Contributed Papers

Accelerators and Storage Rings

Fermilab Accelerators: Status and Plans
p. 283, MOO01A, (Abstract)
D.A. Finley

LEP1 Operation, 1989-1995
p. 286, MOO02A, (Abstract)
G.L. Arduini, R. Bailey, T. Bohl, F. Bordry, H. Burkhardt, P. Collier, K. Cornelis, A. Faugier, V. Hatton, M. Jonker, M. Lamont, J. Miles, G. Roy, H. Schmickler, J. Wenninger, G. de Rijk

HERA Electron-Beam Lifetime Disruption Machine Studies and Observations
p. 289, MOO03A, (Abstract)
W. Bialowons, D.R.C. Kelly, K. Wittenburg

Injection and Acceleration with Physics Optics in LEP
p. 292, THO06A, (Abstract)
P. Collier, G. Roy

The CERN PS Complex: A Versatile Particle Factory
p. 295, MOO04A, (Abstract)
D.J. Simon

First Optical Measurement of a Bunched Beam Produced by a 35 GHz Free Electron Laser
p. 298, MOO05A, (Abstract)
J. Gardelle, J. Labrouche, J.L. Rullier

First Year Operation of the ALPI Post-accelerator
p. 301, MOO06A, (Abstract)
A. Dainelli, et al.

The RFQ Section of the New Unilac Prestripper Accelerator at GSI
p. 304, MOO07A, (Abstract)
K. Kaspar, E. Malwitz, S. Minaev, U. Ratzinger, R. Tiede

Merits of the RFD Linac Structure for Proton and Light-Ion Acceleration Systems
p. 307, MOO08A, (Abstract)
K.R. Crandall, F.W. Guy, D.A. Swenson

Beam Dynamics and Electro-magnetic Fields

Early Indicators of Long Term Stability in Hadron Colliders
p. 313, TUO01A, (Abstract)
R. Bartolini, A. Faus-Golfe, M. Giovannozzi, W. Scandale, E. Todesco

Modelling of Low Frequency Longitudinal Coupled Bunch Oscillation
p. 316, TUO02A, (Abstract)
R. Nagaoka, A. Wrulich

Transverse Coupled Bunch Mode Growth due to Photoelectron Trapping in the CESR Vacuum Chamber
p. 319, TUO03A, (Abstract)
T. Holmquist, J.T. Rogers

Higher-Order Modes in a 36-Cell Test Structure
p. 322, TUO04A, (Abstract)
M. Dohlus, P. Huelsmann, H. Klein, M. Kurz, W.F.O. Mueller, U. Niermann, O. Podebrad, T. Weiland, U. van Rienen

Luminosity Optimization using Beam-beam Deflections at LEP
p. 325, THO01A, (Abstract)
C. Bovet, M. Hildreth, M. Lamont, H. Schmickler, J. Wenninger

Solitary Waves in Particle Beams
p. 328, TUO05A, (Abstract)
J. Bisognano

Envelope Description of Quasi-Laminar Beams undergoing Reversible Emittance Transformations
p. 331, TUO06A, (Abstract)
J.B. Rosenzweig, L. Serafini

Subsystems, Technology and Components

The Caprice ECR Sources of Multicharged Ions New Results and a New Prototype
p. 337, WEO01A, (Abstract)
F. Bourg, M. Delaunay, A. Girard, D. Hitz, H. Khodja, P. Ludwig, G. Melin

Electron Beam Diagnostics with Visible Synchrotron Light on Siberia-1 Ring
p. 340, WEO03A, (Abstract)
N.A. Artemiev, O.V. Chubar, A. Valentinov

Commissioning Results of the APS Storage Ring Photon Monitor Systems
p. 343, WEO04A, (Abstract)
A.H. Lumpkin, B.X. Yang

Observation, Control and Modal Analysis of Coupled-Bunch Longitudinal Instabilities
p. 346, WEO05A, (Abstract)
F. Claus, A. Drago, J. Fox, H. Hindi, I. Linscott, S. Prabhakar, W. Ross, M. Serio, G. Stover, D. Teytelman

Design of the Digital RF Control System for the TESLA Test Facility
p. 349, WEO06A, (Abstract)
I. Altmann, K. Rehlich, T. Schilcher, S.N. Simrock

Measurement of Cavities of the Side Coupled Drift Tube Linac (SCDTL)
p. 352, THO02A, (Abstract)
L. Picardi, C. Ronsivalle, A. Vignati

RF Pulse Compression Via TE01 Optically Controlled Multi-Megawatt Microwave Switch
p. 355, THO03A, (Abstract)
T.G. Lee, R.D. Ruth, S.G. Tantawi, A.E. Vlieks, M. Zolotorev

The LHC Test String: First Operational Experience
p. 358, WEO07A, (Abstract)
R. Saban, et al.

Conceptual Design of the Cryogenic System for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC)
p. 361, THO04A, (Abstract)
V. Benda, A. Bezaguet, J. Casas-Cubillos, S. Claudet, W. Erdt, P. Lebrun, G. Riddone, V. Sergo, L. Serio, L. Tavian, B. Vullierme, U. Wagner, R. van Weelderen

The DELTA Vacuum System
p. 364, THO05A, (Abstract)
B. Hippert, N. Marquardt

Accelerator Applications

Recent Advances in the Design of a Cyclotron-Driven, Intense, Subcritical Neutron Source
p. 369, THO07A, (Abstract)
H. Ait Abderrahim, P. Cohilis, Y. Jongen, G. Lannoye, L. Van Den Durpel, P. d'Hondt

Important Design Issues of a High Efficiency Cyclotron Complex to Drive the Energy Amplifier
p. 372, THO08A, (Abstract)
S. Besancon, N. Fietier, A. Giusto, P. Mandrillon, S. Michel, C. Rubbia

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September 9th, 1996