Invited Papers

Accelerators and Storage Rings

Status of HERA
p. 3, MOX02A, (Abstract)
W. Bialowons

Antiproton P roduction and Cooling at the Tevatron
p. 8, MOY05A, (Abstract)
F. Bieniosek, M. Church, G. Jackson, S. O'Day, R. Pasquinelli

The RHIC Project
p. 13, THY04A, (Abstract)
M. Harrison

CESR: Steps Toward a B Factory
p. 17, TUX01A, (Abstract)
D. Rice

DAFNE: The First PHI Factory
p. 22, TUX02A, (Abstract)
G. Vignola

The KEK Accelerator Test Facility
p. 27, TUY03T, (Abstract)
H. Hayano

Alignment and Stability of Future Machines
p. 32, TUY03A, (Abstract)
V. Shiltsev

Design Issues of TeV Linear Colliders
p. 37, TUX03T, (Abstract)
J.P. Delahaye

Results from the CLIC Test Facility
p. 42, TUY01T, (Abstract)
K. Aulenbacher, R. Bossart, H.H. Braun, F. Chautard, R. Corsini, J.P. Delahaye, J.C. Godot, S. Hutchins, I. Kamber, J.H.B. Madsen, L. Rinolfi, G. Rossat, S. Schreiber, G. Suberlucq, L. Thorndahl, I. Wilson, W. Wuensch

The Next Linear Collider Test Accelerator: Status and Results
p. 47, TUY02T, (Abstract)
R.D. Ruth

TESLA Test Facility: Status and Results
p. 52, TUY04T, (Abstract)
B. Aune

The S-band Linear Collider Test Facility
p. 57, TUY05T, (Abstract)
N. Holtkamp

The Spanish Project for a Synchrotron Laboratory at Barcelona (LSB)
p. 62, MOY03A, (Abstract)
J. Bordas

Higher Brilliance at the ESRF
p. 67, MOY04A, (Abstract)
J.M. Lefebvre

Novel Techniques used in Max II
p. 72, WEX02T, (Abstract)
M. Eriksson

Operational Experience with ELETTRA
p. 76, WEX03T, (Abstract)
C.J. Bocchetta

SR-related Accelerator Physics Issues
p. 81, WEY01T, (Abstract)
L. Farvacque

Review of Future European Synchrotron Radiation Projects
p. 85, WEY02T, (Abstract)
L. Rivkin

Synchrotron Radiation Facilities in the USA
p. 90, WEY03T, (Abstract)
G. Decker

Initial Experience with DELTA
p. 95, WEX01T, (Abstract)
K. Wille

FELs using Storage Rings
p. 100, THY02A, (Abstract)
M.E. Couprie

Linac-based Short Wavelength FELs
p. 105, THY03A, (Abstract)
A. Renieri

Operational Experience at the S-DALINAC
p. 110, WEX02A, (Abstract)
A. Richter

Design Issues of Radioactive Ion Beam Facilities
p. 115, TUX02T, (Abstract)
M. Lieuvin

Laser Plasma Accelerators
p. 120, FRX03A, (Abstract)
R. Bingham

Status and Development of the GSI Accelerator Facilities
p. 125, TUZ02A, (Abstract)
N. Angert

Operating Experience at CEBAF
p. 130, WEX01A, (Abstract)
R. Legg

Fifty Years of Synchrotrons
p. 135, FRX04A, (Abstract)
E.J.N. Wilson

Beam Dynamics and Electromagnetic Fields

Impedance Measurements, Computations and their Interpretation
p. 143, THX02A, (Abstract)
A. Hofmann

Multibunch Instabilities and Cures
p. 148, THX03A, (Abstract)
M. Serio, et al.

Where are we after 30 Years of Electron Cooling
p. 153, TUX01T, (Abstract)
H. Danared

Accelerator Physics of High Intensity Proton Linacs
p. 158, TUY02A, (Abstract)
K. Bongardt, M. Pabst

Halos and Chaos in Space-charge Dominated Beams
p. 163, WEY01A, (Abstract)
J.M. Lagniel

Accelerator Physics Issues of the LHC
p. 168, FRY02A, (Abstract)
J. Gareyte

Subsystems, Technology and Components

Highlights from Beam Diagnostics
p. 175, THX01A, (Abstract)
H. Schmickler

Feedback Systems at DESY
p. 180, MOY02A, (Abstract)
R.D. Kohaupt

HOM-free Cavities
p. 182, TUY01A, (Abstract)
R. Boni

Operational Experience with LEP2 SC Cavity System
p. 187, MOX03A, (Abstract)
D. Boussard

High Field SC Cavities
p. 192, WEY02A, (Abstract)
D. Proch

New Superconductive Low Beta Structures
p. 197, WEY04A, (Abstract)
V. Palmieri

Large-Scale Industrial Production of Superconducting Cavities
p. 200, WEZ01A, (Abstract)
E. Chiaveri

RF Issues for High Intensity Factories
p. 205, TUX03A, (Abstract)
K. Akai

Discussion of Superconducting and Room-Temperature High-Intensity Ion Linacs
p. 210, WEX03A, (Abstract)
R. Jameson

Recent Developments with Klystrons and Modulators
p. 215, WEY03A, (Abstract)
A. Gamp

Recent Advances in Insertion Devices
p. 220, THY01A, (Abstract)
J. Chavanne, P. Elleaume, P. Van Vaerenbergh

Beam Induced Radiation Problems and Cures
p. 225, THZ01A, (Abstract)
P.E. Gear

Spanish Industry in the Context of Manufacturing Accelerator Components
p. 230, WEZ01T, (Abstract)
F. Castro, S. Romo

Accelerator Applications

Therapy at HIMAC
p. 237, MOZ01A, (Abstract)
K. Kawachi, K. Morita, H. Tujii

The Role of Industry and Accelerator Laboratories in Future Particle Beam Facilities for Cancer Therapy
p. 241, WEZ07T, (Abstract)
D. Boehne

Accelerators for Medical Applications
p. 244, FRY01A, (Abstract)
U. Amaldi

Construction and Operation of Cyclotrons for Medical Isotopes
p. 249, WEZ04T, (Abstract)
N.R. Stevenson

Operation of PET Cyclotrons for Medical Imaging
p. 252, WEZ05T, (Abstract)
T. Jones

Inertial Fusion with Accelerators
p. 255, TUZ01A, (Abstract)
I. Hofmann

Manufacturing of Electron Accelerators
p. 260, WEZ02T, (Abstract)
Y. Jongen

Accelerators in Industry
p. 264, FRX01A, (Abstract)
D.M. Lewis

High Power Targets for Spallation Sources
p. 267, TUY04A, (Abstract)
T.A. Broome

Electron Beam Processing: a New Business and a New Industry
p. 272, WEZ03T, (Abstract)
A.J. Stirling

Industry and Synchrotron Radiation - Prospects using ANKA
p. 276, WEZ06T, (Abstract)
H.O. Moser

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September 9th, 1996