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Keyword: transverse-dynamics

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MOPB006 Status of Flat Electron Beam Production emittance, gun, photoinjector, space-charge 73
  • D. Edwards, H. Edwards, N. Holtkamp, S. Nagaitsev, J. Santucci (FNAL) , R. Brinkmann, K. Desler, K. Flöttmann (DESY) , I. Bohnet (DESY Zeuthen) , M. Ferrario (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare)
MOPC008 Status of the Plasma Wakefield Acceleration Experiment at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (Invited) accelerator, betatron, plasma, wakefield 122
  • P. Muggli, T. Katsouleas, S. Lee (University of Southern California) , R. Assmann (CERN) , F.-J. Decker, M.J. Hogan, R.H. Iverson, C. O'Connell, P. Raimondi, R.H. Siemann, D. Walz (SLAC) , B.E. Blue, C.E. Clayton, E.S. Dodd, C. Joshi, K.A. Marsh, W.B. Mori, S. Wang (University of California, Los Angeles)
TOAA006 Computational Investigation of Dissipation and Reversibility of Space-Charge Driven Processes in Beams damping, incoherent-effects, simulation, space-charge 151
  • R.A. Kishek, P.G. O'Shea, M. Reiser (University of Maryland) , C.L. Bohn (FNAL) , I. Haber (Naval Research Laboratory) , H. Kandrup (University of Florida, Gainesville)
TPAH004 Transverse Damping Systems for the Future CERN LHC damping 1237
  • W. Höfle, T. Linnecar, R. Louwerse, J. Tückmantel (CERN) , E. Gorbatchev, I.N. Ivanov, V. Kossoukhine, N. Lebedev, V. Melnikov, S. Rabtsoun (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)
TPAH006 Performance of the Beam Stabilizing Feedback Systems at CESR feedback, longitudinal-dynamics, multi-bunch-effects, operational-performance 1243
  • M.G. Billing, G. Codner, D. Hartill, R. Meller, J. Sikora, V. Vescherevich (Cornell University)
TPAH130 Multiple Single Bunch Extraction to the AGS Switchyard extraction, single-bunch 1514
  • K.A. Brown, L.A. Ahrens, D.M. Gassner, J.W. Glenn, T. Roser, G. Smith, N. Tsoupas, K. Zeno, W. van Asselt (BNL)
TPAH131 Resonant Extraction Parameters for the AGS Booster booster, extraction, resonance 1517
  • K.A. Brown, J. Cullen, J.W. Glenn, M. Mapes, I. Marneris, L. Snydstrup, N. Tsoupas, W. van Asselt (BNL)
TPPH014 Dynamic Effects in the Main Linac of CLIC emittance, ground-motion, linear-collider, luminosity 1687
  • D. Schulte, N. Leros (CERN)
TPPH032 Parameters for Quantifying Beam Halo emittance, halo 1732
  • C.K. Allen, T.P. Wangler (LANL)
TPPH042 Cavity Misalignment and Off-Axis Field Effects on Transverse Beam Dynamic in Spallation Neutron Source Superconducting Linac alignment 1758
  • M. Doleans, J.D. Galambos, S. Kim, E. Tanke (ORNL) , J. Stovall (LANL) , R. Sundelin (TJNAF)
TPPH052 Algebraic Approach to Symmetries and Invariants Construction accelerator-theory, beam-transport, non-linear-dynamics, simulation 1784
  • S. Andrianov (Saint-Petersburg State University)
TPPH053 Order-by-Order Symplectification of Truncated Lie Maps accelerator-theory, beam-transport, non-linear-dynamics, simulation 1787
  • S. Andrianov (Saint-Petersburg State University)
TPPH070 Local Bump Method for Measurement of Transverse Impedance of Narrow-Gap ID Chambers in Storage Rings impedance, single-bunch, storage-ring 1823
  • L. Emery, G. Decker, J. Galayda (ANL)
TPPH085 Cumulative Beam Breakup in Linear Accelerators with Arbitrary Beam Current Profile impedance, instability, wakefield 1865
  • J.R. Delayen (TJNAF)
TPPH112 Observation, Modelling and Cure of Transverse Instabilities at the ESRF collective-effects, feedback, impedance, multi-bunch-effects 1930
  • J.-L. Revol, R. Nagaoka (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
TPPH131 Chromaticity for Energy Spread Measurement and for Cure of Transverse Multi-Bunch Instability in the SPring-8 Storage Ring chromatic-effects, energy-spread, instability 1972
  • T. Nakamura, M. Masaki, T. Ohshima, S. Sasaki, M. Shoji, K. Soutome, S. Takano, M. Takao, K. Tsumaki (SPRING-8)
TPPH136 Initial and Subsequent Growth of the Fast Ion ("Ion Hose") Instability instability, ion, ion-effects 1987
  • R.A. Bosch (Synchrotron Radiation Center)
TPPH164 A Bunch Stacking (Emittance Exchange) Scheme for a Muon Collider bunching, collider, longitudinal-dynamics, muon 2035
  • Y. Fukui, D.B. Cline, A. Garren, P. He (University of California, Los Angeles)
TPPH313 Transverse Beam Break-up Study of SNS SC Linac RF coupler, higher-order-mode, impedance, multi-bunch-effects 2063
  • D. Jeon, J. Wei (ORNL) , J.R. Delayen, G.A. Krafft, L. Merminga, R. Sundelin, B.C. Yunn (TJNAF)
WOAA010 Beam Dynamics Experiments in Support of Relativistic Klystrons induction, linear-collider 333
  • T. Houck (LLNL) , S. Lidia (LBNL)
WOAB001 Beam Dynamics in High Luminosity e+e- Factories (Invited) collective-effects, collider, factory, longitudinal-dynamics 336
  • J. Rogers (Cornell University)
WPAH023 Beam Tests of the 10 KeV Injector for the University of Maryland Electron Ring (UMER) beam-transport, electron, quadrupole, space-charge 2129
  • S. Bernal, T.F. Godlove, M. Holland, R.A. Kishek, S.P. Kwon, H. Li, P.G. O'Shea, M. Reiser, A. Valfells, M. Virgo, V. Yun (University of Maryland) , D. Kehne (FM Technologies)
WPAH062 The TESLA X-FEL Injector emittance, longitudinal-dynamics, photoinjector, space-charge 2236
  • Ph. Piot, K. Flöttmann (DESY) , M. Ferrario (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare) , B. Grigoryan (YerPhi)
WPAH068 ORION: An Advanced Accelerator Facility at SLAC emittance, laser, photoinjector, radio-frequency 2251
  • D.T. Palmer, E. Colby, M.J. Hogan, R. Noble, R.H. Siemann, J.E. Spencer, D. Walz (SLAC) , R.L. Byer (Stanford University) , C. Joshi, W.B. Mori, J.B. Rosenzweig (University of California, Los Angeles) , T. Katsouleas, P. Muggli (University of Southern California)
WPAH133 Turn-by-Turn Transverse Phase Space Measurements in Real Time diagnostics, optics 2395
  • K.D. Jacobs, B.G. McAllister (MIT-Bates Linear Accelerator Center)
WOPA004 Excitation of a Transverse Quadrupole-Mode Oscillation of the Electron Bunch Using a High-Frequency Quadrupole Magnet collective-effects, quadrupole, storage-ring 393
  • S. Sakanaka, Y. Kobayashi, T. Mitsuhashi, T. Obina (KEK)
WOPB003 Understanding the Dynamic Momentum Aperture of the Advanced Light Source acceptance, dynamic-aperture, lifetime, synchrotron-radiation 434
  • C. Steier, D.S. Robin, Y. Wu (LBNL) , W. Decking (DESY) , J. Laskar, L. Nadolski (IMC-CNRS)
WOPB005 Pbar Deceleration in the Fermilab Main Injector: Tune-up Studies with Proton Beam acceleration, antiproton, deceleration, longitudinal-dynamics 440
  • C.M. Bhat, B.C. Brown, D. Capista, B. Chase, A. Hahn, D.E. Johnson, I. Kourbanis, K. Meisner, S. Mishra, S.M. Pruss, G. Wu, M.-J. Yang (FNAL) , S. Assadi (ORNL)
WOPB012 Beam Dynamics for a Photoinjected Energy Recovery Linac at the NSLS longitudinal-dynamics 465
  • J.B. Murphy, I. Ben-Zvi, N. Towne, J.-M. Wang, X.J. Wang, J.H. Wu, V. Yakimenko (BNL)
WPPH070 Recent Developments in the DIAMOND Storage Ring Design electron, lattice, lifetime, storage-ring 2611
  • M.W. Poole, J.A. Clarke, D.J. Holder, J.K. Jones, H.L. Owen, D.J. Scott, S.L. Smith, J.A. Varley, N.G. Wyles (Daresbury Laboratory)
WPPH109 Integrated Modeling of the TESLA X-ray FEL bunch compression, free-electron-laser, longitudinal-dynamics, simulation 2722
  • Ph. Piot, T. Limberg (DESY)
RPAH005 Effect of Space Charge on Stability of Beam Distribution in the SNS Ring collective-effects, halo, space-charge 2851
  • A.V. Fedotov, J. Wei (BNL) , R.L. Gluckstern (University of Maryland)
RPAH014 Beam Dynamics of Non-Equipartitioned Beams in the Case of the SPL Project at CERN instability, linac, longitudinal-dynamics 2872
  • F. Gerigk (CERN) , I. Hofmann (Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung mbH)
RPAH089 Characterizing Proton Beam of 6.7 MeV LEDA RFQ by Fitting Wire-Scanner Profiles to 3-D Nonlinear Simulations emittance, non-linear-dynamics, simulation, space-charge 3051
  • W.P. Lysenko, J.D. Gilpatrick, J. Qiang, L.J. Rybarcyk, R.D. Ryne, J.D. Schneider, H.V. Smith, L.M. Young (LANL) , M.E. Schulze (General Atomics)
RPAH108 Parallel and Distributed Computing in Circular Accelerators beam-transport, non-linear-dynamics, parallel computing, space-charge 3102
  • S. Andrianov, A. Dvoeglazov, N. Edamenko (Saint-Petersburg State University)
RPAH302 Particle Dynamics Investigations for a High Current D+ DTL accelerator, beam-losses, longitudinal-dynamics, simulation 3182
  • A. Sauer, H. Deitinghoff, H. Klein, U. Ratzinger, R. Tiede (Institut fur Angewandte Physik)
RPAH318 Overview of Beam Studies at RHIC during the Year 2000 Run collimation, interaction-region, intra-beam scattering, longitudinal-dynamics 3209
  • F. Pilat, M. Bai, A. Drees, W. Fischer (BNL)
RPPH031 Low-Energy Demonstration Accelerator (LEDA) Test Results and Plans halo, linac, proton, radio-frequency-quadrupole 3296
  • H.V. Smith, J.D. Schneider, R.L. Sheffield (LANL)
RPPH034 Particle Simulations of DARHT-II Transport System beam-transport, instability, simulation, wakefield 3299
  • B.R. Poole, Y.-J. Chen (LLNL)
RPPH035 Confinement of High-Intensity Bunched Beams in High-Power Periodic Permanent Magnet Focusing Klystrons beam-losses, klystron, multi-bunch-effects, space-charge 3302
  • M. Hess, C. Chen (MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center)
RPPH037 Ion-Hose Instability in a Long-Pulse Accelerator collective-effects, instability, ion-effects, linac 3308
  • T.P. Hughes, T.C. Genoni (Mission Research Corp.)
RPPH126 Impact of Resistive-Wall Wake Fields Generated by Low-Gap Chambers on the Beam at the ESRF instability, multi-bunch-effects, resistive wall, wakefield 3531
  • R. Nagaoka (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
RPPH146 Mini- Structure for ANKA insertion-device, storage-ring 3588
  • D. Einfeld, E. Huttel, G.K. Sahoo (FGS, Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe) , F. Pérez, M. Pont (ANKA GmbH)
FOAB007 Electron Proton Two-Stream Instability at the PSR (Invited) collective-effects, electron cloud, instability 688
  • R.J. Macek, A. Browman, D. Fitzgerald, R.C. McCrady, F.E. Merrill, M.A. Plum, T. Spickermann, T.-S. Wang (LANL) , K.C. Harkay, R. Kustom, R.A. Rosenberg (ANL) , J.E. Griffin, K.Y. Ng, D. Wildman (FNAL)
FOAB011 Transverse Electron-Proton Two-Stream Instability in a Bunched Beam collective-effects, electron cloud, instability, proton 704
  • T.-S. Wang, P.J. Channell, R.J. Macek (LANL) , R.C. Davidson (Princeton University)
FPAH046 Beam Dynamics for the Preliminary Phase of the New CLIC Test Facility (CTF3) electron, linear-collider, longitudinal-dynamics, optics 3777
  • P. Royer, R. Corsini, A. Ferrari, L. Rinolfi, T. Risselada, F. Tecker (CERN)
FPAH069 Developments in Beam-Based Alignment and Steering of the Next Linear Collider Main Linac alignment, linac, linear-collider, orbit-control 3837
  • P. Tenenbaum, L. Hendrickson, T.O. Raubenheimer (SLAC)
FPAH073 Optics Simulations for the NLC Main Linac emittance, linear-collider, simulation 3846
  • M. Woodley, L. Hendrickson, A. Seryi, P. Tenenbaum (SLAC)