Accelerator Applications

Accelerators for Medical Therapy (U01)

The Lattice Design of a Proposed Beijing Therapy Proton Synchrotron
p. 2635, THP002G, (Abstract)
Z. Guo, Q. Han, X. Luo, S. Wang

The TOP-ISS Linear Accelerator: A High Frequency Proton Linac for Therapy
p. 2638, THP049G, (Abstract)
G. Orlandi, L. Picardi, C. Ronsivalle, A. Vignati

Accelerator Aspects of the Cancer Therapy Project at the GSI Darmstadt
p. 2641, THP052G, (Abstract)
H. Eickhoff, B. Franczak, U. Krause, C. Riedel, R. Steiner

A Scintillator Based Halo-Detector for Beam Position Monitoring
p. 2644, THP053G, (Abstract)
P. Forck, P. Heeg, A. Peters, P. Strehl

Data Generation for SIS and Beam Lines for the GSI Therapy Project
p. 2647, THP054G, (Abstract)
B. Franczak

235 MeV Cyclotron for MGH's Northeast Proton Therapy Centre (NPTC): Present Status
p. 2650, THP074G, (Abstract)
W. Beeckman, Y. Jongen, D. Vandeplassche, S. Zaremba

Beam Deceleration in the Operation of the Beam Extraction with a Patient Respiration
p. 2653, THP110G, (Abstract)
N. Araki, A. Itano, M. Kanazawa, M. Kumada, K. Maeda, S. Minohara, K. Noda, S. Sato, E. Takada, M. Torikoshi, N. Tsuzuki, S. Yamada

Performance of a Respiration-Gated Beam Control System for Patient Treatment
p. 2656, THP111G, (Abstract)
N. Araki, T. Kanai, M. Kanazawa, M. Kumada, S. Minohara, K. Noda, H. Ogawa, S. Sato, E. Takada, H. Tomura, M. Torikoshi, S. Yamada

Status Report of the HIMAC Accelerator Facility
p. 2659, THP112G, (Abstract)
N. Araki, A. Itano, M. Kanazawa, K. Kawachi, M. Kumada, T. Murakami, K. Noda, H. Ogawa, Y. Sato, E. Takada, M. Torikoshi, K. Ueda, S. Yamada, J. Yoshizawa

The Use of ISIS as a Proton Therapy Facility
p. 2662, THP115G, (Abstract)
D.J. Adams, I.S.K. Gardner, M.R. Harold, C.M. Warsop

Recent Development of Gantry Design Activities at GSI Darmstadt
p. 2665, THP129G, (Abstract)
M. Pavlovic

Isotope Production and Diagnostic Applications (U02)

High Beam Intensities for Cyclotron-Based Radioisotope Production
p. 2671, THP075G, (Abstract)
P. Cohilis, Y. Jongen

Proton 36 MeV, 0.5 mA Linac ISTRA-36 as a Driver Multipurpose Irradiation Test Facility
p. 2674, THP078G, (Abstract)
I.V. Chuvilo, M.M. Katz, A. Kolomiets, A.M. Kozodaev, N.V. Lazarev, V.K. Plotnikov, G.G. Shimchuk, O.V. Shvedov, V.V. Vassiliev

Energy Production and Environmental Applications (U03)

Conceptual Design of a Free Electron Laser System as a Laser Fusion Reactor Driver
p. 2679, THP003G, (Abstract)
E.L. Saldin, E.A. Schneidmiller, Yu.N. Ulyanov, M.V. Yurkov

Conception of Secure Atomic Energy Plant with Subcritical Reactor and 100 MeV Proton Accelerator
p. 2682, THP101G, (Abstract)
A.N. Didenko, A.A. Glazkov, G.L. Horasanov, V.E. Kalantarov, A.D. Koliaskin

Applications of Synchrotron Radiation (U04)

Industrial Applications of Accelerators (U05)

RHODOTRON Accelerators for Industrial Electron-Beam Processing: A Progress Report
p. 2687, THP076G, (Abstract)
M. Abs, J.M. Capdevila, T. Delvigne, F. Genin, Y. Jongen, A. Nguyen

Applications of Accelerators, Others (U06)

Soft X-ray Production by Means of an Electron Beam
p. 2693, THP016G, (Abstract)
C. Couillaud, G. Haouat, S. Striby

Analytical Complexes for Ion Beam Analysis and Modification of Materials in St. Petersburg and Bratislava
p. 2696, THP033G, (Abstract)
A. Bortniansky, J. Dobrovodsky, V. Golubev, M. Klopenkov, P. Kovac, M. Pavlovets, M. Pavlovic, K. Vitazek

An Irradiation Production Unit for Polymer Research
p. 2699, THP048G, (Abstract)
J.I.M. Botman, A.T.A.M. Derksen, H. Fiedler, H.L. Hagedoorn, C.J. Timmermans, Y.J.E. Wintraecken

Experimental Studies on the Acceleration of Positive & Negative Ions with a Heavy Ion ISR RFQ
p. 2702, THP047L, (Abstract)
C.E. Chen, J.X. Fang, J.F. Guo, D.S. Li, W.G. Li, Y.R. Lu, X.T. Ren, Z.Y. Wang, J.X. Yu

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September 9th, 1996