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Keyword: ground-motion

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
TPAH074 Improved Closed Orbit Measurement System for PLS closed-orbit, diagnostics, instrumentation, pick-up 1384
  • J.Y. Huang, W.-H. Hwang, D.T. Kim, S.H. Nam, S.J. Park (Pohang Accelerator Laboratory)
TPAH111 VLHC/NLC Slow Ground Motion Studies in Illinois   1470
  • V. Shiltsev, J. Lach (FNAL) , B. Baklakov, A. Chupyra, A. Erokhin, M. Kondaurov, V.V. Parkhomchuk, E. Shubin, S. Singatulin (BINP)
TPAH116 Hydrostatic Level System for Slow Ground Motion Studies at Fermilab and SLAC linear-collider 1479
  • A. Seryi, R. Ruland (SLAC) , B. Baklakov, A. Chupyra, A. Erokhin, M. Kondaurov, A. Medvedko, V.V. Parkhomchuk, E. Shubin, S. Singatulin (BINP) , J. Lach, D. Plant, V. Shiltsev (FNAL)
TPAH117 Vibration Measurement of the SPring-8 Storage Ring electron, emittance, orbit-control, synchrotron-radiation 1482
  • K. Tsumaki, N. Kumagai (SPRING-8)
TPPH014 Dynamic Effects in the Main Linac of CLIC emittance, linear-collider, luminosity, transverse-dynamics 1687
  • D. Schulte, N. Leros (CERN)
WOAB009 Ground Motion and Vibration Issues for Accelerators (Invited) linear-collider 364
  • A. Seryi (SLAC)
FPAH045 The CLIC Study of Magnet Stability and Time-Dependent Luminosity Performance alignment, feedback, interaction-region, linear-collider 3774
  • M. Aleksa, R. Assmann, W. Coosemans, G. Guignard, N. Leros, M. Mayoud, S. Redaelli, F. Ruggiero, S. Russenschuck, D. Schulte, I. Wilson, F. Zimmermann (CERN)