Author: Poirier, F.
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MOPPT010 On-Going Operations with the Cyclotron C70 ARRONAX 49
  • F. Poirier, S. Girault, X. Goiziou, F. Gomez, C. Huet, L. Lamouric, E. Mace, J. Orsonneau, L. Perrigaud, D. Poyac, H. Trichet, N. Varmenot
    Cyclotron ARRONAX, Saint-Herblain, France
  • S. Girault, F. Poirier
    SUBATECH, Nantes, France
  • C. Huet
    EMN, Nantes, France
  • E. Mace
    INSERM, Nantes, France
  • N. Varmenot
    ICO, Saint - Herblain, France
  The multi-particle cyclotron C70 ARRONAX, located at Nantes, France is used to accelerate non- concurrently four types of particles downstream several beamlines. The particle energy and intensity range of the cyclotron has allowed a wide variety of application including radiolysis, neutron and isotope productions, and physics experiments. Also regular operations are performed both with dual beam runs at 2x100 μA for isotope production and at 350 μA for neutron production using 70 MeV proton beams. At low intensity, 70 MeV alpha beam is one distinctive feature of the machine with the possibility to use pulsed beam with variable time between two consecutive bunches. The status of the machine is presented as well as the operational updates on the beamlines, including the alpha particle pulsing system, the newly installed alpha degrader and beam loss monitor being developed for high intensity runs.