3P. Superconducting Magnets 1, Superconducting RF, Control Systems W, Radiation Monitoring and Safety.

Novel Design of Superconducting Helical Dipole Magnet
R. Meinke, M. Senti, G. Stelzer (Advanced Magnet Lab, Inc., Palm Bay, FL)
3P002 Removal of Axial Twist in RHIC Insertion Quadrupole Magnets
J. Cozzolino, M. Anerella, A. Jain, W. Louie, P. Muratore
3P003 Parameterization and Measurements of Helical Magnetic Fields
W. Fischer, M. Okamura (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
3P004 A Common Coil Design for High Field 2-in-1 Accelerator Magnets^*.
R. Gupta (BNL)
3P005 Change in Field Harmonics after Quench and Thermal Cycles in Superconducting Magnets^*.
R. Gupta, A. Jain, J. Muratore, P. Wanderer, E. Willen (BNL), C. Wyss (CERN)
S.A. Kahn, P.J. Wanderer (BNL)
3P007 Test Results from the Completed Production Run of Superconducting Corrector Magnets for RHIC
J. Muratore, A. Jain, G. Ganetis, A. Ghosh, A. Marone, A. Morgillo, W. Sampson, P. Thompson, P. Wanderer (BNL)
3P008 RHIC D0 Insertion Dipole Design Iterations During Production^*.
J. Schmalzle, M. Anerella, G. Ganetis, A. Ghosh, R. Gupta, A. Jain, S. Kahn, G. Morgan, J. Muratore, W. Sampson, P. Wanderer, E. Willen (BNL)
3P009 Helical Dipole Magnets for Polarized Protons in RHIC
M. Syphers, E. Courant, W. Fischer, A. Luccio, F. Mariam, S. Peggs, F. Pilat, T. Roser, S. Tepikian, N. Tsoupas, E. Willen (Brookhaven National Laboratory), T. Ka tayama (U. Tokyo), K. Hatanaka (Osaka U.), T. Kawaguchi, M. Okamura, T. Tominaka, H. Wu (RIKEN), V. Ptitsin, Y. Shatunov (BINP)
3P010 A Helical Magnet Design for RHIC^*.
E. Willen, R. Gupta, E. Kelly, J. Muratore (BROOKHAVEN NATIONAL LABORATORY)
3P011 Dynamic Field Quality of LHC/Saclay Arc Quadrupole Magnet Prototype
A. Devred, J. Belorgey, J. Deregel, B. Gallet, P. Genevey, J.M. Rifflet, J.Cl. Sellier, P. Vedrine (CEA Saclay, DSM/DAPNIA/STCM), J. Billan (CERN), T. Ogitsu (KEK)
3P012 State of the LHC Main Magnets.
R. Perin (for the LHC Magnet Team, CERN)
3P013 Mechanical Design of the LHC Standard Half-Cell
A. Poncet, J.C. Brunet, P. Cruikshank, M. Genet, V. Parma, P. Rohmig, R. Saban, L. Tavian, R. Veness, J. Vlogaert, L.R. Williams (CERN)
3P014 The Short Straight Sections for the LHC
T. Tortschanoff, V. Parma, P. Rohmig (CERN), M. Peyrot, J.M. Rifflet, P. VÉdrine (CEA Saclay), D. Vincent (CNRS, Orsay)
3P015 Towards Series Measurements of the LHC Superconducting Magnets
L. Walckiers, J. Billan, L. Bottura, A. Siemko, P. Sievers, R. Wolf (CERN)
3P016 Forces on Interaction Region Quadrupoles and Dipoles Due to a Detector Solenoid Magnet
James J. Welch, Gerald F. Dugan (Cornell University)
3P017 The Superconducting Interaction Region Magnet System for the \urllinkCESR Phase III Upgrade
James J. Welch, Gerald F. Dugan, Nordberg Emery, David Rice (Cornell University)
3P018 Choice of Configuration for the DIAMOND Superconducting Dipole Magnet.
Neil Marks, Jim Clarke (CLRC Daresbury Laboratory, UK.), Elwin Baynham (CLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, UK.)
3P019 Niobium Quarter-wave Cavity for the New Delhi Booster Linac
K. W. Shepard (Argonne National Laboratory), A. Roy, P. Potukuchi (New Delhi Nuclear Science Centre)
The Higher-order Mode Damping Concept of the LHC 400 MHz Superconducting Cavities
V. Rödel, E. Haebel (CERN), Z.T. Zhao (IHEP, Beijing)
3P021 Development of Superconducting RF for CESR
S. Belomestnykh, P. Barnes, E. Chojnacki, R. Ehrlich, W. Hartung, T. Hays, R. Kaplan, J. Kirchgessner, E. Nordberg, H. Padamsee, P. Quigley, J. Reilly, D. Rubin, J. Sears ( Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell University)
3P022 A Superconducting RF System for DIAMOND.
Michael Dykes, Peter McIntosh (CLRC Daresbury Laboratory, UK.)
3P023 Note on the SC Linear Collider TESLA Cavity Design
J. Sekutowicz, D. Proch (Deutsches Elektronen Synchrotron DESY), C. Tang (on leave of absence from Tsinghua University)
The Fermilab Radiofrequency Power Coupler for the TESLA Test Facility
Mark Champion (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Superconducting Cavity for BTCF
Z.T. Zhao, W.M. Pan (IHEP, Beijing, P.R. China)
3P026 Mechanical Stabilisation of Superconducting Quarter Wave Resonators
Alberto Facco (INFN-LNL)
3P027 Beam Test of a Superconcucting Damped Caviy for KEKB
T. Furuya (KEK, JAPAN), K. Akai, K. Asano, E. Ezura, K. Hara, K. Hosoyama, A. Kabe, Y. Kojima, S. Mitsunobu, Y. Morita, H. Nakai, H. Nakanishi, T. Tajima, T. Taka hashi, S. Yoshimoto (KEK), S.C. Zhao (IHEP, CHINA), Y. Ishi, Y. Kijima, T. Murai (MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC CO.), K. Sennyu (MITSUBISHI HEAVY INDUSTRIES,LTD)
Cryogenic High-Conductivity Cavity
Yuichi Morozumi (KEK)
3P029 Beam Test Results on HOM Absorber of Superconducting Cavity for KEKB
T. Tajima (KEK), K. Akai, K. Asano, E. Ezura, Y. Funahashi, Y. Funakoshi, T. Furuya, K. Hara, K. Hosoyama, A. Kabe, Y. Kojima, S. Mitsunobu, Y. Mo rita, H. Nakanishi, T. Shishido, T. Takahashi, T. Takashima, S. Yoshimoto (National Laboratory for High Energy Physics(KEK)), Y. Ishi, Y. Kijima, T. Murai (Mitsubishi Electric Co. Ltd.), K. Sennyu (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Co. Ltd.)
3P030 Higher Order Mode Analysis of the APT Superconducting Cavities
Frank L. Krawczyk (LANL)
3P031 In-Situ Proton Irradiation and Measurement of Superconducting rf Cavities under Cryogenic Conditions
Brian Rusnak, W.B. Haynes, K.C.D. Chan, R.B. Gentzlinger, R. Kidman, N.S.P. King, R. Lujan, M. Maloney, S. Ney, A. H. Shapiro, J. Ullmann (Los Alamos National Laboratory), A. Hanson (Brookhaven National Laboratory), H. Safa (CEA Saclay)
3P032 Superconducting Cavities for the Reduced-Beta Section of a Proton Linac.
Michele Svandrlik, Cristina Pasotti, Paolo Pittana (Sincrotrone Trieste)
3P033 New Window Designs for CEBAF Energy Upgrade
L. Phillips, J. Mammosser (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
3P034 Improvement of the Operational Performance of SRF Cavities via In Situ Helium Processing and Waveguide Vacuum Processing
C. Reece, M. Drury, M.G. Rao, V. Nguyen (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
3P035 Jefferson Lab IR FEL Cryomodule Modifications and Test Results
M. Wiseman, J. Preble, D. Machie, J. Fisher, J. Benesch, L. Phillips, J. Mammosser (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
3P036 Innovative Aspects of the SDL Control System
W.S. Graves, S.K. Feng, P.S. Pearson, J.D. Smith (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
3P037 Control and Operational Models for Vacuum Equipment
P. Strubin, N. Trofimov (CERN)
3P038 PC-Based Applications Programming on the SRS Control System.
Brian Martlew, Hywel Owen, Martin Pugh, Bill Rawlinson, Susan Smith (CLRC Daresbury Laboratory, UK.)
3P039 The Usage of Transient Recorders in the Daily HERA Machine Operation
R. Bacher, M. Clausen, P. Duval, L. Steffen (DESY)
3P040 A High Reliability Accelerator Control System
John Callahan, John Collins, William Hunt, Andrew Qualls (IUCF)
3P041 Nuclotron Control System
V. Volkov (JINR), V. Gorchenko, A. Kirichenko, A. Kovalenko, I. Kulikov, S. Romanov, B. Sveshnikov, B. Vasilishin (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research,Dubna,Russia)
3P042 Use of a Virtual Accelerato for a Development of an Accelerator Control System
Noboru Yamamoto (National Laboratory for High Energy Physics (KEK))
3P043 Operation Logging System using Database for Synchrotron Radiation Beam Lines at the Photon Factory
Noriichi Kanaya (Photon Factory, National Laboratory For High Energy Physics (KEK), 1-1, Oho, Tsukuba, 305,Japan), S eiji Asaoka, Hideki Maezawa (Photon Factory, National Laboratory For High Energy Physics (KEK), 1-1, Oho, Tsukuba, 305,Japan)
3P044 Integrating Commercial and Legacy Control Systems With EPICS
J.O. Hill (LANL), K.U. kasimer (DESY), J.B. Kowalkowski (APS)
3P045 Completion of the LANSCE Proton Storage Ring Control System Upgrade -- A Successful Integration of EPICS Into a Running Control System
S.C. Schaller, E.A. Bjorklund, G.P. Carr, J.A. Faucett, M.A. Oothoudt (AOT Divis ion, Los Alamos National Laboratory)
3P046 Automizing ELETTRA Operation with "One Button Machine"
D. Bulfone, F. Potepan, C. Scafuri (Sincrotrone Trieste)
3P047 Operator Interface for the PEP-II Low Level RF Control System
Stephanie Allison, Richard Claus (Stanford Linear Accelerator System)
Software Architecture of the PEP-II Low Level RF Control System
R. Claus, S. A. Allison (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
3P049 Network Upgrade for the SLC: PEP-II Network
Mark Crane, Terri Lahey (SLAC)
3P050 Network Upgrade for the SLC: Control System Modifications
Mark Crane, Ron Mackenzie (SLAC)
A client/server system for acquisition of distributed timing synchronous data
Greg White, Thomas Dean (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
3P052 Using WWW in SRRC Control System
J.S. Chen (SRRC)
3P053 The Design of the Control System for ANKA.
Saso Avsec, Bogdan Jeram, Gregor Mavric, Mark Plesko (J. Stefan Institute, PO Box 3000, 1001 Ljubljana, Slovenia)
3P054 Automated Startup of the CEBAF 45 MeV Injector
D. Kehne, P. Letta, B. Dunham, R. Kazimi (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
3P055 Access Control and Interlock System at the Advanced Photon Source
J. Forrestal, R. Hogrefe, M. Knott, W. McDowell, D. Reigle, L. Solita, R. Koldenhoven, D. Haid (Argonne National Laboratory)
3P056 Radiation Levels Around the Fermilab Main Injector Extraction Septa
C. M. Bhat, N. V. Mokhov (Fermilab)
Activation of Fermilab Main Injector Extraction Septum
C.M. Bhat, N.V. Mokhov (Fermilab)
Polymerconcrete for Radiation Background Shielding of Detectors at Hadron Colliders
A.A. Astapov, L.N. Zaitsev (JINR), S.L. Zaitsev (ITEP)
LIONs at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center
T. Constant, R. Simmons, R. Zdarko (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford CA 94309, U.S.A.)
3P060 Radiation Protection in the NLC Test Accelerator at SLAC
Theodore L. Lavine, Vaclav Vylet (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford California)
3P061 Modular Reliability Modeling of the CEBAF Personnel Safety System
J. Cinnamon, K. Mahoney (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
3P062 Jefferson Lab Personnel Safety Fast Beam Kicker System
K. Mahoney, O. Garza, E. Stitts, H. Areti, M. O'Sullivan (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
3P063 Emerging Standards with Application to Accelerator Safety System Design
K. Mahoney, H. Robertson (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)

Session 3V. Synchrotron Radiation Facilities 1, Free Electron Lasers.

3V001 Advancements in Orbit Drift Correction in the Advanced Photon Source Storage Ring
L. Emery, M. Borland (Argonne National Laboratory)
3V002 Investigation of Open-Loop Beam Motion in Low Frequencies at the APS
S. H. Kim, G. Decker, C. Doose, L. Emery, D. Mangra, R. Merl (Argonne National Laboratory)
Intrabeam Scattering Limit on the Brilliance of Synchrotron Radiation
L. C. Teng (Argonne National Laboratory)
Compression of Coherent Synchrotron Radiation Pulses.
J.B. Murphy (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
3V005 Experimental Calibration of VUV Ring Optics
J. Safranek, S.L. Kramer (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Siberia-2: Electron Beam Operation
Vladimir Korchuganov (Russia,Novosibirsk, Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics), Eduard Gorniker, Grigory Kurkin, Vladimir Ushakov, Alexander Filipchenko (Russia,Novosibirsk,BINP), Andrey Kadnikov, Yury Krylov, Dmitry Odintsov, Vladimir Ushkov, Alexander Valentinov, Yury Yupinov (Russia, Moscow, KSRS)
Progress of the X-ray sources on the Duke Storage Ring
L.E. Johnson, G. Denbeaux, N. Hower, J.M.J. Madey, K.D. Straub (Duke University)
New Opportunities Presented by Integrated Light Sources
K.D. Straub, J.M.J. Madey, P.G. O'Shea, E.B. Szarmes (Duke University), E.D. Johnson, J.B. Hastings (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Fifth Generation Storage Ring based Light Source
V. N. Litvinenko, B. Burnham, S. H. Park, Y. Wu (FEL Laboratory, Department of Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0319)
3V010 Status report on the ESRF
Jean-Marc Filhol, Laurent Hardy (ESRF)
3V011 Lattice-Related Brilliance Increase at the ESRF
A Ropert (ESRF)
3V012 VUV and Soft X-ray Light Source "new SUBARU"
Ainosuke Ando (Himeji Institute of Technology)
Preliminary Lattice Design of the SSRF Storage Ring
L.M. Chen, S.Y. Chen (IHEP, Beijing, P.R. China), X.F. Zhao, G.M. Liu, Z.M. Dai (SINR, Shanghai, P.R. China), L.F. Wang (IHEP, Beijing, P.R. China)
3V014 A Short Pulse X-Ray Generation by Thomson Scattering of Ultrashort Laser Pulses by Relativistic Electron Beams
H. Kotaki, M. Kando, H. Ahn (JAERI), K. Nakajima (KEK/JAERI), H. Nakanishi, A. Ogata (KEK), T. Watanabe, T. Ueda, M. Uesaka (NERL, University of Tokyo)
3V015 ANKA-Status of the 2.5 GeV Synchrotron Light Source at FZK, Karlsruhe Germany.
Dieter Einfeld (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe, ANKA, PO Box 3640, 76021 Karlsruhe, Germany)
3V016 Spatial Coherency of the Synchrotron Radiation at the Visible Light Region and its Application for Vertical Beam Profile Measurement
T. Mitsuhashi (KEK)
Some problems of the compact synchrotron light sources
E. V. Bulyak, P. I. Gladkikh, I. M. Karnaukhov, A. O. Mytsykov, A. A. Shcherbakov (KFTI, Kharkov, Ukraine)
The electron-ion instability and ion clearing in electron storage rings
E. V. Bulyak (KFTI, Kharkov, Ukraine)
3V019 Planned Optical Diagnostics for the APS Low-Energy Undulator Test Line
A. H. Lumpkin, W. Berg, B. X. Yang (Argonne National Laboratory)
3V020 Initial Application of a Dual-Sweep Streak Camera to the Duke Storage Ring OK-4 Source
A. H. Lumpkin, B. X. Yang (Argonne National Laboratory), V. Litvinenko, S. Park, P. Wang, Y. Wu (Duke University FEL Laboratory)
3V021 The Advanced Photon Source Low-Energy Undulator Test Line
S. V. Milton, J. Galayda, E. Gluskin (Argonne National Laboratory)
3V022 Gamma-Ray Production using Multi-Photon Compton Scattering.
H. Takahashi, Y. An, M. Nomura (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
Initial Growth of X-ray SASE Wiggler Radiation
Luis R. Elias (CREOL)
Transport Studies of the CREOL Far-Infrared FEL Undulator
Paul P. Tesch, Luis R. Elias (CREOL)
3V025 Unique features of the OK-4/Duke storage ring XUV FEL and monochromatic \gamma-ray source
V. N. Litvinenko (Department of Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0319)
Short wavelength self amplified spontaneous emission in the collective Compton regime
P.G. O'Shea, C.P. Neuman, J.M.J. Madey (Duke University), H.P. Freund (SAIC)
Operational Capabilities and Research Opportunities with the Mark III Infrared Free-Electron Laser
E.B. Szarmes, K.D. Straub, S.A. Hauger, G. Denbeaux, M. Emamiam, N. Hower, J.M.J. Madey (Duke University)
Femtosecond X-ray Coherent Radiation from Storage Ring FELs
B. Burnham, V. N. Litvinenko, S. H. Park, Y. Wu (FEL Laboratory, Department of Physics, Duke University, Durham, NC 27708-0319)
Critical issues for optimization of the storage ring FEL based \gamma-ray source
S.H. Park, B. Burnham, V.N. Litvinenko, Y. Wu (Free Electron Laser Laboratory, Department of Physics, Duke University, Box 90319, Durh am, NC 27708, USA)
3V030 A Laser Trapper for Compton Backscattering Applications
D. Yu, B. Stuart (DULY Research Inc.)
Proposal of a Laser Synchrotron Source Using the 40 MeV LAP Betatron
F. Scarlat (Institute of Atomic Physics, Bucharest)
3V032 High Current FEL Oscillator on Base of MSU Electron Accelerators
V.K. Grishin, B.S. Ishkhanov, T.A. Novicova (Institute of Nuclear Physics of Moscow State University)
3V033 Possibility of X-ray Free Electron Laser with Single Crystal Optical Resonator for Bragg Reflection
Y. Miyahara (SPring-8)
3V034 Development of Short-Period Undulators Towards Adjustable Structures
Yu.P. Bouzouloukov, V.V. Gubankov, A.S. Khlebnikov, A.S. Osmanov, N.V. Smolyakov, A.V. Smirnov, S.V. Tolmachev (RRC 'Kurchatov Institute', Moscow 123182), L.M. Tkachenko (IHEP, Protvino 142284)
3V035 W-Band Free Electron Laser for High Gradient Structure Research
S. M. Lidia (Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory), D. H. Whittum (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center), J. T. Donohue (Centre d'Etudes Nucleaires de B ordeaux-Gradignan)
Field Calculation in Undulator with Ferromagnetic and Superconductors
Vyacheslav Kurakin (Lebedev Physical Institute, 117924 Moscow, Russia)
3V037 A High-Power Regenerative Amplifier FEL
D. C. Nguyen, R. L. Sheffield, C. M. Fortgang, J. M. Kinross-Wright, N. A. Ebrahim, J. C. Goldstein (LANL)
Recent Results from the Compact Infrared Free Electron Laser
Ira Lehrman, Hans Bluem, Richard Hartley, Jayaram Krishnaswamy (Northrop Grumman Corporation), Robert Austin (Princeton University)
Realistic Simulations of High Energy FEL Undulator Designs Using the MEDUSA Code
Henry Freund (Science Applications International Corp.;McLean, VA 22102 USA), Roman Tatchyn, Heinz-Dieter Nuhn (Stanford Synchrotron R adiation Laboratory, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94309, USA)
3V040 Linac Design for the LCLS Project at SLAC
V.K. Bharadwaj, J. Clendenin, P. Emma, J.C. Sheppard, M.D. Woodley (Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
Magnetic Anisotropy and Short Period Undulators
Z.-Y. Jiang (Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory), J.-F. Ostiguy (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory)
Emittance Degradation Measurements
C. Limborg, M. Hernandez, C. Settakorn, H. Wiedemann (SSRL at Stanford Linear Accelerator Center)
3V043 First Lasing of the Israeli Tandem Electrostatic Accelerator Free Electron Laser
J.S. Sokolowski, A. Abramovich, A. Arensburg, D. Chairman, M. Draznin, A. Eichenbaum, A. Gover, H. Kleinman, Y. Pinchasi, I.M. Yakover (Tel Aviv University), A. Rosenberg, J. Shiloh (Rafael), M. Cohen, L.A. Levin, O. Shahal (NRC)
3V044 Recirculating Accelerator Driver for a High-Power Free-Electron Laser: A Design Overview
C.L. Bohn (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility)
3V045 Electron-Beam Diagnostics for Jefferson Lab's High Power Free Electron Laser
G.A. Krafft, K. Jordan, D. Kehne, S. Benson, J. Denard, E. Feldl, P. Piot, J. Song, R. Ursic (Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facili ty)
Laser Synchrotron Source for Tunable Monochromatic X-rays
M. Baine (UC San Diego), A. Ting, R. Fischer, C.I. Moore, A. Fisher, R. Burris, P. Sprangle, E. Esarey (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory), R. Elton (SFA Inc.), B. Hafizi (Icarus Research.), K. Evans (George Mason U.), S. Ride (UC San Diego)
Short wavelength beam bunchers using FEL dynamics
Scott Hendrickson, John R. Cary (Center for Integrated Plasma Studies\ and Department of Physics,\ University of Colorado,\ Boulder, CO 80309-0390,\ http://www-beams
3V048 Design features of a planar hybrid/permanent magnet strong-focusing undulator for Free Electron Laser (FEL) and Synchrotron Radiation (SR) applications
Roman Tatchyn (Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Laboratory, Stanf ord Linear Accelerator Center, Stanford University, Stanford, CA 94309 USA)

Session 3W. Linear Colliders (Structure), RF Guns and Linac Injectors 1.

3W001 Design of a 30 GHz Damped Detuned Accelerating Structure
M. Dehler, I. Wilson, W. Wuensch (CERN), R.M. Jones, N.M. Kroll, R.H. Miller (SLAC)
3W002 Analysis of HOM Interaction between Cavities by Multimodal S-Parameter Measurements
H.-W. Glock, F. Marhauser, P. Hülsmann, H. Klein (IAP, Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
3W003 The 36-Cell Structure Calculations and Experiments
P. Hülsmann, W.F.O. Müller, H. Klein (IAP, Frankfurt/Main, Germany), U. v. Rienen, T. Weiland (TH-Darmstadt, Germany)
3W004 Search for Trapped Modes in TESLA Cavities
F. Marhauser, H.-W. Glock, P. Hülsmann, M. Kurz, H. Klein (IAP, Frankfurt/Main, Germany)
3W005 Development of C-band (5712 MHz) High Power Waveguide Components
H. Matsumoto, T. Shintake, Shigeru Takeda, Y. Takeuchi, M. Yoshioka (KEK)
Development of C-band (5712 MHz) High Power Waveguide Components
H. Matsumoto, T. Shintake, N. Akasaka (KEK), A. Miura (NIHON KOSHUHA CO. LTD.), M. Otsuka (OTSUKA CO.)
3W007 Development of C-band 50 MW Pulse Klystron for e+e- Linear Collider
T. Shintake, N. Akasaka, H. Matsumoto (KEK, Japan), Y. Ohkubo, H. Yonezawa (Toshiba Co., Japan)
3W008 Input Coupler Design for C-band Choke-Mode Accelerating Structure
C. Suzuki, N. Akasaka, T. Shintake (KEK)
3W010 Development of Characterization Techniques for X-band Accelerator Structures.
S.M. Hanna, R. Loewen, H. Hoag, R.L. Miller, R. Ruth, J.W. Wang (SLAC)
3W011 High-Gradient Cavity Beat-Wave Accelerator at W-Band
Heino Henke, Ping J. Chou, David Whittum (SLAC)
3W012 A Proceedure for Minimising RF System Costs in a Linear Collider by an Optimised Choice of Beam and Structure Parameters
R.M. Jones, P.B. Wilson (SLAC)
Optimizing Cell Contours for the NLC Linac Structure.
V. Srinivas, Z. Li, R.H. Miller, R. Ruth, J.W. Wang, X.W. Zhan (SLAC)
3W014 Advanced Damped Detuned Structure (DDS) Development at SLAC
R.M. Jones, N.M. Kroll (SLAC and UCSD), R.H. Miller, R.D. Ruth, J. Wang (SLAC)
3W015 Spectral Function Calculation of Angle Wakes, Wake Moments, and Misalignment Wakes for the SLAC Damped Detuned Structures (DDS)
R.M. Jones, N.M. Kroll (SLAC and UCSD), R.H. Miller (SLAC)
3W016 Analysis and Application of Microwave Radiation from the Damping Manifolds of the SLAC Damped Detuned Structures (DDS)
R.M. Jones, N.M. Kroll (SLAC and UCSD), C. Adolphsen, K.L.F. Bane, R.H. Miller, R.D. Ruth, M. Se idel, J.W. Wang (SLAC)
Optimization of the Advanced Photon Source Thermionic RF Gun System
Y.-C. Chae, S. V. Milton (Argonne National Laboratory)
3W018 Effect of the long Solenoid Tunnel on the Growth of Emittance in the PNC High Power Electron Linac.
M. Nomura*, H. Takahashi, A. Yu** (Brookhaven National Laboratory)
High Intensity Muon Sources.
Z. Parsa (Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 111973, USA)
3W020 Performance of Magnesium Cathode in The S-Band RF Gun
T. Srinivasan-Rao (BNL), D.T. Palmer (SLAC), I. Ben-Zvi (BNL), R.H. Miller (SLAC), X.J. Wang, M. Woodle (BNL)
3W021 Longitudinal Emittance Compensation In a Photocathode RF gun Injector - Analysis and Experiments
X.J. Wang (Brookhaven Accelerator Test Facility)
3W022 Beam dynamics in RF-Gun cavity with a modified first cell
Vladimir Volkov, Marlen Karliner, Victor Petrov, Igor Sedlyarov, Alexy Tribendis (Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics, Novosibirsk, Russia), Dietmar Janssen, Peter vom Stein (Research Center Rossendorf, Dresden, Germany)
Buncher Beam Loading Compensation Using Variable Beam Micro-Bunch Timing
R.I. Cutler, M. Giannella, J.T. Hylas, R.E. Meller (Laboratory of Nuclear Studies, Cornell University)
3W024 Single bunch injection system for storage ring FEL using an rf photoinjector
P.G. O'Shea, J.A. Lancaster, J.M.J. Madey, R. Sachtschale (Duke University), R. Jones (North Carolina Central University)
3W025 A Plane-Wave-Transformer Photoelectron Linac
D. Yu, T. Lee, S. Rajagopalan (DULY Research Inc.), C. Pellegrini, J. Rosenzweig (University of California at Los Angeles)
On Production Quality of the Radiative Line with High Voltage Accelerators
E.I. Gerasimov, V.S. Kuznetsov (Efremov Research Institute)
The FMT Micro-Pulse Electron Gun
F.M. Mako, L.K. Len (FM Technologies, Inc., 10529-B Braddock Road, Fairfax, VA 22032)
3W028 Intense Positron Source for TESLA Based on HERA-e
V.D. Shiltsev (FNAL), A.V. Kiselev (Budker INP, Novosibirsk)
3W029 A Fully Demountable 550kV Electron Gun for Low Emittance Beam Experiments with a 17GHz Linac
J. Haimson, B. Mecklenburg, G. Stowell, E.L. Wright (Haimson Research Corporation)
First experiences with Cs_2Te Photocathodes for the Fermilab A0 Photoinjector.
Paolo Michelato, Daniele Sertore, Carlo Pagani (INFN Milano - LASA, Via Fratelli Cervi, 201, I-20090, Segrate (MI) Italy), Moyses Kuchni r, Eric Colby (Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, P. O. Box 500, Batavia, IL 60510)
3W031 Commissioning of the IUCF 7 MeV H^- Linac Injector,
D.L. Friesel (Indiana University Cyclotron Facility, Bloomington, IN), R.W. Hamm (AccSys Technology Inc, Pleasanton, CA)
3W032 Performance of Electron Gun for SPring-8 Linac
T. Asaka, T. Hori, Y. Ito, T. Kobayashi, A. Kuba, A. Mizuno, H. Sakaki, S. Suzuki, T. Taniuchi, K. Yanagida, H. Yosikawa, H. Yokomizo (SPring-8 Project Team)
Design simulations for a small emittance 2.7-cell photo-cathode rf-gun in jector
Huang Yongzhang (SPring-8, Kamigori-cho, Hyogo 678-12, Japan), Miyahara Yoshikazu
3W034 Thermionic RF Gun with High Duty Factor.
Viktor Mitrochenko (NSC Kharkov Institute of Physics and Technology, Kharkov, Ukraine)
3W035 Obtaining the Linear Electron Beams by Using the Magnetron Injection Guns with Cold Secondary Emission Metallic Cathodes (Experiment).
Yu.D. Tur, A.N. Dovbnya, V.V. Mitrochenko, N.G. Reshetnyak, V.P. Romas'ko, V.V. Zakutin (NSC KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine)
Obtaining the Linear Electron Beams by Using the Magnetron Injection Guns with Cold Secondary Emission Metallic Cathodes (Theory)
Yuri Tur, Anatoly Dovbnya, Peter Gladkikh, Vasili Maslov, Nikolay Repalov, Nikolay Re shetnyak, Valery Zakutin (NSC KIPT, Kharkov, Ukraine)

Session 3'C. Advanced Concepts.

3'C001 Channeling and time evolution of laser wakes in a Laser Wakefield Accelerator (LWFA) Experiment
Antonio C. Ting (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375)
3'C002 Inverse Free Electron Laser Accelerator Development
Arie van Steenbergen (National Synchrotron Light Source Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton, NY 11973, USA)
3'C003 Preliminary Experimental Studies of IFEL Micro-bunching by Coherent Transition Radiation
Y. Liu, D.B. Cline (UCLA), X.J. Wang, M. Babzien, J.M. Fang, K.P. Kusche (Brookhaven Accelerator Test Facility)
3'C004 Acceleration for the \mu^+-\mu^- Collider
D. Summers (University of Mississippi), D. Neuffer (Fermilab), Q.-S. Shu (TJNAF), E. Willen (BNL)
3'C005 Results of Blowout Regime Propagation of an Electron Beam in a Plasma
N. Barov (UCLA Dept. Physics and Astronomy), M. Conde, W. Gai (ANL High Energy Physics Division), J.B. Rosenzweig (UCLA Dept. Physics and Astron omy)
3'C006 Femtosecond Electron Bunches from Colliding Laser Pulses in Plasmas.
ERIC Esarey, R.F. Hubbard, A. Ting, P. Sprangle (Plasma Physics Division, Naval Research Laboratory), W.P. Leemans (Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory)

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