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Keyword: non-linear-dynamics

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TPPH003 Investigation of Non-Linear Beam Dynamics with Apple II-Type Undulators at BESSY II insertion-device, lifetime, multipole, resonance 1656
  • P. Kuske, R. Görgen, J. Kuszynski (BESSY)
TPPH004 A Dynamic Aperture of VEPP-4M   1659
  • E. Levichev, V.A. Kiselev, A. Naumenkov (BINP)
TPPH007 Impact of Magnetic Field Interference in the SNS Ring electromagnetic-fields, magnetic measurements, operational-performance, simulation 1667
  • Y. Papaphilippou, Y.Y. Lee, W. Meng (BNL)
TPPH008 Correction Systems Upgrade for the SNS Ring chromatic-effects, closed-orbit, coupling, linear-dynamics 1670
  • Y. Papaphilippou, C.J. Gardner, Y.Y. Lee, J. Wei (BNL)
TPPH013 Beam Based Measurements of Field Multipoles in the RHIC Low Beta Insertions and Extrapolation of the Method to the LHC diagnostics 1684
  • J.-P. Koutchouk (CERN) , F. Pilat, V.I. Ptitsyn (BNL)
TPPH019 Non-Linear Optics Studies at the ESRF acceptance, chromatic-effects, sextupole, simulation 1702
  • A. Ropert, L. Farvacque (European Synchrotron Radiation Facility)
TPPH031 Experimental Measurements of Third-Order Resonance Islands at the Photon Factory Storage Ring octupole, resonance, storage-ring 1729
  • T. Miyajima, Y. Kobayashi, K. Ohmi (KEK)
TPPH046 Nonlinear Beam Dynamics Experiments at the SRRC resonance 1767
  • C.C. Kuo, H.P. Chang, J. Chen, K.T. Hsu, K.H. Hu, K.K. Lin, Y.C. Liu, H.J. Tsai, T.S. Ueng (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
TPPH047 Experimental Study on the 5th Order Nonlinear Resonance at Taiwan Light Source coupling, resonance, storage-ring 1770
  • T.S. Ueng, J. Chen, K.T. Hsu, K.H. Hu, C.C. Kuo (Synchrotron Radiation Research Center)
TPPH049 Computation of Charged-Particle Transfer Maps for General Fields and Geometries Using Electromagnetic Boundary-Value Data optics, ray trace 1776
  • A.J. Dragt, T.J. Stasevich (University of Maryland) , P.L. Walstrom (LANL)
TPPH052 Algebraic Approach to Symmetries and Invariants Construction accelerator-theory, beam-transport, simulation, transverse-dynamics 1784
  • S. Andrianov (Saint-Petersburg State University)
TPPH053 Order-by-Order Symplectification of Truncated Lie Maps accelerator-theory, beam-transport, simulation, transverse-dynamics 1787
  • S. Andrianov (Saint-Petersburg State University)
TPPH059 Analytical Estimation of the Dynamic Apertures of Circular Accelerators accelerator-theory, dynamic-aperture, storage-ring 1799
  • J. Gao (LAL)
TPPH122 Fast Beam-Ion Instability Driven Longitudinal Damping collective-effects, instability, ion-effects, longitudinal-dynamics 1951
  • Y. Kim, M.H. Cho, M.H. Chun, J.Y. Huang, C. Kim, K.H. Kim, I.S. Ko, M. Kwon, S.H. Nam, W. Namkung, C.D. Park, J.S. Yang, I.H. Yu (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
TPPH123 RF Noise Driven Dipole Mode Parametric Resonance bunch compression, collective-effects, lifetime, radio-frequency 1954
  • Y. Kim, M.H. Cho, M.H. Chun, J.Y. Huang, C. Kim, K.H. Kim, I.S. Ko, M. Kwon, S.H. Nam, W. Namkung, J.S. Yang, I.H. Yu (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
TPPH124 Bunch Length Beating in PLS Storage Ring bunch compression, klystron, longitudinal-dynamics, radio-frequency 1957
  • Y. Kim, M.H. Cho, M.H. Chun, J.Y. Huang, C. Kim, K.H. Kim, I.S. Ko, M. Kwon, S.H. Nam, W. Namkung, J.S. Yang, I.H. Yu (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
TPPH301 Measurement of Non-Linearities Using Spectrum Analysis of Driven Betatron Oscillation   2041
  • M. Bai, M. Blaskiewicz, A. Lehrach, T. Roser, W. van Asselt (BNL) , F. Schmidt (CERN)
WOPB002 Beam Based Nonlinear Corrections in Storage Rings: Review and Applications for the LHC Commissioning (Invited) accelerator, diagnostics, hadron, storage-ring 429
  • O. Brüning (CERN)
WOPB004 Measurement of Driving Terms multipole, resonance 437
  • F. Schmidt, R. Tomás (CERN) , A. Faus-Golfe (IFIC--University of Valencia)
WOPB008 Magnet Fringe Fields, Nonlinear Effects, and Compensation in Large Acceptance Rings (Invited) fringe fields, muon, simulation, storage-ring 451
  • K. Makino (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) , M. Berz, B. Erdelyi (Michigan State University)
WOPB011 Frequency and Diffusion Maps for the SNS Ring accelerator-theory, simulation, space-charge 462
  • Y. Papaphilippou (BNL)
RPAH004 Excitation of Resonances due to the Space Charge and Magnet Errors in the SNS Ring collective-effects, halo, resonance, space-charge 2848
  • A.V. Fedotov, N. Malitsky, Y. Papaphilippou, J. Wei (BNL) , J.A. Holmes (ORNL)
RPAH026 Direct Validation Technique for Numerical Simulations of Time-Dependent Hamiltonian Systems Hamiltonian systems, intra-beam scattering, simulation 2905
  • J. Struckmeier, C. Riedel (Gesellschaft fur Schwerionenforschung mbH)
RPAH054 Dynamics Peculiarities of the Space-Charge Dominated Electron Beams Interacting with a Surface in Crossed Fields collective-effects, electron cloud, pulsed-power, secondary-beams 2973
  • A.V. Agafonov (Lebedev Physical Instituite [LPI])
RPAH056 Paul Trap Simulator Experiment (PTSX) to Simulate Intense Beam Propagation through a Periodic Quadrupole Focusing Field collective-effects 2979
  • R.C. Davidson, P.C. Efthimion, R. Majeski, H. Qin (Plasma Physics Laboratory, Princeton University)
RPAH077 Fokker-Planck Simulations of Bunched Beams: High-Q RF Modes and Response Functions longitudinal-dynamics, simulation, single-bunch 3021
  • N. Towne (BNL)
RPAH089 Characterizing Proton Beam of 6.7 MeV LEDA RFQ by Fitting Wire-Scanner Profiles to 3-D Nonlinear Simulations emittance, simulation, space-charge, transverse-dynamics 3051
  • W.P. Lysenko, J.D. Gilpatrick, J. Qiang, L.J. Rybarcyk, R.D. Ryne, J.D. Schneider, H.V. Smith, L.M. Young (LANL) , M.E. Schulze (General Atomics)
RPAH108 Parallel and Distributed Computing in Circular Accelerators beam-transport, parallel computing, space-charge, transverse-dynamics 3102
  • S. Andrianov, A. Dvoeglazov, N. Edamenko (Saint-Petersburg State University)
RPAH307 Unusual Fourth Order Deformation of Beam due to Space Charge coupling, halo, resonance, space-charge 3191
  • D. Jeon (ORNL)
RPPH058 On Fringe Field Effects in the Fermilab 50 GeV Muon Storage Ring lattice, muon, optics, storage-ring 3359
  • C. Johnstone (FNAL) , F. Meot (CE Saclay)
RPPH150 Longitudinal Measurements and Simulations of Stretched Bunches in the NSLS VUV Ring instability, longitudinal-dynamics, simulation 3594
  • N. Towne (BNL)
RPPH301 RHIC AC Dipole Design and Construction magnet-design, polarization 3606
  • M. Bai, M. Meth, C. Pai, B.L. Parker, S. Peggs, T. Roser, R. Sanders, D. Trbojevic, A. Zaltsman (BNL)
FPAH038 Dynatron Modulator collective-effects, electron cloud, secondary-beams, space-charge 3756
  • A.V. Agafonov (Lebedev Physical Institute [LPI])
FPAH054 Effects of Damping Wigglers on Beam Dynamics in the NLC Damping Rings linear-collider, wiggler 3798
  • A. Wolski, Y. Wu (LBNL)
FPAH066 Halo Reduction by Means of Non Linear Optical Elements in the NLC Final Focus System beam-transport, collimation, linear-collider 3828
  • P. Raimondi, A. Seryi (SLAC) , R. Brinkmann (DESY)