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Keyword: magnetic measurements

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TOAB006 Fermilab Electron Cooling Project: Field Measurements in the Cooling Section Solenoid electron cooling, shielding, solenoid 195
  • A. Shemyakin, A.C. Crawford, E. McCrory, S. Nagaitsev (FNAL) , V. Bocharov, A. Bubley, V.V. Parkhomchuk, V. Tupikov (BINP) , S. Seletsky (University of Rochester)
TPAH050 Magnetic Induction Monitor Measurements of Beam Spatial Characteristics in Technological Electron Linear Accelerators electron, industrial-accelerators, linac, monitoring 1336
  • V.N. Boriskin, A.N. Dovbnya, V.A. Gurin, V.A. Popenko, L.V. Reprintsev, A.N. Savchenko, V.A. Shendrik, D.L. Stepin, V.I. Tatanov (National Science Center Kharkov Institute Physics & Technology)
TPAH089 A Flexible and Configurable System to Test Accelerator Magnets software 1417
  • J.M. Nogiec, J. DiMarco, H.D. Glass, J. Sim, K. Trombly-Freytag, G. Velev, D. Walbridge (FNAL)
TPAH120 Investigation of the Surface Resistivity Tolerance of the Kicker Ceramic Vacuum Chamber at APS kicker 1491
  • C. Doose, L. Emery, S.H. Kim (ANL)
TPPH007 Impact of Magnetic Field Interference in the SNS Ring electromagnetic-fields, non-linear-dynamics, operational-performance, simulation 1667
  • Y. Papaphilippou, Y.Y. Lee, W. Meng (BNL)
TPPH060 Printed-Circuit Magnets for the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) - New Developments magnet-design, quadrupole 1802
  • H. Li, S. Bernal, T.F. Godlove, R.A. Kishek, P.G. O'Shea, M. Reiser (Institute for Research in Electronics and Applied Physics, University of Maryland)
WPPH004 The CHESS G-Line Wiggler Tuning undulator, wiggler 2456
  • A. Temnykh, K. Finkelstein (Cornell University)
WPPH017 Analytical Calculation of Three-Dimensional Magnetic Fields for Insertion Devices insertion-device 2479
  • M.N. Smolyakov (Moscow State University, Physics Department)
WPPH302 Pulsed Wire Magnetic Field Measurements on Undulator U10p insertion-device 2775
  • T.-C. Fan, C.-S. Hwang, F.-Y. Lin (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center) , I.C. Hsu (National Tsing Hua University)
RPPH006 Large Permanent Magnet Dipole Performance magnet-design, microtron, operational-performance, permanent-magnet 3227
  • V.I. Shvedunov, G.A. Novikov, N.I. Pakhomov, V.S. Skachkov, W.P. Trower (World Physics Technologies)
RPPH007 New Synchrotron Injection Septum Magnet at the APS booster, magnet-design, septum, synchrotron 3230
  • M. Jaski, C. Doose, J. Humbert, K. Thompson, R. Wright (ANL)
FOAA007 Low Energy Spin Polarized Radioactive Nuclei: A New Instrument for Condensed Matter Research (Invited) light-ion, nanometer, polarized beams, radioactive beams  
  * contribution not received
  • R. Kiefl (Department of Physics and Astronomy and Canadian Institute for Advanced Research) , R.H. Miller (Department of Physcis and Astronomy, University of B.C.) , J. Brewer (Department of Physics and Astronomy, CIAR, University of British Columbia) , J. Chakhalian (Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of B.C.) , S. Dunsiger (LANL) , P. Amaudruz, Z. Anatoli, R. Baartman, J. Behr, S. Daviel, J. Doornbos, S. Kreitzman, T. Kuo, C.D.P. Levy, G. Morris, M. Olivo, R. Poutissou, G. Wight (TRIUMF)
RPPH015 Measurement of Small Radius Gradient Magnets Using Ion Beams beam-transport, electron cooling, magnet-design, permanent-magnet 3251
  • C.W. Schmidt, V. Dudnikov, J.A. MacLachlan (FNAL)
RPPH078 Characterization of the Tevatron Electron Lens Magnetic System beam-beam-effects, magnet-design, superconducting magnet 3406
  • K. Bishofberger (University of California, Los Angeles) , V. Shiltsev (FNAL) , A. Andriischin, A. Baluyev, S. Kozub, N. Krotov, V. Sytnik, A. Tikhov, L. Tkachenko (Institute of High Energy Physics, Protvino) , N. Solyak (Institute of Nuclear Physics, Protvino)
RPPH082 Field Quality of the Fermilab Nb3Sn High Field Dipole Model accelerator, superconducting magnet 3418
  • P. Schlabach, N. Andreev, D. Chichili, C. Christensen, J. DiMarco, V.V. Kashikhin, C. Sylvester, I. Terechikine, J.C. Tompkins, G. Velev, A.V. Zlobin (FNAL)
RPPH100 The Use of Vibrating Wire Technique for Precise Positioning of CESR Phase III Super-Conducting Quadrupoles at Room Temperature alignment, beam-transport, interaction-region 3469
  • A. Temnykh (Cornell University)
RPPH101 Tests and Measurements of the CESR Phase III Interaction Region Superconducting Magnets magnet-design, quench, superconducting magnet 3472
  • J. Welch, G. Codner, G. Dugan, A. Temnykh (Cornell University) , A. Jain, J. Muratore (BNL)
RPPH102 Magnetic Field Fluctuations in SC Dipole Magnet   3475
  • V. Shiltsev (FNAL) , B. Baklakov, S. Singatulin (BINP)
RPPH153 Development for Large Dynamical Field Range,Wide Good Field Region C-Magnet electromagnetic-fields, magnet-design 3603
  • T. Zhang (China Institute of Atomic Energy) , S. Ninomiya, K. Sato (Research Center for Nuclear Physics) , S. Morioka, H. Saito, Y. Sasaki (Sumitomo Heavy Industries)
RPPH303 Designs and Measurements of Prototype Magnets for the High-Brilliance Synchrotron Light Source at the University of Tokyo magnet-design 3609
  • T. Koseki, K. Harada, Y. Kamiya, H. Kudo, N. Nakamura, T. Shibuya, K. Shinoe, H. Takaki, Y. Takiyama (ISSP, The University of Tokyo) , H. Inoue, K. Kuno (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)