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Keyword: fiber-optics

Paper Title Other Keywords Page
MPPH011 RF Reference Distribution Using Fibre-Optic Links for KEKB Accelerator controls 791
  • T. Naito, K. Ebihara, E. Ezura, M. Suetake (KEK)
MPPH026 Upgrade of the LNLS Synchrotron Light Source Timing System booster, controls, timing 825
  • C.R. Scorzato, S.R. Marques, A.R.D. Rodrigues, P.F. Tavares (Laboratorio Nacional de Luz Sincrotron)
TOAB005 Currents in, Forces on and Deformations/Displacements of the LHC Beam Screen Expected during a Magnet Quench cryogenics, instrumentation, quench, vacuum 192
  • C. Rathjen, F. Caspers, P. Pugnat, S. Russenschuck, A. Siemko (CERN)
FOAA001 Space Radiation Effects with Protons and Heavy Ions - Ground-Based Measurements (Invited) heavy-ion, proton  
  * contribution not received
  • K. LaBel (Unknown Affiliation) , P. Marshall (Consultant) , J. Barth, C. Marshall, R. Reed (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center)