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Keyword: undulator

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MOAL003 New Developments on Free Electron Lasers based on Self-Amplified Spontaneous Emission (Invited) brilliance, bunch compression, free-electron-laser, photoinjector 11
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  • J. Rossbach (DESY)
TOPA006 A Superconducting Short Period Undulator insertion-device, superconductivity 233
  • R. Rossmanith (Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe) , A. Geisler, A. Hobl, M. Schillo (ACCEL GmbH)
TOPA008 Issues and R&D Critical to the LCLS (Invited) bunch compression, free-electron-laser, linac, synchrotron-radiation 241
  • P. Emma (SLAC)
TOPA012 Design and Manufacture of a Prototype Undulator for the LCLS Project free-electron-laser, magnet-design, permanent-magnet, synchrotron-radiation 256
  • E. Moog, R.J. Dejus, P.K. Den Hartog, E. Gluskin, E. Trakhtenberg, I. Vasserman (ANL) , V. Tcheskidov, N.A. Vinokurov (BINP)
TPPH034 RF Undulator Field and Ion Beam Acceleration in Linac accelerator-theory, ion, linac, rf-structure 1738
  • E.S. Masunov (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute (MEPhI))
TPPH099 Nondumped Oscillations of Electron Beam in Ion Beam Undulator with Electron and Ion Beams with Different Radii free-electron-laser 1901
  • Yu.Ya. Golub (Moscow Radiotechnical Institute)
WPAH056 Generation of Sub-Picosecond Electron Bunches from Superconducting 5.3 Cell RF Gun and Coherent Wiggler Radiation bunch compression, photoinjector, simulation, superconducting-rf 2218
  • V.N. Volkov (BINP) , D. Janssen, R. Wuensch (Forschungszentrum Rossendorf)
WPAH108 Measurement of the APS Storage Ring Electron Beam Energy Spread Using Undulator Spectra diagnostics, storage-ring, synchrotron-radiation 2338
  • B.X. Yang, J.J. Xu (ANL)
WPAH121 Measurement of Coherent Off-Axis Undulator Radiation as a Beam Diagnostic diagnostics, radiation, wiggler 2368
  • C.P. Neuman, G.L. Carr, W.S. Graves (BNL) , P.G. O'Shea (University of Maryland)
WPPH001 Planar Electromagnetic Multipole Correctors for a Circularly Polarized Undulator insertion-device, magnet-design, multipole 2447
  • S. Sasaki, E. Trakhtenberg, I. Vasserman (ANL)
WPPH003 NSLS In-Vacuum Undulators and Mini-Beta Straights permanent-magnet 2453
  • G. Rakowsky, E.B. Blum, S. Krinsky, D. Lynch (BNL)
WPPH004 The CHESS G-Line Wiggler Tuning magnetic measurements, wiggler 2456
  • A. Temnykh, K. Finkelstein (Cornell University)
WPPH005 Construction of Apple II and In Vacuum Undulators at ESRF insertion-device, polarization, vacuum 2459
  • J. Chavanne, C. Penel, P. Van Vaerenbergh (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
WPPH009 Insertion Device Commmissioning at SRC insertion-device, instability, orbit-control, storage-ring 2462
  • M.A. Green, J.J. Bisognano, R.A. Bosch, D.E. Eisert, M.V. Fisher, G.C. Rogers, W.S. Trzeciak, D.J. Wallace (Synchrotron Radiation Center, Univeristy of Wisconsin)
WPPH010 Mini Environment Control for the Elliptical Polarization Undulator insertion-device 2465
  • D.S. Lee, J.-R. Chen, Z.D. Tsai (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
WPPH011 New Insertion Devices for ELETTRA insertion-device, permanent-magnet, superconducting magnet, wiggler 2468
  • B. Diviacco, R. Bracco, D. Millo, R.P. Walker, M. Zalateu, D. Zangrando (Sincrotrone Trieste)
WPPH065 Progress and Prospects Towards Brightness Improvements at the Advanced Photon Source brightness, operational-performance, storage-ring 2602
  • L. Emery, M. Borland, R.J. Dejus, E. Gluskin, E. Moog (ANL)
WPPH085 Sub-Picosecond Optical Pulses at the SLS Storage Ring brilliance, laser, synchrotron-radiation 2656
  • G. Ingold, R. Abela, P. Beaud, S. Khan, G. Knopp, L. Rivkin, V. Schlott, T. Schmidt, H. Sigg, A. Streun, J.F. Van der Veen, A. Wrulich (Paul Scherrer Institut) , B. Singh (CAT, Indore)
WPPH088 Low Emittance Operation of the SPring-8 Storage Ring by Damping Partition Control damping, emittance, synchrotron-radiation 2665
  • T. Nakamura, M. Masaki, T. Ohshima, K. Soutome, Y. Suzuki, S. Takano, M. Takao, H. Tanaka, H. Yamazaki (SPRING-8) , T. Hara, Y. Kohmura, Y. Tanaka (RIKEN)
WPPH097 Present Status of the Synchrotron Radiation Facility NewSUBARU storage-ring, synchrotron-radiation 2692
  • S. Hashimoto, A. Ando, Y. Fukuda, S. Miyamoto, M. Niibe, Y. Shoji (Himeji Institute of Technology [NewSUBARU])
WPPH116 Phase Slip in an Undulator with Pole and BPM Errors alignment, free-electron-laser 2742
  • P. Emma (SLAC)
WPPH310 Three-Dimensional Magnetic Field Analysis of a Variably Polarizing Undulator insertion-device, synchrotron-radiation 2787
  • N. Nakamura, T. Koseki, T. Shibuya, H. Takaki (University of Tokyo) , Y. Kamiya (KEK)
WPPH325 Status Report on the Duke FEL Facility accelerator, free-electron-laser, operational-performance, optics 2819
  • P. Wang, G. Edwards, M. Emamian, J. Faircloth, J. Gustavsson, S. Hartman, V.N. Litvinenko, S.F. Mikhailov, P. Morcombe, O. Oakeley, J. Patterson, M. Pentico, I. Pinayev, O.A. Shevchenko, G. Swift (Duke University)
WPPH330 The VUV/UV OK-5 Duke Storage Ring FEL with Variable Polarization free-electron-laser, polarization, simulation 2833
  • O.A. Shevchenko, V.N. Litvinenko, S.F. Mikhailov (Duke University) , N.G. Gavrilov, N.A. Vinokurov, P.D. Vobly (BINP) , Y. Wu (LBNL)
ROAB009 The Next Generation of Photon Beam Position Monitors for Undulator Beamlines diagnostics, monitoring, photon, synchrotron-radiation 544
  • A. Galimberti, R. Borghes, G. Paolucci, R. Presacco (Sincrotrone Trieste) , G. Paolicelli, G. Stefani (Universita' di Roma Tre)