Author: Poirier, F.
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TUD02 Studies and Upgrades on the C70 Cyclotron Arronax 235
  • F. Poirier, F. Bulteau-harel, J.B. Etienne, S. Girault, X. Goiziou, F. Gomez, A. Herbert, C. Huet, L. Lamouric, E. Mace, D. Poyac, H. Trichet
    Cyclotron ARRONAX, Saint-Herblain, France
  • S. Girault, F. Poirier
    CNRS - DR17, RENNES, France
  • C. Huet
    EMN, Nantes, France
  • E. Mace
    INSERM, Nantes, France
  Funding: This work has been supported in part by a grant from the French National Agency for Research called "Investissements d'Avenir", Equipex ArronaxPlus n°ANR-11-EQPX-0004.
The multi-particle cyclotron C70 Arronax is fully running since 2010 and its RF run time has increased up to 4400 hours in 2015. The accelerator is used for a wide variety of experiments (physics cross-sections, radiolysis, radiobiology) and radio-isotope productions. This requires runs with 7 orders of intensity range from a few pA up to 350 μA and a large range of particles energy. Machine and beamline studies are continuously needed. For example magnet intensity scan inside the cyclotron and in the beamlines, respectively with compensation coils and the quadrupoles have been done. These scans caracterise performances of the machine and help both operations and mitigation of particle losses. Additionally beam loss monitors and control systems are being devised to support further the high intensity and precision requirements on the runs. Also a pulsed train alpha beam system located in the injection has been designed. The proof of principle with a dedicated run has been performed. The results of the machine studies and status of these developments are presented in this paper.
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